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  1. Wow! You really rocked the look. Perhaps better than many gals can.
  2. Boy I hear you on that. With the exception of Walk a Mile events my wife too refuses to go out with me in heels, with the exception of a handful of evenings where we were both having drinks prior to going out. I too have wondered just how long I will have to wait if ever for my wife to be okay with going out with me in heels. I am chewing on the fact that I turn 44 this month and am not the healthiest person in the world, we've been married for 13 years,, and the last 25 years went by in a flash. I would like to still be able to move about without a walker by the time she comes around, if ever. Maninboots, it is a dicey, tricky road. This may be the best relationship you have ever had and I understand that you don't want to lose a relationship over "stupid" shoes. I would also point out that your interest in heels will not go away, likely ever. That interest when suppressed can easily turn into resentment and put together some serious bumps down the road in the relationship. At least that has been my experience. Furthermore, limiting your experience by telling her that it is not frequently that you wear heels or the like can limit you from growing into whatever it is that you want to be/experience on the inside. When I met my wife and told her about my heels I couldn't possibly see into the future that one day I might want to wear them out. I told her that I had no plans to do so. But I also at the time was just coming to terms with my passion for heels. As I grew to accept myself my genuine inner interest took me further and further outside the house and my wife is quick to point out that I told her in the beginning that I had no desire to step outside the home in heels. And though, by and large, our relationship is pretty decent and we have made it through some serious challenges, 13 years later, even with the help of a counselor, the shoes are still an un-surmounted challenge. Okay, I think that is it. Best wishes as you work through this. Larry
  3. Yeah, I hear you on that. I have a ton of family in Lorain and the surrounding areas. Been there a few times, mostly as a kid. I do want to head back for the next big (500+ people) family reunion Also been to Cincinnati and Urbana for business with a side trip to Dayton for the Museum of the US Air Force. Not so sure I would be walking around in heels in Urbana. I just wasn't sure how the "energy" of the folks spreads throughout the state.
  4. I used to work for a gal from the southern part of OH, close to KY. Both she and her husband describe their part of OH exactly like Heelster does. When they moved back to OH, some family came out to help and I sure as heck wouldn't be wearing heels out if they were representative of the local ambiance. Not intending to talk trash in any way however they could take the term, "old school," and multiply it times 10.
  5. Yes sir, that is for sure. Always was a fan of the low wedges that the girls wore to school wore in the late 80s and early 90s but didn't dig high heel wedges until the early 2000s. Now I am a wedge fanatic!
  6. Thank you Jeremy1986! And, I must say that I dig the wedges in your avatar.
  7. Funny SF, I was contemplating offering to take a picture.LOL Heelster, It must have been at least 6 years ago that I picked up these boots. The crew at Torrid knew me as a bit of a regular. It was kind of funny as the gal who checked me out asked, "So, what do you plan to wear with these." At the time I hadn't been out much in heels and I just said that I didn't know yet. Turns out, blue jeans and a black t-shirt, LOL.
  8. Oh man, that really sucks. They did it to themselves. During the early Brash days Payless was totally rockin. Then all of the sudden their heel heights seemed to come down, there were fewer and fewer wide widths, and the styles became fairly mediocre. Serious bummer though as I always loved going into a Payless and trying on shoes. I usually didn't walk out empty handed.
  9. Howdy, Well, I got myself a good quadruple take last night. This doesn’t really bother me but I thought I would share as encounters with others usually grabs my interests. I had some errands to run in downtown Sacramento last night. I wore my Torrid 5-inch heel platform booties (pic below) with dark blue jeans and a nice black t-shirt. I went into Walgreens for some OTC meds which are naturally at the opposite corner of the store. That is a plus for me as I like to walk in my heels. As I turned a corner to walk down the center aisle my eyes met the eyes of a middle aged hispanic lady. I smiled as I do whenever I encounter anybody. Her face turned complexed as I saw her eyes go down and focus on my boots. Then she looked up at my face and then back down at my boots. As she turned the corner to go up an aisle I saw bending her neck way back so she could see under the back of my pants as I walked past the aisle. Then as I continued I could see out of the corner of my eye that she backed her shopping cart up to come back to the center aisle where she stopped and gawked for a few seconds before I turned the corner to the aisle that I wanted. Then she and an older lady, maybe her mom, came back and went down the aisle that I was in. Never said a word, never grabbed anything from the aisle, but they were definitely checking out this dude with high heels on. And it was nice to get back out in heels. I don’t get out as often as I would like but at least it was a good time out in heels. Best, Larry
  10. Wow! Funny, I always thought that it might be a good idea to know some marshal arts as a fellow out in heels.
  11. Metal fatigue along with the plane building a poor reputation after numerous early rotation incidents caused the plane to roll off the end of runways. Kinda cool having both heels and airplane interest/knowledge in common :-)
  12. Here is a video from the most recent Sacramento event.
  13. We certainly did SF. Walking down the road with heels on our feet and a beer in hand. Not a bad gig. Absolutely SF! Always a blast. It would be great to connect again for this event. And thank you for the compliment :-)
  14. That would be fantastic! It usually happens near the end of April or the beginning of May. The drive from the Bay, depending upon traffic, is not all that bad. Typically two hours from downtown San Francisco. Also, I believe that they have had smaller events in Concorde before.
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