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  1. AZShoeNut

    Wow look at this dude's moves

    Wow! Funny, I always thought that it might be a good idea to know some marshal arts as a fellow out in heels.
  2. AZShoeNut

    The High Heeled Ruminations Of Melrose Plant

    Metal fatigue along with the plane building a poor reputation after numerous early rotation incidents caused the plane to roll off the end of runways. Kinda cool having both heels and airplane interest/knowledge in common :-)
  3. AZShoeNut

    Walk A Mile

    Here is a video from the most recent Sacramento event.
  4. AZShoeNut

    Walk A Mile

    We certainly did SF. Walking down the road with heels on our feet and a beer in hand. Not a bad gig. Absolutely SF! Always a blast. It would be great to connect again for this event. And thank you for the compliment :-)
  5. AZShoeNut

    Walk A Mile

    That would be fantastic! It usually happens near the end of April or the beginning of May. The drive from the Bay, depending upon traffic, is not all that bad. Typically two hours from downtown San Francisco. Also, I believe that they have had smaller events in Concorde before.
  6. AZShoeNut

    Walk A Mile

    I have done Walk a Mile 4 times and several fund raisers in AZ where I was one of only two or three guys. Fund raisers are always great. I figure it is a way do my thing while supporting a cause that is meaningful. And people out supporting a cause are usually very friendly and excited to be doing what they are doing. The first Walk a Mile that I did included over 1,100 men in heels. They were aiming for a Guinness record. It was amazing. The WAM events in Sacramento are huge with food, drinks, and beer. We walk with Western Health Advantage and thus get VIP badges so the beer, wine, and bloody Marys are free if you desire a drink. The fund raisers in AZ were great too. Being one of only two or three men in heels in a group of 100-200 women in heels is a lot of fun. Compliments and conversation about heels are abundant. A picture of one of the events is below along with a picture of me that was on TV the day after the 2011 event. And SF, permission granted to share my name whenever... ;-) Best, Larry
  7. AZShoeNut

    What Happened to White?

    In the late 80s and early 90s there were white pumps everywhere. I was very smitten with them and looked forever to find some in my size. Found them in 92 or 93 and I still have them. Then the shoe style dark ages started in the mid-90s and white shoes disappeared and the shoes that remained were IMHO very ugly. The dark ages started to fall away in the early to mid 2000s and attractive and sexy styles started to reappear but white shoes didn't seem to come out of hiatus until much later and with a far more limited selection. At least that was my observation. Best, Larry
  8. AZShoeNut

    Being asked to try your heels on

    Mlroseplant, Great shoes and a pretty lady. Very cool. Also very cool experience at the show. Though it sounds like the evening went off well, I would love to hear more about your coworker's reactions that night and after. Best, Larry
  9. AZShoeNut

    Good stores to buy from online?

    I have had surprisingly good results shopping at www.shoeshow.com. Also, Torrid can be decent, however, for the price the quality is marginal. Best, Larry
  10. AZShoeNut

    Being asked to try your heels on

    Howdy all, At a halloween party I had a young lady ask to try on my heels. I was just in drag for my costume and she was a prison inmate. She had to be a size 7 or 8 and my shoes were 12W so she was swimming in them. I tell you she was extremely fascinated with my shoes (and quite possibly with me) LOL A pic of her wearing them is below. One other, similar, experience was in a strip tease establishment. The Mrs. and I had a few drinks one Sunday evening. A commercial for Vegas came on and we both agreed that if we went to Vegas that I could wear my heels. Vegas wasn’t in our budget so we figured that the only place nearby that would be even close to Vegas where she wouldn’t run into friends would be a strip club. So, we ordered a taxi and off we went. Well, several of the performers latched on to us and though we were in the back and not spending a whole lot they would come hang out with us between dances. Though nobody tried them on a couple said that they wished that their boyfriends wore heels and would buy them nice shoes. Okay, long post, but one other story. In my teens and early twenties I told hardly anybody about my affinity for heels. One buddy, however, knew. His coworkers talked him into doing a halloween party in drag. He asked if he could borrow a pair of my shoes. He came over one evening and tried on several pairs. IT was pretty cool to be able to share my experience in such an open way. He grabbed a pair of platform sandals that at the time were only for strippers. He rocked them pretty well. Okay, all for now. Best, Larry
  11. AZShoeNut

    Shopping in Phoenix AZ?

    Smoking lingerie in south Scottsdale often has heels in larger sizes along with Lingerie Superstore on Indian School Road. The Nordstrom Rack and Payless at Tempe Marketplacee usually have a lot of larger sized heels as well.
  12. AZShoeNut

    Skyscrapers Explicit Heels

    The gentleman who runs Skyscrapers is very decent and has worn heels most of his life. He gave me great advice when I stopped in to his shop. I am sure that a phone call would get you the information you are looking for.
  13. AZShoeNut

    It's been awhile

    Had some more errands to run in downtown (midtown) Sacramento again last night and I received my first direct comment about my shoes since we moved to California. I was wearing my black sandal wedges again (man I love these shoes). As I was on my way out of the building lobby waiting for security give me my backpack back a fellow that I noticed on the way in who seemed a little rough around the edges was standing right there with some other people. While I stood there I could see him looking down at his bag and then he gave an interested look and said, "Check out those shoes! Man, that is way cool." Then he looked up at me and gave me a knuckle bump. It was a cool deal and another reminder for me to not judge how I think others might react. In my mind I had that fellow pinned as someone who could talk smack when in fact he wound up being extra cool.
  14. AZShoeNut

    It's been awhile

    Hi Folks, Thank you all for the warm welcome back. HappyinHeels, I wound up in CA because of the job. CA is a very different world than AZ. Taxes, healthcare, and cost of living all make it a challenge. But a challenge that is worth it. I love my job and my coworkers, several of which know about my heels. And the location is absolutely beautiful. Twenty minutes up the freeway and we're in the mountains and another hour and we're in the snow in the Sierra Nevadas. Two hours in the other direction and we're at Baker Beach looking back at the Golden Gate bridge and looking forward to lunch in San Francisco. Even got to connect with SF at a Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event. So currently the pluses of CA outweigh the minuses. Blue Parrot, The shoe selection is pretty similar to AZ. I too hit the Nordstrom Rack a couple times a year and typically walk away with at least one pair. Torrid rarely has a decent selection of shoes. The Payless with a large selection is in Elk Grove which is about 45 minutes away with no traffic so I haven't even been there yet. My best option is still online. Thanks for the Kudos regarding my family and my son. Certainly a challenge but we're doing the best we can. Often you cannot even tell from the outside that he struggles. But inside the home, where he feels safe, this can really get hard for all of us. But to stay not too far off subject, he asked to walk with me in the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event this last year. He and his buddy wore some flats and both families walked the event. Proud papa moment LOL. I got to make another trip out in my wedges. I had a errand to run in downtown Sacramento. I wore them. I spent about 15 minutes in a fairly cozy waiting room with about 8 or so other people all kind of sitting in a circle around the room. I was sitting down so my shoes were clearly visible and I swear not one single person batted an eyelid. Fun middle of the week evening errand. We'll back to being Dad. Hope you all have a wonderful week. All the Best, Larry
  15. AZShoeNut

    It's been awhile

    Steve, Thank you for the warm welcome back. Even though some are purporting the planet to be flat, I can assure that I did not fall off the edge :-) It was a huge joy to get back out on a beautiful day in a pair of great shoes. I sure hope to do more than I have in the last few years. I glad to see that you are still around here with a number of other good folks. I hope to share more. Larry

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