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  1. “Ask yourself who you feel you really are and then commit to creating an experience of what comes up. It will.” - Gary Elkins
  2. Thank you sir :-) I had to pick up stuff for my CPAP.
  3. I think they did take notice but the world certainly did not stop LOL Quite frankly I don’t mind if they do take notice The building was, however, converted from a house with a basement No matter how I walked those wedges made a loud boom every time they hit the wooden floor It was a fun adventure.
  4. Well, I done did it, first time out in shorts. Definitely a sensation of being exposed but not a bad sensation. It also felt, for lack of better term, empowering. Being unabashedly myself. As far as reaction, the gal who helped me smiled hugely the whole time but said nothing. She is usually kind of grumpy. Then coming down the stairs I’m pretty sure that the guy behind me groaned. Didn’t phase me one bit. Regardless, It was a great way to spend the morning and sure beat working I wore my new black wedges. Best, Larry
  5. Been there, done that. I totally get it. Awesome that you not only went in to the second place but you also stayed for a while outside. It is easy to “hide” inside a coffee house but sitting outside, to me, requires a bit more juevos. I have found that I do like outside better. Again, way to go. Beat, Larry
  6. Okay, so the white cage style wedges are 6"with a 1-1/2" platform. The other two wedges are 6-1/4" with a 1-1/4" platform The cork pumps and the nude boot like sandals are both 5" with single sole.
  7. Perhaps we’ll have to get a cup of coffee sometime. I live about 30-45 minutes north of Sac. Let me know if/when you’re headed this way.
  8. That is awesome Jkrenzer! Really awesome. I really do not like wearing pants. Especially jeans. I have, however, always held back from wearing shorts with my heels because I don't want to shave my legs. I have seen it a many times where a guy posts a picture of himself wearing heels and folks advise him to shave his legs and I kind of got the impression that we shouldn't be out there in heels without shaved legs. Looking at the fabulous pictures you have posted has me leaning towards actually doing going out in shorts and heels. Heck, I would love to wear some of my new wedges with shorts during these hot summer months. I have to go into downtown Sacramento here in the next couple weeks. I might just do it... Hairy legs and all.
  9. Yes, absolutely. I too have always wondered what becomes of the shoes I have donated. I have also wondered what the workers think when they come across large shoes like that. I have heard stories recently about just how crazy it is working at GoodWill from some of my wife's coworkers who have weekend jobs there that I doubt they even notice the large size shoes. Compared to some of the other things they find I doubt that the large shoe size even hits the radar.
  10. Hello Hiddenheels, So I joined at the end of June to get the awesome first purchase deals. I then opted out from both sites so I didn't get charged in Juloy. Then they had a 50% off sale that made my cork and color strip pumps only $19.99 so I went ahead and purchased them. The check out was like any other online purchase. I haven't had a month where I haven't opted out so I have not experienced buying off of your running total. What I read in the terms of the VIP membership is that the $40 stays on your account as a credit. I understand that to work like any other store credit. If you buy something that is less than your account balance then you will have a smaller balance after the purchase. If you buy something that is more than the balance then you will be charged the difference. I understand that the balance does roll in to the next month but have not had a balance to experience it for certain. I read the terms several times and chewed on the thought of joining for a few weeks before I took the plunge. I am only a few weeks in but I don't really see a significant down side yet since opting out is easy, their shoes fit me well, and I can get styles that I cannot get anywhere else. Also, I believe that you can purchase without joining the VIP program however the pricing is just a bit too high for me. Best, Larry
  11. I never find shoes in my size at GoodWill. I have donated many shoes in hope that some person with a larger size will be pleasantly surprised.
  12. I have family in Sandusky. All over Lorain too. Doubt any are walking in it though.
  13. I personally prefer the styling of a more classic pump's heel. I like for the heels to curve smoothly forward to the tip of the heel. See pic of my Baker's shoes below - to me this style makes for the perfect stiletto. But, this backward slung style heel seems to be in style and hard to find much other so I do have a few pairs. I haven't noticed any additional challenge walking in them though.
  14. Not sure of the actual height. I will have to bust out with the ruler and see. I would love to share some pics but with my hairy legs I don't think you'll want to see them LOL. Best wedge shoe haul ever. I am so stoked about these shoes. I though of you HappyInHeels when I bought these. I know that you dig wedges. I think you would like them. The VIP membership... Well it is easy to opt out each month, which I did this month. Since it is so hard to find shoes like this that fit I decided to take the membership risk and go with it. Yeah, I hear you JKrenzer. I really struggle to find shoes like this that fit so I took the membership risk. It is easy to opt out each month and I set up calendar reminders on my phone to remind me to go opt out. For wedges like these, to me, it is worth it. Thank you very much. I am having a lot of fun. Heck, it is fun just deciding which pair to wear. LOL
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