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  1. Had not given much thought to that illustration of a woman sporting a mustache which like you said would cause some shocked and puzzled expressions from strangers. Thinking along those lines I can see why a spouse or girlfriend would be a bit put off by her man wearing high heels. But I do believe that the perception that a man wearing high heels is odd or weird or somehow wrong is starting to erode. I know in my own neck of the world, people that see me every day, have come to accept me, at least, wearing heels. It is just like the LGBT lifestyle just a few years ago was looked at as somethin
  2. Sounds like you have been burned when giving a woman a compliment. I've had my share that just give me that, "Okay, now leave me alone" look. But most times they respond well to what I say. Maybe I come off as less threatening than you do. I have a tendency to be friendly and warm when I am out in public. I smile, say hello to strangers. I am at ease speaking to a woman and I have no ulterior motive than to brighten their day with my compliment. We all appreciate a kind word. So I will still encourage people in general to be encouraging to people you meet, maybe say, "Love your Shoes!" Ca
  3. I've been in the same situation countless times. Whether I am wearing my heels at the time or not. I've always taken the opportunity to compliment her shoes and to engage in conversation. When I am wearing heels (which is about always) I still give a compliment which many times turns into a conversation about shoes, heels and wearing them. I've have not had to many women rebuff me for a compliment given. I think the majority of women appreciate someone noticing their style and giving them a thumbs up on it. I know I appreciate it when a guy or woman gives me a compliment on my heels. Kinda of
  4. I agree with that. I've had some guys ask me if I am gay, especially in the workplace. I always tell that that wearing heels does not make a guy gay. I go one to explain that for me, wearing heels makes me feel better, makes me more confident and I just like the way they look on me. For me, it is a process of talking with others when I have the chance. I am big on promoting men wearing heels. I might have come late to wearing heels, but now that I have I firmly believe that there should be no dispersion cast on a man for wearing heels. It is their choice. Oh, on the "Just because a person
  5. I think that any guy who wears heels should invest in a heel repair kit. I did. I have a wide assortment of heel tips that I can use to repair my heels. Far cheaper than going to have it done by someone else. When I replace my heel tips I make sure to carefully remove the damaged or worn tip. I then make sure that the end of the heel is flat before installing a new tip. I select a tip that fits well into the hole and the tip is about the correct size and shape for the heel. Once I have the tip fully seated in the heel. I take my Dremel tool and carefully shape the tip to match the contour
  6. Reading this thread has been somewhat of an eye opener for me. Maybe I was blind but I thought that many of the men on here wore heels daily like I do. My heart goes out to you guys that have to snatch whatever time you can find to wear your heels. It should not be that way. As for my situation, my girlfriend is okay with me wearing heels and will even go out in public with me if we are out of this area where people she knows or church people would see us. She is concerned about having people she knows around here gossiping about me wearing heels. Still it is better than what I have read in th
  7. Great survey! Would like to see the results. As others have said, I do not plan to stop wearing heels just because I am over 60. Heels complete my look and style. In fact I do not walk on flats much anymore unless I am doing something or going somewhere that heels just would not work, like the beach, hiking in the woods, etc. Ciao!
  8. I think that would take a group of us that are interested in this idea to conduct research what the specifics would be for such an event. It would take a good deal of planning and discussion to flesh out what the event should entail, where, how to fund such an event, etc. I would not think that I would plan for a large event. Start out with a smaller event and as we gain experience we could grow the size. One idea I had is that we might have a live feed that would be able to have multiple online feeds covering, visits to shoe designers, guest speakers, interviews with members, etc. Might
  9. I hope that I am not the only person on here that envisions a day when we can have a national convention for this organization (site). I think that would be a great way to promote the organization, showcase what we are about and gain greater visibility. We might even be able to garner some attention from companies that produce heels, helping them to see that there is a viable market out there for heels for men. Plus I think it would be a blast to see such a gathering of men and women wearing heels and those that support this fashion trend. Let me know what you think about something like t
  10. Here is an great article from www.heelstoday.com about men wearing heels. SHOULD MEN WEAR HIGH HEELS? September 20, 2019 • High heels for men • High heels size 13 and up Men In Heels The concept of having men wear heels sounds very strange for a lot of people. And that’s because we are expecting the obvious. Women are known to be the ones to wear heels, so when a man does that it’s very strange and quite a bit uncomfortable. Which is exactly why it’s important to know what men think about it. Debate.org has created a poll where they asked the audience to
  11. The ones I have are size 11 US.
  12. I just received my shoes and looking at them, they look sweet. Now I can walk in 5" heels with no problem. But these make me feel a little unstable. Granted these have 6" heels with the platform. Still the only time I feel unstable is when the shoes are off somehow. If I look from the rear of the shoe towards the front I can see a definite 10 degree angle from vertical on the heel (bottom is about 7-10mm to the right of center line). Now looking from the side of the shoe the heel center line appears to match the center line of my heel, which is ok and is like it should be. The cushioned insole
  13. Well it has been quite some time since I created a new blog entry, got busy with other things in my life that kept me away from writing. Hopefully now things are more sane and I will be more consistent in my writings. With that said, let me get on with this entry! Perusing the forums I see that there is a wide range on how we wear our heels. Some wear them indoors, some out in public and some vary between those. So that set me to thinking about how I wear my heels. For me, I wear my heels every day whether I go to work, shopping or out on the town. I feel very comfortable in my heels
  14. I have used women's pantyhose for the longest. Never really had a problem wearing them after I dialed in what size I needed. I will check out activskin.com. Always looking for new and better hose. Ciao!
  15. Thanks for the review. I have ordered the heels so I will post when I get them. Ciao!
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