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  1. I just received my shoes and looking at them, they look sweet. Now I can walk in 5" heels with no problem. But these make me feel a little unstable. Granted these have 6" heels with the platform. Still the only time I feel unstable is when the shoes are off somehow. If I look from the rear of the shoe towards the front I can see a definite 10 degree angle from vertical on the heel (bottom is about 7-10mm to the right of center line). Now looking from the side of the shoe the heel center line appears to match the center line of my heel, which is ok and is like it should be. The cushioned insole is just about adequate. Given the design flaw in the heel, I do not think this shoe will be stable enough to walk in for any length of time. And that is not good in my book. I tend to wear my heels for distance, not just taking a walk in the house. I cannot accept a poor design as it affect my body, my walk and how I look in public. So this is a lesson learned. I won't be buying their shoes again unless, like was said by Jkrenzer said: I won't be buying a pair of heels from them unless I can see them, touch them, wear them before I buy them!
  2. Well it has been quite some time since I created a new blog entry, got busy with other things in my life that kept me away from writing. Hopefully now things are more sane and I will be more consistent in my writings. With that said, let me get on with this entry! Perusing the forums I see that there is a wide range on how we wear our heels. Some wear them indoors, some out in public and some vary between those. So that set me to thinking about how I wear my heels. For me, I wear my heels every day whether I go to work, shopping or out on the town. I feel very comfortable in my heels and I feel they make me feel more confident and proud. My heels complete my outfits (I wear mostly men's clothing adding in skinny jeans or jeggings when they fit the outfit). In terms of what I wear in heels, that can range from 4 to 5 inch stiletto heels to a block heel on booties for winter. I prefer closed toe shoes over open toe as the open toe's sometimes gives me grief to my toes. I have to be very careful when I buy sandals or open toe pumps making sure that my fit is dang near perfect! Since I participate a lot in the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes events, I have to be conditioned to walk the one mile course. When I first started to support that non-profit, I was beat by the time I walked across the finish line! It took some time to get in shape to master that distance. Now days if I have to walk a lot, I make sure to wear my most comfortable heels. So my advise to guys or women is this. If you are going to walk a lot in your heels, know your limits! There is nothing worse than seeing a man or woman laboring to walk in their heels because they have not taken the time to strengthen their leg and ankle muscles or have done stretching to make their bodies more flexible. Don't get all misty eyed at those alluring 6"+ heels and rush out and buy them and then expect to be able to walk confidently and/or comfortably right out of the box. Won't happen. You'll just do what I did, hurting my foot when my one foot twisted as I fell wearing a pair of 7" stiletto heels! Did not look glamorous or confident when that happened but it did teach me a valuable lesson. So here is what I would like you, the reader that is looking at this post, share how you wear your heels. I'd like to hear about other guys that wear heels and how they perceive how heels has bettered their life or added to their life. Thanks for listening and as always, keep strutting those heels! Ciao!
  3. I have used women's pantyhose for the longest. Never really had a problem wearing them after I dialed in what size I needed. I will check out activskin.com. Always looking for new and better hose. Ciao!
  4. Thanks for the review. I have ordered the heels so I will post when I get them. Ciao!
  5. Hey, I was wondering if anyone has dealt with or purchased from Onlymaker Fashion Technology? I recently came across their website and liked what I see. I especially liked this really sexy pair of pumps, "Round Toe Double Platform High Heel Pumps" with heel height at 15~16CM(5.9~6.2inches),Platform:4~5CM (1.57~1.97 Inches) If you have bought from them, can you give me some insight into their heels? Thanks much, and keep strutting those heels! Ciao!
  6. Hello all! I am back! Had to take some time off due to personal issues but those are behind me. This is the year of great things for me to accomplish and hope to do whatever I can to promote men wearing heels in private, in public and all the time! I am excited for this year and hope that all of you had a blast New Years and are surging into 2020 with passion and large dreams. Stay strong, strut those heels! Ciao! K2inHeels
  7. Welcome hiddenheels! I can understand your feelings, been through the same feelings myself. But I have walked this journey for over three years now and am now at the point where I wear me heels most everyday and wherever I go be that work, shopping, out on the town or any other outing that would be ok for the wearing of heels. Now I am passionate about men wearing heels and encouraging them to move out of the hidden world into the public world. Unlike many of the men here I came to wearing heels late in life. The first time I wore heels was when friends of mine invited me to participate in a Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event which works to stop rape, sexual assault and gender violence. The day of the event men don a pair of red 4" pumps to walk a mile course raising money for the organizations efforts. Needless to say that the men taking part in the event are comical to watch as they struggle to walk in heels. I made it through my first walk okay, but I did have to take a couple days to let my feet heal! After that I did a number of Walk a Mile Events as I support their mission. It was after five walks that I can to realize that I liked wearing heels, they looked good on me, and I liked the way they made me feel. So being a meticulous kind of guy, I set out to learn all I could about heels, how to walk in them correctly, size them, etc. I then practiced in my basement to master my walk and to gain a smooth walk. But after a while I found that just wearing my heels in the house was getting frustrating to me. I mean why could I not wear my heels out in public? I never found a rule or law that said men cannot wear heels. So I thought about how to best make my first foray out into public in heels alone. Where should I go, I wondered. A shoe store! What could be better? I could look at cute heels and walk in my heels. So that was what I did. It was great and freeing! From that point I just kept wearing them more and more. Soon I was wearing the everywhere, even work. I no longer even think about what I am wearing. Putting on a pair of heels is natural now. I feel strange not wearing heels. So my advice for you hiddenheels is to gain confidence and strength to walk in heels in public: Practice your walk in heels until your walk is smooth and graceful Make sure your shoes fit well so that you will not have to worry about them slipping on your feet Make your mind up that you are wearing heels for your own pleasure, happiness Listen to men on here that have been walking in public in heels, learn from their journey Take it slow, you don't have to take huge steps in this journey. Start with small walks, gain confidence and you will soon have that "light-bulb" moment where you realize that, YES, I can do this! Then pay it forward by encouraging and supporting other men that are starting their journey in heels. Good luck and happy heels! Ciao! K2inheels
  8. Thank you all for the kind words! They are appreciated. I will be keeping everyone updated on our wedding plans. Ciao!
  9. Had to start this topic as I am over-the-moon excited and happy! The wonderful woman that I have been dating for the past six months and has been the reason I have not been on here for some time, said YES to my marriage proposal!!! She is not only beautiful, intelligent, passionate about life, and caring, she also is 100% with me on my wearing heels in public! When we talked about my heels and she told me that she was perfectly happy to be with me where ever I wished to wear heels I was stunned. I have heard from many women that say that a man should be able to wear heels, but very few would actually want to walk with you in them. She will and does!! I do not know if I am terribly lucky to have found her and her me or if we were destined to be together. All I know it is such a pleasure to be with her and to have her share my life including my heels!
  10. The heel height that I wear in the office is between 4" and 5 1/2". For me, it is more about wearing heels that are comfortable and match what I am wearing plus with some thought on the attire worn at the workplace. So my shoes tend to be conservative in terms of color and style. Simple pumps or booties are my main choices. But then I wear heels about 90% of the time so I can have on more striking heels when I am not at work. My typical heels at work are like the ones below:
  11. Hi all, I am back after an extended stay in at my cousins in Alaska. Missed reading all the great stories and articles on this site and hearing about how you all are doing in your journey walking in heels. I also missed walking in my heels as much as I had when back in the lower states. Ciao!
  12. I have! Just got them today! The are from www.shoedazzle.com and here is a photo of what I got (more pics on my blog my high heel blog.
  13. I will have to get off my duff and get some pics made!
  14. Are they still available? I've been looking for a good pair of red heels, size 11. I have narrow feet so I shouldn't have an issue with them.
  15. The color of my heels depends on what I am wearing. If I have on black slacks I will usually match them with black heels especially if I am at work. I tend to dress business casual at work so having brighter colors or sparkly heels on will clash with what I wear. Just my personal style. The brighter colors or metallic are fine if I am out and about.
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