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  1. Thank you all for the kind words! They are appreciated. I will be keeping everyone updated on our wedding plans. Ciao!
  2. Had to start this topic as I am over-the-moon excited and happy! The wonderful woman that I have been dating for the past six months and has been the reason I have not been on here for some time, said YES to my marriage proposal!!! She is not only beautiful, intelligent, passionate about life, and caring, she also is 100% with me on my wearing heels in public! When we talked about my heels and she told me that she was perfectly happy to be with me where ever I wished to wear heels I was stunned. I have heard from many women that say that a man should be able to wear heels, but very few would actually want to walk with you in them. She will and does!! I do not know if I am terribly lucky to have found her and her me or if we were destined to be together. All I know it is such a pleasure to be with her and to have her share my life including my heels!
  3. The heel height that I wear in the office is between 4" and 5 1/2". For me, it is more about wearing heels that are comfortable and match what I am wearing plus with some thought on the attire worn at the workplace. So my shoes tend to be conservative in terms of color and style. Simple pumps or booties are my main choices. But then I wear heels about 90% of the time so I can have on more striking heels when I am not at work. My typical heels at work are like the ones below:
  4. Hi all, I am back after an extended stay in at my cousins in Alaska. Missed reading all the great stories and articles on this site and hearing about how you all are doing in your journey walking in heels. I also missed walking in my heels as much as I had when back in the lower states. Ciao!
  5. I have! Just got them today! The are from www.shoedazzle.com and here is a photo of what I got (more pics on my blog my high heel blog.
  6. I will have to get off my duff and get some pics made!
  7. Are they still available? I've been looking for a good pair of red heels, size 11. I have narrow feet so I shouldn't have an issue with them.
  8. The color of my heels depends on what I am wearing. If I have on black slacks I will usually match them with black heels especially if I am at work. I tend to dress business casual at work so having brighter colors or sparkly heels on will clash with what I wear. Just my personal style. The brighter colors or metallic are fine if I am out and about.
  9. If you need to get an email to me about it, you can email me at k2inheels@myhighheelblog.com
  10. I'd like to have a meet and greet for this area. Since I am relatively new here, perhaps someone with a little more experience in putting together a meet and greet that would be awesome! I'd even add a page to my website for purposes of signing up or advertising.
  11. Not yet, but they have shipped.
  12. Well I have not worn my heels to the dentist yet; have dentures no reason to go until I break them or need new. But I would wear my heels to the dentist. I feel comfortable wearing my heels where ever I go. I do, though, hesitate just a little when I have to go into a Lowes, Ace Hardware or stores like that. It is at those places I just have to walk in like I have nothing to be ashamed of and I don't. So wear your heels where ever you go. Maybe one day society will catch up with out shoe choices.
  13. I prefer heeled sandals over pumps, prefer t-straps over pumps, and prefer ankle or calf boots over pumps. Guess you can say that I prefer most heel styles over pumps UNLESS the pumps are very well made and fit me like the proverbial glove.
  14. I know I do! After wearing heels for some time now, when I take them off and walk in flats or bare feet, I feel shorter. 95% of my heels are 4" or more so the difference is pretty big when I switch from heels to flats.
  15. Heelster, here is the info for the Ohio walk: Shoreline Park - 411 East Water Street - Sandusky, OH 44870 - Date is Saturday, August 4th at 9:00 to 12:00. Click here to go to their listing.
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