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  1. Thanks for staying on top of things shafted. That picture kind of made me wonder?
  2. I do sometimes, actually most of the time. I choice to go with the black because I was trying to match the total color scheme of the whole outfit.
  3. Ok to kind of answer your question. Here is the skinny on the jeans. They are Bootcut low rise jeans from a company called Wallflower. They are a size 13 or 14L, can't remember for sure. If you have never worn women's jeans they are usually sized S/M/L as far as the length goes. These on me sit at just below my natural waste line. I have taken to wearing mostly women's jeans for the simple fact that they fit me better than men's do. These jeans are from the women's side of the store. I hope that help's you out. If you have anymore questions just drop me a line. Well here is another outfit for me. Don't really have much to do this am other than go get my books for my next semester of school. I am wearing a pair of mid rise boot cut jeans in what use to be long length, until they got washed a few times and shrunk. I have paired it with a long sleeved black shirt with some gray and silver writing. I am wearing flannel gray ballet flats along with black hose. Over all I think this outfit world well for me. What's everyone else think?
  4. Well it's been awhile since I have posted anything on the site, other than saying hello again. Anyway my style since the last time I posted has changed some, but not much. Still sporting my heels, like most of us here, but have also started to incorporate ballet flats into my styles also. I wear the flats on the days I don't really want to attract a lot of attention. Let's face it, no matter if you are a male or a female heels do that they get a lot of attention mainly just from the sounds they make when you walk. Most of my outfit's now sport some kind of jeans and heel or flats, flats escp when I am going somewhere with my family. Just about every pair of jeans I wear are "women's." I do however have a few pairs of men, but I keep those for the days where I either have to work or do something rough. I still wear skirts, when I do however it's out and about with just my self or I keep them at home. This is mainly just at home thought for the most part. My jeans and heels thought I wear them whenever and wherever I want. This is my OOTD for today, not really planning on going anywhere since is -31 Deg with the wind chill. Just rocking a pair of wallflower jeans, pale pink button down with a black t-shirt underneath, my dexflex 3.75"t-strap heels along with nude hose. This is my style for the most part that I am comfortable with no matter where I am going. Hope everyone enjoys the look.
  5. Well to answer everyone's question. I have been dealing with an injury to my right shoulder that required a surfy to somewhat fix. I also started back to college as a full-time student at the age of 40. I am working toward my BA in Social Work. Over all I have been doing well and still doing my thing as far as dressing how ever I feel like. I have kind of gotten to the point to where I wear ballet flats as much as I do heels. It just depends on the situation and where I am going and doing. Here is a selfie I took awhile back with me wearing flats
  6. I've been away for awhile with a lot of thing's I had going on. Never fear though I still kept doing my thing wearing high heels, skirts and I have even started wearing ballet flats. I just want to apologize for being gone so long, but never fear I am back and this time with a vengeance! LOL With that being said here is a recent picture from an outing I had awhile ago. Really didn't do much other that go to pay a bill and go to my public Library. I will do my best to try to post more often. I look forward to talking with everyone again.
  7. Ok I think we are all thinking about this way too much. Lol What I have found is that if you just "walk natural" you will be fine. Sure your stride is going to be smaller and you need to pay more attention to your balance, but honestly nothing else really should change. Like swaying your hips. The only reason a women does that is becuase of the way there natural walk is. If you watch some women sway their hips even when they are in flats. Its just how their bodies are designed to work. When I walk in heels my walk is no different than if I was in flats of some sort. Just saying.
  8. No I didn't wear a skirt I kind of wish I would have just to see what kind of reaction I would have gotten. One guy did notice and would not quit looking at me. Kind of makes me wonder what he was thinking.
  9. Well I guess I will get in on this too. This is what I wore today except for the red shirt. Black women's wide leg dress slacks, black dexter round toe pumps, suntan hose and the shirt was a blue/gray color. Wore this outfit to a court hearing this am. The second picture is what I wore yesterday. A dark red dress shirt, black just below the knee skirt, black dexter round toe pumps, and suntan hose. How does everyone think these outfit's look? Just wondering.......
  10. I couldn't agree more. I have said this for a long time. Until we as men stand up and say we have had enough of being placed in this "man box" we will never have the freedom to be who we are and we will always be forced to be who everyone else wants us to be. There is no reason why women can wear skirt, heels, hose or anything else deemed girly and still be considered in the same light as men. Until we stand up and challenge the rules we will always be stuck. It may cost us somethings, but in the end we are breaking the "man mold" for are son's to be them self not who someone says they have to be. Enough said!
  11. The only reason I would want to would be to have the ability to wear what I want when I want. Do I like being a man? Sure do, but let's face it women have the freedom they do because they faught for that freedom. Until we start to do so we will always be stuck in are little box of man. Just saying!
  12. It does take some getting use to wearing taller heels. Just keep in mind that your walk shouldn't change but the length of your stride should. There are many good video's out there that you can watch to help. Just finished.
  13. With the job that I have now could I wear heels there sure as I have seen just a few of the ladies wear them. Would I if my boss would let me? I doubt it mainly because I have to carry objects out to peoples cars for them plus get large oversized items out of storage. Is it because I was afraid to? No. Because I am working with the public for the time I am on shift and have to sell thing's to people I wouldn't. Now if I go back to collage for what I am thinking about at some point I may try to do an experiment just to see how much people actually notice, but that's way in the future. I know we all have are own level of comfort when it comes to wearing heels (men and women both). If I worked in an office setting somewhere I would most certainly wear heels. We all need to just really set back and think about the setting in which we wear them.
  14. There was an article awhile back that i read that talked about this subject. It came from a person that teaches run way models to walk in heels. In a nut shell what was said is you walk in heels should be natural meaning heel to toe just as you do with out heels. He went on to say some of the common mistakes made are stiff legs and the squeezing the thighs together. Do heels alter the way you walk? Sure because your center of gravity is forced forward, but your walk should not change. You need to focus on keeping your core tight and not being stiff. If you can do these things you will be ammazed at how much easier it will be for you to walk in heels and how much more confident you will look. Google hiw to walk in high heels if you think I'm pulling your chain. Steve
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