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  1. I'd love more than anything to befriend you and get to know you, Nick!!!!!I love Clogs, flats and "Sensible Shoes'" because I cannot wear "Heels" because of foot and ankle conditions eventhough I'd love to wear "Pumps". But, I still love the above!!!! Dansko and Sanita Rocks eventhough I'd love to be able to wear "Pumps"

  2. Hi, I don't know if you ever look at youtube? but I would love to know what you think of my shoes?? channel is mikeheels regards, Michael xx

  3. hope to see you back here soon...it's adictive you know...xxx see ya
  4. Please feel free to drop me a line "Irish Lass"

  5. Greatings Naughty_me and welcome to this forum. BTW, nice shoes you got in your album. So here I am, another friend from Canada ! See you.

  6. :w00t2:Speak for yourself i have ordinary high heels but the ones i use for PLAYING in i AM VERY sexually excited by them.........they are USED during sex to manipulate my man or by my man to turn me on a lot.xxx maybe it's cause im a bit perverted so there's another question for you all.......if youe very sexually turned on and excited by high heels are you indeed a pervert...........? (hope not)
  7. Hi, Thank you for wishing to add me to your network. I am from New Zealand and love to wear heels. Mine are 4". I would dearly love to have 4.5 or 5" heels. Also so nice to see a woman who enjoys men in heels, Does your hubby wear heels for you? Your colection looks so nice

  8. I love your tatse for shoes and the particular fact that you like men in heels. I personnaly never wear anything less than 4" spiky heels. It's a pleasure to make friends with someone such open minded like yourself. And your man is very lucky to have you! Feel free to add me on msn: misterm73 @ hotmail . com I left the spaces blank on purpose to avoid that any "robots" get my email adress automatically. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

  9. Yes, I would enjoy a new friend, especialy one with similar views on fashion and most other things. Please feel to contact me @ nmills@nycap.rr.com

  10. hello do u want a new friend?

  11. hello im liz pleased to meet you

  12. oh i love your boots.xxxxxxxxxxx can i be your friend.xxxxxxxxx

  13. oh i love men in heels. i bought my man a lovely pair of sandals with 5"heels and he looks and feels so sexy i know it's addictive and why not if were havin fun.xxxxxxxxxx happy shopping.xxxxxxxxx

  14. Welcome to this little corner of the internet. I love your pictures and I can see you know a good pair of heels . What do you think about men like me who love high heeled shoes? It is rare for a man to get into wearing them but its harder to quit than cigarettes but probably healthier!! M xx

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