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  1. those are killer heels, love the pics, thanks for sharing...

  2. This is the guy behind the websites you all are talking about. I've never met him (or any of you) but I've been a fan of his work for years. Some of the best ballet heel related work I've ever seen, and I've probably seen every ballet heeled website on the web at one time or another. Just my .02 http://www.raymondkerrinlarum.com/
  3. Jen, hey, remember me? i lost my IM and my settings when my pc died in jul/aug, hope you are well? -E

  4. Wow! I agree with the others, those are great boots! Look at how steep and rigid they look, very sexy and powerfull! Here's another vote for seeing more of those!
  5. Wow, she's an amazon! She's beautiful and well built, but she's a giant. Those are some huge sexy feet too, nice arch. What was this show about? Looked like some sort of cinderella type contest?
  6. Wow, those are cool. Now if they were all clear knee boots, that would be even better, especially with some clear rubber stockings on underneath.
  7. Were you jumping on a trampoline when you took these pics? I can't see anything clearly at all, other than the fact that she does have some toes. Sorry, not trying to be mean, just letting you know.
  8. What do the finished pair look like on? That is impressive handy work, you should make your own line and sell them.
  9. You too? I've been doing that for as long as I can remember, follow the heels at all costs. I even shop for grocery's that way, scan the store, follow the best heels I can find, and pickup my items along the way. Welcome.
  10. I was thinking the same thing? Is this part 2? I enjoy reading your other posts. You sound like a great high heeled devotee.
  11. I'm enjoying this site. I just found it last night. It seems familair in that many of the regular posters seem to be ones I've read on other sites/boards in the past. It only makes sense that people of similar interests would tend to 'bump' into each other after a while. I've mainly been a lurker in the past and am trying to become more involved. I'm not sure of the demographics, but this site seems to be mostly male? Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I'm a fan of women wearing high heels as that's what I find exciting. I'm looking for the discussion specifically aimed at men who enjoy women wearing high heels and the women who enjoy men's attention? I find the women only board the most interesting, but I'm not allowed to contribute to that one. There seems to be the two boards, women only and men only and the rest all lumped together. Maybe I'm just confused, but where do I fit in? I've worn heels in the past, playing dress-up with some girlfirends, but I have no desire to be a TS/TV/CD out in the world. I'm happy in my "malemess" and I'd like to chat and talk with real women who enjoy high heels. No offense to the posers, but there seems to be some fakes on here, men pretending to be women for whatever reason. I have no problem with men who are upfront about being male, I've read some great posts from them so far. Is this as confusing to read as it was to write? Anyway, not sure this is the greatest way to introduce myself, but this is who I am. Thanks, Eddie in NC
  12. Great story. Where's part 2? I'd like to hear what happens to the wife now?
  13. Yes, I live in the area. But it looks like I'm about 6 months too late. I just found this site today. Maybe next time?
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