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  1. Hi all, I've read a lot of posts and responses on this forum, and this, combined with the general attitude from regular people about High Heel shoes, I've noticed that a lot of people do not consider High Heels to be sexual at all. For example, the average person in the street seems to see High Heels as a bit weird or even silly. I've overheard people poking fun at a woman for wearing such towering heels, and generally taking the piss. Also, when sex is mentioned in the same light as High Heels, there's often a disgust or rejection from some High Heels fans. They simply don't see the appeal. To me personally, High Heels are an extremely sexual thing. They exert feminine sexuality and add instant sexual attraction to the wearer. Is it the same for you? Or do you see them purely as just a statement (or expression) of your fashion tastes and nothing more? Daniel xxx
  2. Hi Pata, do you ever travel to the UK?

  3. Makes me wonder how Cinnamon would have reacted if I'd complimented her in such a way.
  4. No, don't be silly. It wasn't like that at all. In fact it was still light and quite populated. It seems that today's society has been so crippled by political correctness that its even considered odd to compliment a woman in a street. Put us in a bar or club and would I get the same reaction? I'm sure some of you must see what I mean. There was no harm intended at all, I was just being charming, polite and would have liked to invite her out for dinner if I got the chance.
  5. Hi All, I just wanted to share an experience with you that I had whilst coming home from work one day last year. I had just boarded my train a bit earlier than usual, and a beautiful mature lady stepped onboard wearing a gorgeous pair of 6" black stiletto pumps and seamed stockings. All of it was hidden under a long black coat. I had the painful view of watching her from behind as she walked down to the end of the carriage. Not many people seemed to be that bothered but it was a heart-pumping moment for me, because I've never seen a woman wear such mouth-watering heels out in public before. I was overwhelmed by the thought that she probably just spent a whole day at work in those amazing heels! Anyway, I was praying that she wouldn't get off at my stop, because if she did, I would have to try and talk to her... I wouldn't be able to resist. But, just my luck, she DID get off at my stop (which was Romford in Essex, UK by the way... if you're on this website, it'd be great to hear from you). There wasn't that many people getting off so I had a clear view of her walking onto the platform and down the stairs to the station... it was the most beautiful sight I'd ever seen. She was quite tall and very slender, and had a natural beauty about her. She was walking in the same direction as my bus stop outside, so I took the opportunity to catch up with her. I was shaking like a leaf. So, I caught up her and said... "excuse me, sorry to bother you. (she stopped) I hope you don't mind me saying but I just love your amazing heels. You look absolutely stunning in them." She wasn't too impressed at all and she practically ignored my efforts to compliment her and walked away quickly. I'd just like to get everyone's opinion on that event. I mean, was I being too direct? or... have I actually done something wrong by complimenting a woman in such a way? If I was to do the same to a fellow member of this website, would you have reacted the same? Many thanks! Daniel xxx
  6. I meant Peggy, many apologies xxx

  7. Hi Barbara, its so sexy to think you wear such amazing heels to work every day. I'm sure you must lok absolutely fabulous. Be great to be friends xxx

  8. Hi Pata I hope you're well. I've seen your amazing video clips on YouTube and think you're fantastic! Be great to be friends xxx

  9. Dear Cinnamon, I hope you're well. Would just love to say how much I love your Avatar. I'm hoping to make friends with fellow heel lovers from the UK, so it'd be great to chat sometime. Daniel xx

  10. Hi there, love your Avatar. I'm from the UK too and just hoping to make new friends who love heels as much as I do... so just wanted to say hello!

  11. Hi Tanya, your boots look fantastic. It'd be great to be friends xx

  12. Hi Scorer, yes she's a mouthwatering 5ft.11... and would look absolutely fabulous!
  13. Hi there, I can totally relate to the height thing. I'm 5ft.3 myself, and it is a really sexy feeling to wear extremely high heels... but I kinda like being small, its more cute! Welcome to the forum! Daniel xxx
  14. Many thanks for your kind message Dawn, nice to meet you. Daniel xx
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