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  1. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    My eight-year rut is largely very non-descript heels in public or the occasional mannerrock (German for "men's skirt" usually worn with boots). At home, though, I'm usually in a sarong and loose, long shirt and sandals. Society still isn't ready to both see me and employ me.
  2. do women treat you like your one of them

    No. They treat me like a guy who wears heels.
  3. Just do it!

    I have observed that our world has evolved to two (bimodal) areas of response: "Ok" and "WTF." If you're anywhere in the city, chances are you'll encounter an "Ok." The WTF category is far less common no matter where you go these days than it was when I began heeling fifteen years ago.
  4. Wearing Heels Thru Airport Security

    I've traveled through several countries on four continents in heels. That has always seemed to be the least of my worries, as things are largely anonymous and security just isn't concerned about folks like us.
  5. Well its been ages!!

    Hi, Dougal - welcome back! I've been off-site for well over a year. Perhaps two?
  6. Website upgrade

    Haven't been around in a while, so sorry if this is late in coming. I like all of the upgrades except the rounded avatars. Makes my HH boot avatar look like an uber pointed toe "something." If you can go back to square avatars, that would most stellar.
  7. Hidden Heels... Maybe Not Pointless

    Looks exactly like the ones I bought. I've worn them to the grocery store, library, and to dinner with a friend who knows about my heeling and would notice the height difference but wouldn't say a word. I've occasionally worn them at home, but one of the tongue seams creates a huge dimple, even with medium thickness socks. I fear any prolonged wear would wear a nice gash and accompanying scab in my leg.
  8. Might help to include the "event" date in the thread title...
  9. I'm sorry I haven't been on the forum for at least a year. Ankle problems while working hard towards advanced degrees. Still wearing heels, sometimes, although not nearly so high. Catch you on the forum. Looks like there's been quite a few changes! - kikepa PS: I have a ton of (30+) size 13 shoes I'd like to sell. Does the For Sale forum still exist? How well does it work? About half are "tried on once, doesn't fit, put back in box and never returned." These items will be shipped in their original boxes. The rest range between slightly worn and slight to moderately worn. All boots have been worn with either socks are at least hose, but sandals may have been worn barefoot. I do not, however, have (nor have had) any sort of skin nor any communicable diseases or conditions. A case of being overweight due to a bad ankle is about all. I'm one of those folks for whom, "every bug that ever bit me died" folks. There's a reason I'm not selling any well-worn items, and that's because they fit and I'll continue to wear them until they fall apart! I hope to post details and pictures on the sales forum soon. Just wanted to get my thoughts down, here. - kikepa
  10. Confidence Levels In Summer Vs. Winter

    It's cool enough in the summer to keep wearing jeans, my favorite attire with black mid-heel boots. The winters here can get cold enough to forgo heeling altogether. 25 deg F (-4 C), not a problem. When it drops to 10 below (-23 deg C), then any leather boot with socks will freeze your toes off in about half an hour. Only insulated cold weather boots will work for any length of time. One of my favorite things to do in the winter, during milder weather, obviously, is to head to one of the many coffee shops, pull up a bar stool or sit in a large stuffed chair and just read a good book.
  11. I've been a regular here for years, but have had very little time/inclination to post as of late. Just wanted to let everyone know I haven't forgotten about you! - Kikepa
  12. Chickened Out

    I'd say you're correct on both accounts.
  13. High Heels Illegal In Russia?

    While many people can wear high heels their entire lives without issue, the fact remains that many others cannot. I know, for I am one of the latter. I still like wearing high heels, but have had to cut way down on height, as well as duration, as a result of last summer's ankle surgery designed to repair some of the damage caused in part by *GASP!* my wearing of high heels. Whether people accept facts or not, facts remain FACTS, and the Russian minister is thinking of his socialized medicine, for which his or a related department must foot the bill. All it takes is a few doctors reporting certain key issues known to be either caused by or related to wearing high heels before the institution running socialized medicine steps in and says, "Uh... no. You cannot do that. It's "dangerous," meaning costly to them. Insurance companies do it all the time, and socialized medicine is nothing more than a government-sized, non-profit medical insurance company. They absolutely will either A) work aggressively to curb behaviors which cost them money, and work aggressively to force behaviors which save them money. Test time: What's this really all about? Hint: The word was mentioned twice in the last sentence.
  14. Sign Of The Times - Part Two

    Bingo. I suspect the hike was designed to minimize this, as wages will be capped at $2 an hour by economic forces for some time to come. The increased wages will only accelerate this process. All of which, from the macroeconomic perspective, indicates capitalism throughout world markets is alive and well.
  15. Again, NOT an ad. I'm an old poster, here. I've also been a closet heeler most of my life, an apartment/home heeler most of the time, and a street heeler on occasion, I love it when I can find high heels in my size! This often meant wearing plastic crap by high-price, low-quality offerings by stores who are very difficult to weed out of the searches on Amazon.com and others. Well, I'm wearing a pair of my latest heels, by Onlymaker. They lean towards rather long names for their shoes, but if you want to look for them on Amazon, try searching on this: "Onlymaker Women's High Heel Peep Toe Open Toe Solid Sandals Buckle Strap Gladiator Stiletto Wedding Shoes" Alternatively, just search on Apparel, Shoes, Women's, and narrowing your search by name. I'd paste a picture, but my camera got soaked when my son left it out in the rain last summer. He's sorry, and so am I... Naturally, I'll be loads happier when rock-solid and very comfortable footwear companies like Nine West and Clark's inch up their offerings by a unit of just 1, into my size 13 range...