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  1. "It's really important for comfortable and sexy to work together." Dolly Singh is the founder and CEO of Thesis Couture, a fashion-technology company working to reinvent the stiletto. She spoke with Bloomberg about the benefits of hiring astronauts and rocket scientists to create the world’s first “high performance, high fashion” high heels. Singh was a speaker at the Bloomberg Businessweek Design Conference and is featured in Bloomberg Businessweek's 2015 Design Issue. (Video by Jennafer Savino, Amy Marino) https://youtu.be/gNQDx59c7Uk
  2. Outstanding! And your Google Translate is working perfectly. Totally understand. A proposito, ho trascorso i primi tre anni della mia vita a Napoli. Ho imparato a parlare italiano correntemente, per un bambino di tre anni. Fino ad oggi, posso rilassarmi, bere un bicchiere di vino o tre, ascoltare un film italiano e capire abbastanza per seguire la trama. Quello che stai leggendo, qui, tuttavia, è anche Google Translate. :)
  3. My advice is to wear what you want and let your significant other wear what they want. Relationships built on mutual acceptance and respect work well. Relationships built on trying to get the other to do something you want but which they may not want tend to crumble.
  4. Really? Time for a DECADE MEET.
  5. Excellent point, Tech. I noticed I've done that in the past. I endeavored to delete pictures in the replies today.
  6. Top pic is B. Just a guess... Hiya, Kneehighs.
  7. Interesting casino stories! Vegas is the first place where I explored heeling beyond the security of my own home. I must have visited more than two dozen casinos while heeling in Vegas, as well as many restaurants. Never heeled during the day. Just night, usually in blue jeans and a pair of medium-heeled pewter sandals. As a registered statistician, however, I never tried to "beat the tables" or the house. Rather, I concentrated on playing perfect video poker, thereby minimizing my losses to less than $5 per hour. Every once in a while I'd win considerably more than I was playing, q
  8. Aye, that was a bit wordy indeed. Fortunately, it's taking off like wildfire.
  9. Excellent sandals. I have a pair from Val Eli, though not so similar to yours. I do have a pair of Clark's low-heeled (no-heeled, is more like it) sandals that I've worn pretty much ever day for something like 8 years. I cannot believe how durable they've been, not to mention comfortable. I've only worn them on my own carpeted floors (except the kitchen and BA), so the soul is mostly there, and the leather foot bed remains in astonishingly good shape, as well.
  10. Lots of bongo playing going on there! I'm not a percussionist per se', but I've played bongos for 40+ years, including in various musical performances. Never in heels (sigh).
  11. Thanks, HappyinHeels! Aye, yes. Just finished moving, the last move for a very long time, I hope. Everything ached for a week! At my age (mid-50's) moving yourself isn't well-advised. Well, it looks like I'm back again, as I figure out some next steps in life...
  12. Not really "new" shoes, but I recently moved to a much nicer place than my old apartment. It was a bit of a dive, a stop-gap measure. Anyway, digging shoes out of storage I found a number of "old" booties that don't have much wear -- hardly any at at all. It's like opening a box and finding a bunch of stuff you'd forgotten you had! In fact, it's EXACTLY like that. Most of them are 10+ years old, and as feet continue to grow very slowly, they're all a bit more snug. Some are uncomfortably tight. "One of these days..." (I've been saying that for a decade) when I lose more w
  13. Good to see you back! Yes, I remember you. I've been gone for quite a while, too. I posed once or thrice way back when, but have been largely absent for several years, myself. Good to hear you're free of constraints!
  14. I should have moved to London. You meet there ALL the time!
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