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  1. Does wearing heels turn you on in any way?

    Yes high heels turn me on. I feel more sexy in heels and because I am fetishist, there is a sexual link with my heels.
  2. Ballet Heels

    Oh my god, I love them !!!
  3. How High Is Too High?

    I can wear 6" without platform on a regular basis. 7" becomes too high to go for a walk. But for fetish games I can wear higher heels :-) ! Sabrina
  4. Ballet Heels

    Hello Girls, I just wonder what you are thinking about ballet heels like in the pictures attached ? Do you think it is sexy ? beautiful ? ugly ? Erotic ? Fetish ? Uncomfortable ? Attractive ? All of this ? On my side I have to admit that I have several pairs of ballet heels, and I think it is very sexy and fetishist. For sure it is not for every day, but at home, just for fun or fetish games I believe it is very attractive. Let me know your opinion. Kiss Sabrina
  5. Shoe addict ... or fetishist ???

    Hi girls, Another way to ask the question: Can you turn on without very high heels ? Kiss Sab
  6. Shoe addict ... or fetishist ???

    Hello Raphaela, Thank you for your suggestion ! You can now answer the poll. Kiss Sab
  7. Hello Girls, I have a question about our common passion : shoes and high heels. Would you say you are a shoe addict (or a very high heel addict) or are you a high heel shoe fetishist ? I mean, do you like shoes only for fashion, or is it something more complex ? Are you turned on when you wear high heels ? Do you like games with heels and shoes (licking, touching ....) ? Thank you for your replies ! Kiss Sab
  8. Hello Sabrina! I'd love to expand my circla of friends her eon high heels place, and I hope you'd accept my invitation. I love high heels like crazy and i wear tehm myself.

  9. Shoes without heels

    I do not know if you like Lady Gaga, but I have to admit that sometimes she wears some crazy shoes. Some of them are ugly, some of them are very nice but for sure it is not easy to walk with. Kiss Sab
  10. hi from brussels!

    Welcome on this fetish site ! Your videos are great ! Congratulation and keep going ! Kiss Sab
  11. Hi Julie. Welcome in this new site. Kiss Sab

  12. What are your loudest pair of heels?

    You are welcome Heidi. Do you think you could walk with these shoes ? Kiss Sab
  13. I would say approximately 2000 € this year. Well I try to buy a pairs of high heels only once a month. But sometimes I cannot resist. I improve myself. Kiss Sab
  14. Are boots just for winter?

    Today the temperature is 27°C and I am wearing boots bare foot. I like the contact of the leather on my leg, feet and toes. I like this feeling. Kiss Sab