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  1. Beautiful sandals!! Wish I could go to work dressed like that, but I don't think the safety officers wouldt appreciate my skill in navigating a construction site in high heels.
  2. Hi James I don't know if they have Wittner in NZ, still new here. But I'll definitely have a look on their website, thanks for the info. Chris
  3. Some really beautiful footwear Generally I don't like bling,but this is very attractive. It adds to the boot without being ostentatious or overpowering. These are lovely sandals, would love a pair. With that stunning pedi you must look really good!
  4. Very happy to hear that the damage isn't as bad as expected at first, and that you don't have to go under the knife. Take it easy & you'll be back to new in no time.
  5. That's what happens from playing a girls sport with wannabe actors . Eina! I feel your pain. Good luck with the surgery & recovery. Take your time, I had a work colleague who couldn't wait to start walking without the brace, ended up having to go under the knife again. Put the boots on , feet up on a pedestal, get a small bell & a butler. Life's sorted!!
  6. Gorgeous looking pedi, lovely colour. Now that you've crossed the bridge, I guarantee that you'll be back for more. Maybe next time in heels ?
  7. I say go for it. Most salons that offer pedi's & mani's do so professionally. Occasionally you'll find some that don't do a good job or the lady doing it doesn't do a good job. But I haven't had many problems in the 10 years or so that I've been going, and I've been to 4 different salons. Two of them didn't have a problem painting, although you could see that they thought it a bit strange. The one that I went to before I moved was the best so far. She loved painting my toes & she'd willingly done my fingers as well, but my wife isn't too happy with the idea. She also didn't have a problem with me wearing heels, skirts, leggings, skinnys. It just blew her mind that I had so many heels & that I had no problem wearing them. I'd suggest testing the water first, see if they willing to paint & then next time maybe wear heels. The last one that I went to painting was out of the question, it was something that men didn't do. But living by the sea I wasn't too worried.
  8. Nice looking Oxfords. I agree with Sydheel, a darker lace will be awesome.
  9. Nosey doctor, but just doing his job. Maybe he could've toned down the preaching a bit & maybe tried to be informative. The human body can adapt to the situation it finds itself in. I have a friend who almost permanently wears dark glasses, now she finds it difficult to go outside without putting them on. When I was in school our science teacher told us of an experiment that had been done with glasses. People were given glasses to wear that inverted the world, after a couple of days their brains had adapted & they saw the world the right way round. This is not to say that if you permanently wear high heels you'll damage your legs, but the possibility is there, and it differs with everybody. Some stretching exercises would be a good idea, and it's not that difficult. If you have steps at home stand with your toes on the edge of the steps, hold onto the door frame & slowly lower yourself down. Do this a couple of times a week & your stretching is done. But keep up the heeling.
  10. Some really neat outfits, good compliments & a free chow . I would've taken these boots & run.
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