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  1. Hi Rob, She mostly objects to my wearing womens shoes. I how ever like the feel of womans shoes and specifically the stilletos. They fit better as i have a narrow foot. I like the feeling of heels, of course, and maybe you are right. I will look at the mens high heels. Thanks for the link. Hi Alsheels, She is rather short, about 5'5". This means i stand more than e head above her except when she is wearing heels. This also adds to her grumpyness when it comes to wearing heels. But mainly due to it being womans shoes.
  2. A long long time ago in a house far far away, i was dressed up by my sister and a friend who at that stage were larger than myself. They were also 3 years older than myself. The dress up included a pr of mothers 4" heels. I must have enjoyed it, because i tested all her heels during the next 6 months to a year. Then my feet could not be forced into the shoes with a crowbar any more. The pleasure was not to come arround for another 19 years, as my feet grew to a USA 15 ladies size. Finally got a pr of 13 USA ladies sandles with 4" heels.. Showed my wife and nearly got killed for the trouble. Had to destroy them then. Broke my heart, but saved my marridge. 2008 searched the internet for large sized female shoes, and struck gold. Bought a pr of 5" pleaser pumps in size 15 USA. had them for about a year before i decided to come clean to my wife. The same one still. Nearly got killed again. I am unfortuanately not a good diplomat and just came out in the shoes from our room into the lounge, saying: how do like these shoes! It took 3 months to patch up the hole left by the explosion of that night. She still does not agree with my sentiment of men wearing heels if they want to, but she just ignores the fact that i wear them arround the house. I do get a mouth full every now and so often when i inform her that i want a new pr. She always reminds me that i am wasting money, as i cannot wear them when we go out. She will not accompany me, and at 6'11" in 5 inch heels, i cant blame her. Last i have to mention is that i now own = knee highs, thigh highs, ankle, and oxfords (3 to 5"). I also have 3 prs of pumps in red, black, & hot pink (4"). as well as 3" pumps black and 5" pumps white, the sandle in the avatar & brown clogs 4". My collection is still growing if somewhat slowly these days. And that ladies and gents concludes my story. PS: I do not plan on stopping again as my kids left the house more than 8 years ago and now reside overseas. They still do not know and to save the wife the embarrassment of explaining how she can still live with and love me i do not plan in telling them. Mabe i will leave an equal no of prs to my 2 sons in law. That will cause a upheaval at the reading of my last will and testament. HA HA
  3. Hi CPB. commented on the meet-up. Do you agree? Let me know. You stay close to me. Centurian is up the road. I stay in Pta North. Do you know of any other SA Heelers in Gauteng? Regards

  4. Thanks for the message. My first batch of gallery pictures were removed so I'm going to be quite tentative about posting pictures for a bit (unless I get some new heels to show off of course)

  5. Hi HHMania, Glad to hear from another HH lover in RSA. May I ask where you are from. We are few and far between in RSA Please think about joining our small but growing group of SA heelers. We would love to have you on board. Welcome once again.
  6. Hi, Thank you for the comment! Yes, I go riding with them, when I go to the office, I wear HH shoes or boots... this is the way I wear them in a kind of "safe and relax" way. I only ride my scooter, a very old Honda... It is funny because at the beginning, I thought everybody on the road would only see my shoes, and now, I realise, people do not look at scooter on the road, so even less on the kind of shoes I wear!!! Bye!

  7. Thanks for the lovely comment!!

  8. All. I have a slight problem with only the 3 anwswers. Most people agree that they do not want to go in public with HHs, as most people stare. (The country also plays a big role) How about HHs in mens fashion, even if they are realy ugly and only come in black and brown, until nobody bothers looking at men in HHs. Then we can all wear heels of all colors and forget the idea of manly or feminine. Personaly I prefer the more pointed look of the stilettos. I bought 3 prs of mens shoes from a Shoes.com. The brand was Stacy Adams, and Giorgio Brutini, Atleast they did not only have the chopped of look that most mens shoes have these days. They have more of a pointed look, similar to heels. They are so comfortable. I just miss the heel feel. Someone mentioned a reason for woman wearing HHs, as being: to look taller, and thus in certain cases more slender. Doesn't that also go for men. Unfortunately I have the oposite problem. I am 2m or 6'6". Wish I were 6" shorter, and had smaller feet. I wear a "womens" size 15 or 16. This tends to make me stand out to the point that nobody will not notice me. Someday men will again wear heels as in the time of Napoleon, before the ladies stole the pleasure for themselves. Keep on heeling, even it is just at home.
  9. Thanks for the comment on my pic. I try to look as sexy as I can.

  10. You look great in the boots and i love you in the second outfit. You look stunning.
  11. Hi loveheel. I suppose it depends where you are going. All the outfits are great, and the heels are fantastic, but the shorter denim skirt makes sitting decently difficult. Although it looks cool. I agree with hhboots, you will look good in most outfits.
  12. Hi BAAL78. Your wife has great legs, and excellent taste in shoes. Glad to see another local on the seen. We are increasing slowly but surely. Hope we can have a heel meeting one day.

  13. Hi partsgod, welcome. Great having you. Tell us a bit about yourself. Your likes and disslikes etc.
  14. Hi Pumplove. Pray for your safe return home. I think you are going to flip your lid when you put on heels for the first time after a year. Keep this positive thought in mind the whole time. I am sure it will help keep your spirit up. Be careful and allert! Good luck.
  15. Hi there. You must have the most fantastic relationship. Tell your husband he must give you a hug and a kiss, he is indeed a fortunate man. Enjoy heeling together, and your love for heels.
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