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  1. Great boots, ideal for wearing as a man. Super outfit! What sizes were to buy these great boots? I myself have been looking for a long time in a pair of this kind.
  2. Great boots, but be careful in the snow :-)
  3. Wow, great look! I think it`s a great feeling.
  4. Compliment! Fantastic boots, great Heel. I love black leather. Great, that you had the courage to wear these boots outside.
  5. My compliments, I'm normally a black leather friend. But these boots look really well.
  6. Wow, the 'rocker look' is great! Leather pants and Boots a hot combination.
  7. Super choice, great compliment to you. These boots are really great, very nice look!
  8. Very nice boots, I think they can be worn very well as man under the pants. Great outfit!
  9. Great boots, do you have worn these already outside?
  10. Hi Maximilian, do you have found these wonderful boots in your size? Really a wonderful model. You have great luck with size 41! With size 44, it still looks much worse!
  11. Great boots, along with the leather jacket is a great outfit. Have you already worn this outfit in public?
  12. Hi, 've already looked a long time here in the forum. I want to introduce myself at last, I`m 41 years old, come from Germany, I love to wear women's boots with a heel. Looking forward to friendly contacts.
  13. Great boots, congratulations to this purchase! Are the boots of Image 3425 those you wear on the avatar? These looks very good by a man! I really like those boots ... Is the advice good in this store (for men)?
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