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  1. Thank you for coming back to me. I wear heels at home and my wife and I wear the same size shoe we got about 50 pairs of different types although she only wear flat shoes now a days We would be frowned to if we do dare wear heels in public. JayJay
  2. Good Afternoon here from Sunny South Africa I would like to know if ay one out there have tried any heelless Heels. Regards Jay Jay
  3. Hi there I have been gone for nearly 3 years. My old name was jay jay and still is jay jay. I am from South africa and love to walk in high heels. But I can not walk in them in public as it is not just done here. My wife and I wear the same size shoe uk 8 so we share a lot of shoes. Me the 5" and higher of course. My latest is a pair from Luella 6" with a 2 " platform. Would love to show but do not know how to post a pic
  4. Hi there. I am back after a long long time. Jay Jay
  5. Hi there. I ealked the swb 5 km here in South Africa in these heels
  6. I absolutely hate flipflops. Both my lady and i wear wedges. Love the ray ulty Colourge ones. My highest is now6" and i just love them,
  7. Yes i did it 3 times. Here inSouth Africa we gotthe sisters with blisters every year for the abuse against women and children. It is a four kilometer walk in stilletos. The first 2 years was in 12 cm, I did it last year in 15 cm heels i Novemer last year.
  8. She can walk on body anytime with those heels. Wow
  9. I just love my platforms. I think I have about 10 pairs in stillettos and about 15 in wedges. All 5" to 6".
  10. Yes she do approve of me wearing heels as I said before we wear the same size shoe and I wear wedge boots when we go out together. I have quite a few pair of 5" heels and three 6" heels with a platform that I alternate every evening when I get home.
  11. I wear them because they are soft and comfortable. I cannot wait to get home to put them on and the best ios my wife alows me to wear them at home and certain ones when we go out even better we wear the same size shoe so I got a. Choice of about 50 pairs. To little time to many shoes. Just a shame here in South Africa we cannot dare to wear high heels out in public. I did it once or twice but that is block boots with a 4" heel under very long jeans. You guys are so luck there on the other side of the blue dam.
  12. We wear the same size shoe a UK8. Between us we have about 70 pairs and we share them all. What a joy to wear the same size shoe.
  13. High there I do not know if you are taking any thing for high blood pressure? You can try ginger either in ground form but to me the best in tea form. I have bee taking it now for my osteo-arthritis and it works wonders.
  14. My fiance and I wear the same size shoe a UK 8 and between us we have about 50 pair of varios types of heels, she does not have problems of me wearing HHS at home, Sadly I do not dare wear any HHS here in South Africa in daylight, but at night it is another story. The other evening we went to a restaurant and I was wearing a Peep Toe lace up booty with a 5" stilletto heel under my jeans.
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