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  1. Beigeboots


    Thanks for all the advice, I really appriciate it. Like I said I know I can put new tips on, it's the soles that are needing repaired. Some of you are right, just go in and if they're not interested then I'll take my money and business else where. Cheers for that!
  2. Beigeboots


    Hi all! I'm needing to get my Pleaser thigh high boots re-soled and re-tipped and just need some advice... 1)I know I can re-tip my boots (pull out existing tips, take them to a cobbler of sorts and ask for new ones. Hammer in new heel tips.) Just curious as to what kind of glue should I use, any good ideas from experience? I'm thinking a very thin layer of super glue.... 2) How do take thigh high boots, with stilletto heels, in a size 11 and ask the cobbler to resole them? Any good ideas on ways to approach the cobbler and see if he'll help a male who wears heels without causing emabarrasment to both parties? Cheers
  3. I LOVE zip up knee high and thigh high boots. I really don't like ankle booties. I don't like zips on the outside of the leg, down the back or the front and I really don't like lace up boots. Lace up boots look amazing from the back because you can mould them to the shape of your leg but I don't like the view from the front, maybe if there was some way to hide the laces I would like them more. I like boots with buckles and sort of fastening straps but not on the foot, it must be from the ankle up but I find these kinds of boots ultra feminine and so I leave them to the ladies. That's my opinion, wear the boots that YOU love though!
  4. Oh good, I'm not the only one..... I was begging to think my english had deteriorated....badly ! That or, I lacked the artistic capacity to read the imagery the authour was using while writing. I read it a second time and then thought WTF?
  5. Hi there, thanks for all the great comments, really good. You not got any photos up? Yeah mate, I really love hh-boots too, I'm not into hh-shoes at all other than on girls but boots, most definately. Be good to hear from you, it's great to hear from other guys who are also into heels and boots.

  6. Hi there HighCurious, thanks for the info. I have a black and a red pair of the Seduce 3000 thigh high boots, same material as the Seduce 2000. Very nice boots! I also have two pairs of black Seduce 3010, one patent and one matt finish. The Seduce 3010 are sold as 'classic, plain thigh boots' (check the cut and stitching of the boot) and are padded inside. I find them really comfortable and snug, especially on colder days. I would really like to find knee high boots of this discription and lined. Would go better with jeans too! I think the matt finish boots would attract less attention than the patent ones, so I'd really like to find a matt finish pair of knee boots in the 'plain classic design'. I would proberly wear them out in public and feel comfortable. The boots in the link from Banana Shoes have the cut and stitching I'm after, pity about the studs. Would love a pair of boots like this in a matt finish. The boots in my avatar are the plain classic design too.
  7. When I first joined this group I felt really dirty, like I had this terrible dirty secret. Even though the website was about high heels and there were clearly male members who wore heels, I still felt like a freak:mecry: That first message on this site was so hard and scary to write.... Today I opened the door and allowed a stranger to see a part of my life that is very personal. The shame has gone but it's still private, for now.... I wasn't worried if he tried to call me names or anything because I felt calm and confident with what I was wearing. At first I was but then I overcame that fear and just opened the door. I'm pretty sure my brother and a good female friend have begun to suspect something. I'm not ready to tell friends and family about it yet but I'm sure the time will come. Thanks to everybody on this site who have been supportive and helpful!
  8. I'm at home this week, on holiday and I'm wearing black,shiny leggings, a big navy jumper and 5" knee boots today. I was working on my CV with my headphones on, listening to music. I thought I heard some one knocking at the door... I took the headphones off and listened but didn't hear it again so I put my headphones back on. I thought I heard the door again and then heard the letter flap so I knew somone was at the door. I was waiting for a parcel but really did'nt expect it today, maybe tomorrow or Friday, anyway.... I went to the door and picked up the flyer that had been put through the letterbox when the guy knocks on the door again and yells 'Postie' at my door. I have laminated floors in my flat so I knew he had heard me walking to the door. I could hardly try running to my room to change and then run back to the door so.... I just opened the door and said 'Sorry, didn't hear you, I had my headphones on.' I opened the door wider as he rumaged in his bag for my parcel and made small talk with him about the speed of the delivery. I then stepped out my door to take my package from him and sign for it, said 'thanks' and then shut the door. It was impossible for him not to see or notice the way I was dressed but I just carried on like it was nothing. I just kept calm and friendly enough, the same if I was wearing jeans and trainers - no big deal! I was thinking up a 'practising for a Rocky Horror type halloween party' type excuse but then I thought to myself, 'if he asks I just tell him the truth. I really like high heeled boots mate!' He didn't ask though The boots I'm wearing today: http://www.bananashoes.com/popup_image.php?type=D&id=1052&title=Pleaser%20Shoes%20Seduce%202016&area=C I'd prefer these boots without the metal studs but I have hunted for a pair like this and not found any. I love this classic boot design and they are lined so your legs stay warm in them, unlike the stretch boots.
  9. Ooops! I didn't bother..... not interested in haters, they're cowards. I work with some haters, they get upset at anything and everything! Try to help them smile, laugh, relax, it's no good. They are happy in their misery so...'like a pig in s***'. There's a lot going on and being said in this video, watch it again, best thing is...it's funny too. Thanks for watching and taking the time to watch before posting scathing comments, good on urselves!
  10. I think most of this is just for a laugh but keep watching till the end, thats the real reason why I'm posting this. I think the overall style looks quite cool and he walks well in them. I prefer zip-up, stilleto heels boots but that's my personal choice! Enjoy!
  11. WOW!! This is such a real and interesting topic kneehighs. You really struck a nerve with me. Some really good questions too Thighbootguy. Firstly, kneehighs, thanks for sharing something so deep and personal as this with us. I take it from your post that you have accepted and embraced the way you were raised albeit confusing (no offence!) Secondly, I applaud you for being able to go out in public, wearing boots over your jeans (are they high heeled boots?). Some very cool friends you have too. Thighbootguy, I found your question about his mom's attitude to, his wearing her boots and his age, really interesting. I wore my mom's boots once when I was very young and she told me that it was naughty and bad. As I grew older I would wear her boots when she was out the house, guess I found something I liked even though I knew I would have gotten the belt or slipper if I was ever caught. It was in my pre-teens that I went to a fancy dress party and my mom suggested that I wear her boots. I was a bit reluctant but she actively encouraged me to wear her boots to the party. (seemed I had come of age to wear heels in my mom's eyes) I was also treated differently to my brothers, I was treated as more of a daughter, not totally but a lot more so than my brothers. My father used to mock me because of the way my mother treated me but he use to treat me differently too. In fact, I can remember my mom even telling me that during pregnancy, she was 100% sure that I was a girl and that I should have been born a girl. She even had a girl's name picked out for me, I had to be renamed when I was born a boy, haha:silly:! Over the years I've come to realise that none of that was my fault, but I've also learned to partly accept that feminine part without feeling too guilty or ashamed about it and that's because a man is suppose to be a man and most women I know like their men to be men. Like I said, it wasn't my fault I was raised like that. I often chat to my parents on Skype now while wearing a skirt and boots and not feeling weird at all, they instilled this this part of me! I don't tell them I'm in a skirt and boots though. I now find that wearing boots and a skirt help calm me down and put my head in to a different mode. Sorry this is sooo long and didn't mean to hijack the OP, it's just that I relate to this topic. Thanks
  12. Hi thighhighguy, just viewed your album. Fantastic and huge collection of boots!!

  13. Hi and welcome. I think you'll find many here with a similar story to yours, I'm one of them! Can't explain why I love boots and the sight of women in high heeled, zip up boots either, just do. Been like that since I can remember too. So again, welcome and hope you you enjoy your stay.
  14. Very beautiful & sexy boots on your avatar ;) and i wanted to say thank you i read about your fabulous nite out ,and decieded to go to a gay club here in ny wearing thigh high boots and skinny jeans ,and i had a great nite ,lil too much to drink ;) ,but a great nite . The hardest was just getting out the car about 45min again thank you ..

  15. I've got leather, patent leather and 'cheap boots'. Love them all. Problem is I paid over £80 for my black leather boots but the heels on both boots are very weak and squeak, don't know where to get them fixed and I'm still closeted about my heels. I paid over £120 for each pair of my patent leather boots but I find them a bit too tight on my calves and this really, really annoys me because they are such gorgous boots. The zip broke on my black patent boots too and I paid so much for them, that really p***** me off!!! Only pair that I've no problems with are my two pairs of 'cheap boots'. By the way, if anybody knows where I can get my heels and zip fixed, get my boots strecthed and not pay a ridiculous amount of money to the cobbler(who hopefully understands that some men also want to wear boots) then please let me know.
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