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  1. Marriage and shoe fetish

    cgllc. your just one in the many. who have made the same mistakes as many on this forum. the majority of women are not against men wearing heels. but there are a number of females who are jealous of it. they have zero respect for men who wear there fashion choice in a dark corner. for many reasons. 1, they feel upset that you could not share it with them. 2, you could not trust them with this, 3, women will never respect guys who feel ashamed and embarrassed for wearing them. many guys here hide it and lived in two worlds. but in the end. that will never work. the big mistake was many here to this day pushed for relationships and where not open with there heel wearing. in the end there is more advantage to being more open to your heel wearing if its on the street. a shopping area. a party. and with your friends. know one is going too reject you for it. much of the negative stuff is in are minds. and from the sounds of things. your wife feels left out and highly jealous of it. I mean I won't marry or have a relationship because it does not appeal to me. and I won't have anyone force me into one. your wife might think I am sad but living in a two world life just does not suit me.
  2. Heels in public

    AJ777. I can point out that women are very jealous creatures. and men wearing heels is fierce competition too them. and many guys on this forum have came across women who have said there jealousy with nice words. or with a long stare. like what you got in the shoe shop. but what will really bug you is that most women will have huge misconceptions about men who wear heels. they think that we are very diva-like. a little bit feminine like. and highly eccentric. yes its really annoying but at least we are not harassed in public when we are in heels. there's a give or take when wearing stilettos in public.
  3. I would say that a large number of men who wear heels. do it in secret. the reason is that. there are just so many silly,silly labels and stereotypes that we have to face when wearing heels. and there is a lot of paranoia in are minds. it can stop most men from wearing heels in public. and TV shows don't help with it. they seem more like to make a mockery of men who wear heels. unfortunately are society is dumb or naive.
  4. Any Advice on Telling my Girlfriend?

    when you break the ice with her. tell her too have a very good look at this site. and she will be shocked to see that we are just normal people. and many are married and have children. and other's have girlfriends who support them. its 2017. and these things no longer matter in today's world. make her understand that telling such a personal thing. is outside of your comfort zone. and if she threw it back at you. then she has betrayed your trust in her. and that means you will have to end it with her. its not easy to tell such a personal thing like this but in the end. you need to know that if you two are made for each other.
  5. Any Advice on Telling my Girlfriend?

    when you tell her the truth. you have to give her an ultimatum. accept you for who you are. or call it a day. its not healthy being in a relationship when your partner is trying to change there partner's personality. this has caused a lot of break up's in relationships and marriage. I suspect that she might be the jealous type. if a man has a bigger collection of heels and can walk so perfect in them. it make's her insecure. and a insecure woman makes the worse type of girlfriend ever.
  6. Going to try going public again

    the more in public. the better.
  7. Any Advice on Telling my Girlfriend?

    tell the true yes. but. if she is against it. then don't marry someone that has very little in personality wise. tell her that you and other heel wearing men are just ordinary people who wear heels. out of personal choice. its a choice of are style in what we wear on are feet. and your heels are a part of who you are. take that away. then you are not the same person that she met. BamBam. I will never marry or have a relationship because my heels make me happy and they are a part of me. the reason why I do this is because we live in a very selfish world. and there is nothing wrong in looking out for number one me. because that's how tough are world is. what would your girlfriend think of me for saying that. would she say that I am selfish and I should appease other people's ways. you should only feel bad about not telling her when you first met her. but you have nothing else to be ashamed about it. a fashion choice is a fashion choice. tell her that men who wear heels are just normal people who work in places like construction sites or a factory. and many are married and we do not want to be women or dress like them.
  8. New Boots

    I bet you the women where thinking to themselves. why did I not buy a pair of those. if they look good on him. they will look good on me.
  9. Finally Wore Pumps In Public... kind of!

    you should expect women having smiles. if you are walking into a full office with a pair of red or white stiletto pumps, don't worry. you will be more popular. if you are out in the open about it.
  10. Heel or Toe

    nobody would really care about what you wear in public. because everyone is to preoccupied with their own things. many of these things are in are minds. and many of us let that part of are minds win. so wear what you really like.
  11. Am I in the wrong forum?

    what would you want to know about us heel wearing men. heelswearer. where just your normal average guy.
  12. Election Day in U.S.A.

    I put my doubts about politics changing peoples attitudes. when bush ruled america. did it get worse or better for men wearing heels, you could wear red stilettos at a republican rally, and I doubt you would get attacked or be humiliated there. the truth is that nobody would really care about it there. there are bigger reasons why people elect who they want as leader. the LGBT groups in the US are whipping up fear and paranoia to the gay population of the country. and saying things to them that 95 percent of the time won't happen.
  13. Anticipation

    funny frank-n-furter said the word anticipation. and it worked for him
  14. Sad state of affairs

    I would say. the down side of men wearing heels is that you get the sort of catty type woman who would not give you the time of day. if you are wearing boring guy flats, in heels, they are all over you like a rash. and the mixture from them is envy and jealousy. and it gets worse if you walk better in them or you have more louboutins and jimmy choo in your bedroom, than what she has in her bedroom.
  15. there are a number of men who wear heels around this small world. and many have girlfriends. who support them, but a number of heel wearing guys are just uncomfortable in wearing them in front of there girlfriends. because of all the negative thoughts are in are minds. just like when we buy them in a shoe shop or walk out in them, we first think of the negative things first, wearing heels has taught me one lesson in life that you can't live in other people's expectations. life is way to short for that. in the end there just shoes. big deal. its a bit silly that some women seem to make heels as some sort of competition. and get jealous if their boyfriends can wear them better or have a better collection.