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  1. Rick24

    The Adventures of kneehighs...

    I understand kneehighs. but a number of women know that you wear heels, and if you told them the decision I made. they would say I'm selfish. its easier said than done. I enjoy wearing my heels. it's apart of me. in the end we can't live on other people's expectations. it's 2018 and if women don't want to start a family and instead have a career. then men now have the right to wear what we want and not marry for the sake of it. if woman can have there cake so can we. and having a big collection of designer heels in your room is the icing on the cake for me and others.
  2. when a guy wears stiletto type heels at 5 inches. females view this as competition, and in there minds its I can't wear up to 6 inches. but there is a huge amount of jealousy and insecurity from young girls. women in there 30s and 40s are very impressed with it but young girls in there late teens and early 20s seem to throw a jealous fit when they see us. its a long road for us and you all agree that the light is at the end of the tunnel.
  3. Rick24

    The Adventures of kneehighs...

    kneehighs. I think you have done a great service to men who wear heels. and a guy who wears heels in public is more of a man than a guy who hides it in his bedroom. at the age of 24. I made the right choice in not marrying or having a girlfriend, why. because wearing heels is just too much damn fun. a quota from sean connery on his retirement. I'm 30 now and my aim is to wear in public. and to have a huge collection of designer heels and boots to wear in public. and to have a large group of new friends to heel about in. I know that you think I am wrong to ditch relationships over heels. but women say that they have the right to wear what they want. well I want to wear what I want, so if it makes me selfish then so what. life is very short and you have look out for number one yourself. hope you post back.
  4. Rick24


    I am thinking of buying a pair of giohel knee high boots from there ebay site. has anyone here bought from there site and how good where there delivery services to you when you paid for them.
  5. Rick24

    My first public heel adventure

    balletboot. your girlfriend might be a little jealous of your outfits. that's why she would not want you going out in them.
  6. Rick24

    Getting checked out by a guy with his wife

    happyinheels I'm sure you like many men have went into an expensive shoe store and where wearing boots or shoes. and the female customers see what you are wearing, and they smile,wink,or grin at you, sometimes they walk up to you and say are you finished with them shoes or boots because they want to try them on, and then you get the odd encounter with an over excited girl who has seen your heels in the store,
  7. Rick24

    My first ( of hopefully many ) posts.

    huhwhat. I'm sure that you have seen alot of women look at your heels and boots and smile alot, I think colours like red or nude would get you alot of respect from women at a new level,
  8. Rick24

    High Heeled Vacation planning

    heelguypa. you can expect a lot of excited women in a store like Louboutin. a number of heel wearing men on the forum have bought shoes and boots from expensive stores like Louboutin. jimmy choo, and the response was one of amazement and being admired from staff and customers.
  9. Rick24

    My first designer pumps

    you can expect a number of jealous women out there when you are out and about in them.
  10. Rick24

    My first time out (my only time out actually)

    Bootlover78. don't worry. the world is not going to stop just because you are wearing stiletto boots. the more you wear out in public. the better it get's for you. not one person will reject you for it. you might get the odd girl being a bit too excited about it. but that's expected in the life of men wearing heels in public. I mean there guys who wear stiletto pumps in public and have never had any problems in there years of wearing them.
  11. Rick24

    my 017 adventures

    some women are very jealous. because they know that a guy would look far better in those heels and tight jeans than they ever could. but most females admire guys who have the boldness to wear what they want out in public. if you talk to some women about the females that threw there jealous fits at you guys. you will be shocked in what they will tell you. because in the woman's world. tight jeans and killer heels is a big competition to females. and now men are wearing them. and to women that means its getting tougher to be as good as this guy. in a girls mind. she's thinking/ how can I compete with this guy. he looks better in those than what I look like in them. women are not against men who wear heels or tight things, but they are very insecure. I am sure you guys have heard women say things in a far distance like. damn I want legs and thighs like this guy. he walks great in those heels. he's got good taste in what he wears.
  12. Rick24

    My first public heel adventure

    balletboot. I'm sure you have heard women and and young women say things like./ I hate that the fact he walks better in heels than I ever could./ or his figure and dress code puts me to shame, and women that seen you wear your style. a week later they are wearing the same style that you where wearing last week. many heeling wearing men have said that women who spotted them in public wearing heels have then been seen wearing the same style of shoe or boot that the guy was wearing last time. I don't know why women make everything into a competition.
  13. Rick24

    My first designer pumps

    I'm sure every woman was smiling at you when they saw them. you can expect a number of jealous girls out there but that is what its like in there club.
  14. Rick24

    My first designer pumps

    I'm sure you will get many admirers when you walk out in them.
  15. Rick24

    Marriage and shoe fetish

    cgllc. your just one in the many. who have made the same mistakes as many on this forum. the majority of women are not against men wearing heels. but there are a number of females who are jealous of it. they have zero respect for men who wear there fashion choice in a dark corner. for many reasons. 1, they feel upset that you could not share it with them. 2, you could not trust them with this, 3, women will never respect guys who feel ashamed and embarrassed for wearing them. many guys here hide it and lived in two worlds. but in the end. that will never work. the big mistake was many here to this day pushed for relationships and where not open with there heel wearing. in the end there is more advantage to being more open to your heel wearing if its on the street. a shopping area. a party. and with your friends. know one is going too reject you for it. much of the negative stuff is in are minds. and from the sounds of things. your wife feels left out and highly jealous of it. I mean I won't marry or have a relationship because it does not appeal to me. and I won't have anyone force me into one. your wife might think I am sad but living in a two world life just does not suit me.

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