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  1. Thanks for the friend request.

  2. Hey buddy, I just got a pair of boots like yours from ebay, size 10...They look so nice with tight levis...Hope we can chat sometime....Don

  3. Hey thanks for sending me invite as your friend, love that. Your boots are hot and I wanna get a pair of my own just like yours. How long have u had them and how long did it take u to brake them in? U use them alot? the boots I meen are in your profile pics Love peter

  4. Thanks fot that. What size are you?

  5. Awesome boots Hoverfly! I have a pair from Cowboy Boots USA with the 5" heel which I find difficult to walk in. How are the 4" heels to walk in?
  6. Hey I love the boots u got on in your profile but I wanna know what avatar is, u say that some boots pic in avatar has 5" heels and were can u see them ? All the best in high heeled boots Peter

  7. I have ten pairs of cowboy boots. All of them have an extreme X pointed toe but the heel heights vary from 1" - 5". I find that the shorter heels (1" - 3") work best with jeans and that the higher heels (31/2" - 5") work best with dress slacks.
  8. The boots in my avatar are the 5" heels from Miguel Jones. They are a bit difficult to walk in. I would like to get a pair with 4" heels but at this point the only options at that heel height in my size have rounded toes and I too like the pointed toes.
  9. I only own one pair right now. Paul Bond's that originally had 2.5" heels. Asked them to replace with 3.5" heels which turned out to have a nice 4.5" height at the back.

  10. Awesome boots guy! I know we'd all love to see a full pic of you in them.

  11. Sailing jon, those boots are so cool, love the look of them!

  12. Hi Jon, Thank you for the friend request. Great Boot heels in your profile photo. Where in the States are you? If you're close to Toronto, come and join us for the Toronto Heel/Boot meet, sept 10/11. David

  13. Hi, I also enjoy wearing pointed toe cowboy boots with high heels (3" - 5")

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