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  1. Perfect thanks! Ya that’s my favourite look for a heeled shoe I just ordered these from FSJ, custom 16cm heels, hope to wear these out a lot. I have a few heels, but I try to go for a manly look, I usually dress with my regular jeans, showing my heels, and a leather jacket, or regular jacket. I find if you act confident most people wont say anything. I was wearing these super high wedges for breakfast, they were not covered and two guys commented "those must be tricky to walk in" saw some people look at my boots, otherwise noone cared, granted I was in a more hipster n
  2. Where did you buy those? I need a pair? Able to give us some more shots of those heels? They’re just perfect !
  3. Huge fan of those block heels, ones you just posted and the black ones you shared on a recent post this week! Thx!! They’re just the perfect male heels in my opinion . Thx 😊
  4. Can we see more pictures of your outfit with heels? Such awesome heels as I’ve said before !!
  5. Thx!! Yeah I think people are currently busy discussing that other topic in here. They’re comfortable to walk in, and add such height
  6. I bought these knee wedge platform boots from onlymaker last month, they came finally. Super comfortable to walk in, 6inch with 2inch platform. The boot goes up to just below the knee. Good quality too, I was surprised.
  7. Those images are awesome! Do you have anymore images from the trip? I just love your heels
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