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  1. Hi jo, What size shoe are you and where are they from? they are fabulously sexy

  2. Um. Wow, where do you buy latex clothes from? I have never tried them, how stretchy is it? Kathy

  3. those are killer heels, love the pics, thanks for sharing...

  4. Man alive! I have to tell you that you rock the heels and hose amazingly!! Those legs are built perfectly for the extreme heels you have on...... you are beautiful!!!

  5. Just seen some of your pics. Great shoes and you wear them so well.

  6. Hi jo absolutely amazing high heels in your photos so high and sexy! only the highest heels, the way it should be absolutely wonderful!

  7. VEry nice love your collection of heels, would love to chat with you,

  8. Sexy girl, sexy shoes and really hot pics x thanks

  9. OMG Jo, you are the stuff dreams are made of. Thanks

  10. hi there! brand new user here, and found your galleries fabulous! thanks a lot!

  11. Just had a look at your new albums, they are great. Very nice pictures, shoes and outfits. Thank you.

  12. Thank you for accepting my invite!

  13. You look amazing in all your pictures, love the stiletto's!

  14. Love all the pics. To may to comment on.

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