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  1. You look great in those beautiful boots buddy! don

  2. Just seen your avater and i have to say they look stunning, very very sexy.

  3. Those boots in your avatar are totally insane !! i love them ..

  4. hi,i bought these knee-high brown boots on ebay,no zip ,heel 4"...i love them...i wore the same outfit on the street last night...it was very very funny:w00t2:...what do you think?
  5. :wave:nice...very nice...i love them:thumbsup: ciaoooo
  6. thanks for the friendship...i like the pics...your style is perfect!!!...ciao

  7. Delicious Boots! Cathy & David

  8. Last week,i bought these 3'' cowboy boots in a shoe store...what do you think? i love them!!! ciaooo
  9. hello...i'm italian too...welcome to the forum:wavey: ...ciao
  10. i will wear them out in public,under my jeans,of course
  11. hello my friends:wave: do you like my 5" thigh boots?i love them under my jeans ciaoooo:smile:
  12. ciao ivan,welcome i'm a29 y.o. guy from south italy....i love woman in high heels and i wear my high heeled boots in public too
  13. Hello Mandyb...welcome to the forum:winkiss: ciao
  14. ciao a tutti ,ci sono anch'io....che tristezza pero'....siamo solo in 5:cry1:
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