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  1. Love the heels in you avatar! May I ask the brand and style?

  2. Love the shoes in your avitar

  3. Hi Everyone, All handmade shoes face material shortages and labour shortages that cause production delays: Material Shortage: Materials in small quantities are hard to source. Once a material is used up, sourcing the original material is sometimes impossible. As a result, we'd have to use similar materials to complete the work. Labour Shortage: This may happen during busy times of the year. Because premium quality high heels can only be made by master shoe makers, the masters' personal schedule effects production. The steel rod inside the ABS heel has to be hollow. Otherwise, there is no way to hammer the heel tip into the steel rod. Steel rods are supposed to be full length (from the heel base to the heel tip). We make our heels very strong, but we cannot guarantee that our heels won't break against abuse. You can be assured that the heels will hold under normal wear. On the other hand, if you like to abuse shoes (some people really do), you may purchase a pair to do extensive abusing. We'd lover to hear back from you. Our website has recently been updated. However, several new pictures have not been posted on our website. If you are requesting for a new style to be made, we will only send you a picture of the prototype if we approve the style. Here are some facts about 6ihf.com: 1. 6ihf.com has a retail outlet in Toronto, Canada. The new name is "Cinderella High Heels and Bridal Boutique", located at " 623B The Queensway, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada, 416-371-9668 " 2. 6ihf.com is not only a retail outlet, it takes part in the entire design, development, and production process. Not only are the 16cm heels slender and beautiful, the 13.5cm heels are now slender as well. 3. 6ihf.com has a peak production speed of 2190 pairs/year. This is very low quantity compared to other shoe makers. 4. 6ihf.com does not manufacture shoes for archenemys.com . 5. 6ihf.com does not make 18cm heel shoes. 6. SSHH are back in production. However, the toe bar has been replaced by a single chain acting as a toe strap. Please view our website for details. 7. U20SA is back. However, the platform has to be visible. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
  4. http://www.6ihf.com offers high end 6" heel shoes. This is an old online store (open since 2003), but they now have a Canadian retail outlet in Toronto ("Cinderella High Heels and Bridal Boutique", 623B The Queensway, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada, 416-371-9668 ). Price range is US$200 to US$300. Special items cost more. Stainless steel sandals, Ultra 20, and many other styles are in their showroom. Guess what, you can order Pleaser shoes as well.
  5. The leather is thick because it is premium quality leather. The boots are also fully lined with premium quality leather. We used stretch lacing because long inflexible laces will break. This type of stretch lacing is the best we have. We are sorry that this caused you inconvenience. Regarding the spacing of the lace holes, please look at the picture of xaphod's boots on our website: We think the lace hole spacing is proper. In regards to the orange color xaphod was looking for previously, we have to say we have no match for it. Orange is very hard to find. Even if it is found, the leather quality might only be suitable to make certain types of footwear. We welcome everyone to input their comments to us. If we cannot make adjustments according to your comments, it's not because we don't want to, it's because we have a manufacturing bottleneck. Every factory has its own manufacturing bottleneck that can only be improved upon after long periods of research and development.
  6. We sold over 200 pairs of special arch pumps over the past year. No customer ever had this type of issue with the heels. All of our heels are reinforced with steel rods. Our special arch shoe construction is rock solid. During normal wear, the heel will not break. If both plastic tips wore down and both heels broke within 2 weeks, the shoes must have been subjected to abnormal pressure and friction. Please look at the extent of wear of bluewin's shoe on our website: The following was our original comment to the matter: The heel cannot sustain all of your weight. Most or all of your weight has to be put on the ball of your foot. You have to be very careful when you walk with 6 inch heels. If the heel wasn't landed on the ground vertically, it puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the heels. If this happens repeatedly, the heel will eventually give away. The shoes were in perfect condition when we mailed them to you. There were no creases in the leather anywhere. We use high quality genuine leather to make all our shoes. Our prices are very reasonable. If the heel breaks, our customer has to pay for the repair or replacement. We do not have metal heel tips that fit the construction of our heels. This is why we use plastic heel tips. Plastic heel tips DO NOT wear down like butter. They are durable plastic. You may go to your local shoe shop to check whether they have properly fitting metal heel tips. Please note that changing the heel tips is completely at your own risk.
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