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  1. Hi All. Time to post again, decided to look for a new car and wondered if l was brave enough to go looking in my heels. so l went to three local garages, wore my knee high cowboy boots with a three in heel. Wandered all round the forecourts and the showrooms, managed two test drives too. And no one even noticed. Again it felt great, the only problem it poses for me now is when l go back l will need to wear them again as the sudden drop in hight would probably be noticed. But it did feel bloody great. Just goes to show you every one is right with their comments that nobody really notices or cares. legs777777
  2. Thank you to every one for replying, xx
  3. Hi all. Have to tell every one my latest venture. I went to my local supermarket the other night and normally I would think twice about going in wearing heels, but not this time. Decided to push the boundaries a bit more this time. Put on my high cowboy style boots 3" heel and went in. the comments that most people say is that nobody notices and they are right. But it felt great walking round in my heels, I think now it will happen more often.
  4. A kilts a good excuse to wear a pair of high boots, but who needs an excuse really !!
  5. Big thanks to you tech, been ages trying ti get back in thanks for the help.
  6. You should check e-bay they are still available but you need to search for them.
  7. just a quick up date back out again today and went another ten miles and the only thing that hurt was having to take them off to go to work.
  8. Hi Jeff. Black leather knee high boots, 4" wedge heel, so it doesnt make to much noise on the pavement when walking, very comfortable and sexy. wearing heels more often now so my legs dont hurt now, walked about 5 miles this morning, and could have went another 5 too, have to get ready for work. thank you for asking. Boots are from next, size 8. UK
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