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  1. I'm a bit upset with the way I was treated by others in this forum, hence I decided to go. I remain a great enthusiast of highheels and ballet boots especially, so for anybody who seeks to continue staing in touch with me, you can find me on the german high heels board forum or mail me directly @ martin.laske@gmx.de I wish we could have had more conversations. I hope we can stay in touch. Farewell!

  2. Liebe Pata. Danke für all deine Beiträge. Ich verabschiede mich aber aus diesem Forum. Irgendwie sind mir die Leute hier zu blöd oder zu empfindlich. Ich werde in der zukunft mich nur noch über http://www.high-heels-board.de/ zu wort melden. Da hatten wir mindestens schon echte treffen arrangiert. Viele Grüße!

  3. Hey I searched the whole ultra section up and down and could not find any of your pics. Can you help me plzz?

  4. I have a pair similar to that of "Pata" and they are really fun to walk in. however the Please version feels a bit unstable while walking - my subjective feeling. I'd love to get my hand on (or feet into) a pair of theese Nelli's pair of shankless heels.
  5. I just can't stop gazing your picture - lovely! What do you do on these Heel-meet parties? I was looking for ideas for ours here in Frankfurt as well.

  6. Hello! I bought myself these LINK and I have to tell you I love them! They are a real fun to walk, but it is straining oyu much more than just walking in high heels. You have a constant feeling of "hanging in the air". after about one hour of walking around at home I had the feeling my calfs will freeze or cramp. So they are challange to walk, but a great fun nevertheless. I kust hoped the top material were a bit stronger and lether like than it is.
  7. in my experiance, it is not only the heel high which is not really correct, but it is also the material of the shoe, which tends to be rather thin and fragile under stress. I have managed to tear a pair when trying to walk.
  8. @ xray2 Thank you very much for your input on this toppic. It was very enlightning, I admit. Especially the explanation of the tendon functioniong more like a spring than a rigid material. This is certainly teh case expecially if you take a look at the collagen's molecular helix structure On the other hand, and I hope you will agree with me on that, the key to better and longer ability to sustain the strain of high heels is a good trained leg, with predominantly well trained muscular mass? or not? I consider the tendons secondary in this calculation.
  9. Richy thanks! 1) That is quite a price surge:-) 2) Doas anybody know who was the inventor of Ballet boots in the form as we know today? I guess the developement was there as long as high heels were arrousing to someone. Obviously the increased hight of the heel led to an increase in stimulus and ballets are the logical consequence of it. But doas anyone know names of shoemakers or designersd having this idea first?
  10. Thanks PussyinBoots *Miau* for your full answer. You seem like smeone who knows a bit more. Mind sharing other sources for metallic heels?
  11. Hi everyone! I was wondering how many different "metallic" shoes we can find. I stumbeled lately across this picture: http://elitechoice.org/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/high_chair_shoes.jpg and I found it really interesting. Any idea who makes them? Do you also know any other high heels or balelt boots made of steel? I know there are a few lurking on the web, and I thought we could bring some together. I own myself this pair: http://www.allhighheelshoes.com/asccustompages/productimages/ggalaxybig.jpg and even though they are quite unstable to walk (they wabble quite badly) I'm abit proud to have them. Only a shame there was no remake of them or a 2.0 version. This is for example something hard :-) : http://www.strangecosmos.com/content/item/142914.html any idea who did it? or this: http://www.coolfunpics.com/slides/High_Heels.jpg I find this idea quite spicy!
  12. There is a cool kink to this Heel-less trend developing lately. These soes for instance are sold via e-bay quite a lot. I got myself also a pair and I was quite happy with them. The Feeling of walking is completely different and the missing heel certainly trains - or strains - your calfs. certainly an interesting idea. http://www.artflakes.com/de/products/pony-boots-2-dot-1 Juhu! I got my 1st star as Silver Member!
  13. Now, that is what I call good press!
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