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  1. I can assure you that I'm not a time waster!!
  2. Ok looks like the week after is going to be better fri10 and sat11 torture garden have got an event on each night looks good who's up for it I'm not ginna miss this one
  3. Ok cool I definatley don't want to miss this one!!! What's the best way to contact you??? Pm me you email cheers
  4. Thinking about going to club subversions sat 4 feb I'm driving from Hampshire anyone up for it!!!
  5. I have orderd a pair of heels a size bigger for more conferred but am worried they will be to much of a gap at the back what is the best material to pack the front of the shoes
  6. Probley a local hotel I think ?? It's a bit more convenient if we want to have a couple if beers
  7. Whos up for a night out to the http://www.magic-theatre.co.uk/ looks great we must be able to get a few people together maybe a few drinks before let's get a list together
  8. Hi I hope you can help ???? I'm looking for a great fetish club to go to in the second week of may 14/15 I've neve been out in heels and latex so could do with a bit of help I live close to Winchester and can travel hope u can help cheers !! Peter

  9. That sounds great I won't be able to get their in the afternoon I'll definatly be at the club is anyone travelling far thinking about getting a cheep hotel room .??
  10. I see you are from Hampshire!! I'm just outside of Winchester we should try to meet up some time send me a pm and I can send you my email

  11. Thanks for the comments I love this look will have some more soon

  12. Great London is looking good!!! I can't do daytime only evening as I am always working and it will take me a while to get in from Hampshire if anyone is up for a club might make it a bit of fun Cheers Peter
  13. Hi, Love your gallery pictures. Strappy courts, leggings and a slim fit top really is a look to die for!!!

  14. Well at least someone is interested!!!! Thank you we arecnit far from each other sober shouldn't be a prob hope?? Look forward to hearing from you Peter
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