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  1. I found that in Las Vegas, yes, Las Vegas, I had people asking if the shoes I was buying were for myself. Of course, there are places that do cater for men specifically, and those places were great, I ended up buying 4 pairs of heels, a corset and stocking. But some people are still shocked, even young girls, IMHO. I prefer shopping on the Internet now, specifically on Amazon and howcool.com.
  2. Hi there. Where are you from. I am glad that I saw the comment about heel2heaven I was about to order myself. I have noticed that Shoe City some times have a sale up to size 9 and do not forget to go to WW and Edgars. I have picked up a few bargans over the time. Also Rage.

  3. Hi, noticed that youre also a member of South African Heelers group so thought id drop you a line and say hi

  4. I had a lovely corset and I wore it with heels, felt great. Was really hard to tie up the laces but I got pretty good at it.
  5. If your in Vegas I can suggest places to go. Look for a free copy of WhatsOn magazine. PM me for more info if you want
  6. My gilfriend doesn't like the fact that I wear heels, but since I've told her she has started wearing sexier heels in greater quantity. So you lose some, but you also win some :-)
  7. Wow, you do pull it off well. And you have a great taste in clothes. Defenatly stylish.
  8. Hey Thighbootguy, it's tru what you say about the store clerks complementing a person, but there's only 1 friend that knows I'm a TV and she never gave me good advice/comments except when I shaved my legs. kirkules: lol, I like you comment at the end, it was funny.
  9. I like the boots mostly. Not because I have a thing for boots, but there are some nice ones your girlfriend ownes.
  10. I think I've experianced the same feeling as you when I went into a shops in Vegas that catered for the TV scene. The shop assistants are used to that type of thing and I got comments that I really liked, like how sexy my feet looked in pumps and so on. What I'm saying is that it's nice to be able to live openly, without being rejected.
  11. those shoes are stunning. I love ankel straps, they feel so good, like the shoe is a part of the foot
  12. silver

    another pic

    I like the jean and boot combo. More pics please!
  13. So, Dr Shoes, are you saying it is possible to enlarge the shoe?
  14. Do you have a drawing? I would think this would be a good first step.
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