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  1. I have recently (past 2 years) badly wanted a good pair of the granny boots that were all the rage in the early 70's. The ones with a squarish toe about a three inch stacked heel, which had a kind of taper towards the bottom and long laces which you tied at the top of the boots with a big bow and the laces would hang and flop around down the shaft of the boots. I had a pair of these in the most popular autumn brown suede (I rather call it "Tobacco Brown". They were soooo comfortable, and looked hot. I loved the tight fitting ankle, and over some time, they just took on that good looking broken in look with the suede leather wrinkling around the ankle. God...I wish I still had mine now. I've watched on E-bay and googled for any hits on-line to no avail. Boo Hooo!
  2. I love your avatar! Very sexy and you look stunning!

  3. Looking great buddy! Don

  4. can you join us in Akron, June 25th?

  5. I LOVE your boots!!! But how do you get them on? I don't see any zipper on the side. Not that that matters, it makes them all the more great looking. I just don't see how to slip them on, unless you wear knee high stockings

  6. 2nd ANNUAL North American Annual Heel/Boot Meet Las Vegas, Nevada, USA April 7-10 (nights of April 7, 8, 9) Please indicate by completing the poll; or posting on this thread; or PM/email to "iloveboots"; if you are attending "maybe" or "attending"; which nights; and how many in your party. The 1st Annual NA Heel Meet in Chicago had 28 people attend in Feb 2009 out of 55 registered (lots of food etc was wasted) so we need as accurate a count as possible. See the thread in "real life meetings" and register to attend in the poll.

  7. Thanks, I wish I had those boots of yours!

  8. Fantastic photos of you. Wish I had the same build as you.

  9. Your avatar looks quite hot - would love to see more

  10. Hi Stilettoguy!Thanks for your nice comments, and for your friend request!I love your avatar!

  11. Awesome avatar pic, boots are hot..

  12. Hi McKailah....I live just across town on SS off whiskey rd. I'd like to have a chat sometimes...How bout it?? Stilettoguy....
  13. Personally, I find a little toe cleavage very sexy. I have tried hard to emulate the look in my own heel wearing, but I have kind of stubby toes. I don't know how some folks bring this look off....I heard some women speak about trying to get their own pumps to show toe cleavage....and I must admit that I can't figure out what they could do to achieve this effect, short of purposely buying shoes that are too long; and then stuffing the toes with cotton or tissue. Would some kind woman please enlighten me in this endeavour??
  14. So True....So True....(guess we could have other, more serious obsessions; could we not?) Seems that when I have been "made" while wearing in public, most people don't seem to notice (unless you count the teeny-girls - who always seem to look at what people are wearing) Most folks my age, couldn't give a rats ass what you are wearing; and they don't seem to notice, unless your heels make a lot of noise on the floor/sidewalk. AND, regardless of what type of material your heels are made of (i.e..metal tipped) there is still a way to walk about casually without sounding like a Storm Trooper. Boy...do I ramble...<Grin> SG
  15. I know that in my case, whether the wearer be male or female, I always wonder what lies "under the fabric" of the jeans/slacks. It's kind of a tease, I guess...My eyes also try to distinguish how high the top of the boots are (as discretely as possible) by looking for the little bump in the fabric which gives it away... It seems we always get a charge out of what we can't see, rather than what is apparent.
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