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  1. When I visited London a couple years ago I was in good company wearing my trench coat there, as I could easily spot someone else wearing one as well.  On the other hand, here in the US some people say that they like the look but are uncomfortable with an association to a militaristic look.  I’ve heard some say the same of tall black riding boots.  Personally I think there are ways to wear both without looking like a World War 2 officer, but I wonder if men in Germany have this objection too.  

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  2. 22 hours ago, Puffer said:

    If you are quoting him accurately (i.e. 'would never' is correct), it appears that he was speculating about not being able to find heels in his size 11s.   But, if he said (or meant) 'could never', that would suggest that he was interested enough to have searched, but without success.   As you never had the chance to continue the conversation, we shall never know the extent of his interest, but he sounds like a potential recruit to the cause!

    I've noticed that most men use "would never" when talking about heels because they really are making assumptions without actual experiences.  I often hear "I would never be able to walk in heels that high".  But you'll never know until you try... 

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  3. On 10/30/2021 at 3:40 AM, Puffer said:

    Interesting, but a little worrying.   I would expect that, regardless of Brexit, there is in Germany and the rest of Europe far more British than US influence in relation to business matters.   And of course there is big German investment in a number of British business sectors (e.g. transport) and individual companies.   Still, I am comforted by the thought that you won't beat us in business unless and until you learn our version (the proper version) of the English language!

    I work for a global company headquartered in Germany.  A lot of business is conducted in English, and I have never seen anyone working from Germany use British spellings of words.  Not even "colour" or "theatre", which I like to use, despite being American.  I am guessing there are some prevailing norms in some countries when it comes to the way they teach English in the education system, and it seems in Germany they use American English.  I also work with a number of people from India, and have discovered some English phrases used there that I rarely hear from other countries, like "do the needful", or the word "not" to describe the number 0.  I was so confused one day when someone used "seven triple not" to describe 7000.  


    6 hours ago, Shyheels said:

    That’s probably quite true - they would have been expected to wear heels for certain occasions as a matter of course and many would have done so out of obligation and nothing more and don’t put little thought or preparation into the matter. That they found heels uncomfortable under these circumstances would have seemed simply par for the course. A fact of life, get on with it.

    But for a guy to wear heels requires a fair bit of thinking and self analysis beforehand, and a desire to walk gracefully in them. There is much more incentive and interest in practicing and preparation.

    I've noticed that much of what is said here about women and heels is sadly also true with many men and... cowboy boots.  Even here in Texas, I talk to a lot of people who own cowboy boots, even multiple, expensive pairs, and rarely wear them.  A lot of people ask me how I wear cowboy boots ever day, since they are so uncomfortable.  They don't have to be uncomfortable, but maybe because of bad fitment or bad expectations they feel like that is normal.  


  4. It's a little late in the year to discover a cool pair of cargo shorts, but it's still not cold here yet.  That just means more time to show off the boots.  I like the details on these shorts, plus it has 7 pockets! 



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  5. 5 hours ago, mlroseplant said:

    Unless you're talking about designer heels, and those are simply way too expensive. Just like I don't think I could bring myself to spend THAT much money on a brand new car, I don't think I can bring myself to spend THAT much money on a pair of shoes, no matter how cool.

    I go for quality over quantity.  1 pair of really nice feeling shoes is worth more to me than 14 pairs that don't fit, though I will admit that those 14 pairs look very nice displayed on a shelf.  

    I usually get cheap cars, but we bought a brand new car once.  It is still my daily driver, and I've driven it 10 years and over 250,000 miles with pretty easy maintenance.  If taken care of, a new car can work out to be cheap too.  And then sometimes you get lucky, like the current car market, where you can sell your 3-year-old car for almost what you paid new.  

  6. I think I've stretched out my ankles and legs and gotten used to it.  Walking on hills helps stretch too.  Uphills feel great.  Downhills keep you on your toes.  3.5" feels normal to me now.  It's only at 4" that I feel the sensation that I am wearing heels now.  

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  7. 22 hours ago, Pierre1961 said:

    3000 € is expensive. But I had thought it costed even more! A custom pair made to measure by a real shoemaker in Paris is close to 5000€ 

    @KneeBootedyou may be right. Better one perfect pair than 50  Chinese ones  that are badly constructed. 

    I have custom boots, made to my feet, measured by the shoemaker.  It is only a fraction of that price here.  It’s an amazing experience to wear footwear the fits perfectly - it feels like putting on and wearing a pair of socks.  The boots last a lifetime, so it is money well spent, and better than buying 50 pairs of shoes that get thrown away when worn out.  

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