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  1. What Shyheels says is spot on.  Also, I discovered that when you create an Instagram account, by default it works very tightly with Facebook now.  If you provide an email address, it will start by pulling all your friends in as suggestions to follow, etc. and it makes you wonder if the reciprocal will also occur.  I found it is better to not provide an email address if you want a “fresh” account that won’t be automatically promoted to your FB network by Instagram.  As Shyheels said over time people will eventually stumble across it, especially if you tell any of your friends and colleagues or cross-share anything onto both platforms at once.  But not providing an email address seems to circumvent the disturbingly tight integration, at least initially.  

  2. 47 minutes ago, jeremy1986 said:

    You hit on one of the sore points - being pasted all over social media. Indeed, some of the gang here would probably not mind... but I believe I would.

    While some of us, deep down inside, feel like a rock star when wearing heels, in the grand scheme of things there are much weirder and viral things out there that will get pasted all over social media before a random guy wearing heels will start to get shared around with any significant interest.  

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  3. Personally, I don't think you should share anything on social media under the guise that it will be kept private, regardless of what system the platform tries to use to make things "private".  There is always the possibility that it will be copied and "leaked" outside of whatever boundaries it claims to have.  This is why I make all my accounts public, because mentally it helps me be more careful and think twice before sharing anything, rather than getting a false sense of security.  

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  4. On 9/28/2019 at 9:39 AM, Pierre1961 said:

    I had to wait for the elevator with 3 other people. They looked at me and started giggling.One guy,( the other were a man and a woman)

    pretend he has to go urgently to the bathroom.The reason was he wasn’t able to refrain laughing because of me  

    Don’t even think I have been affected with that behavior. 

    The question is:what is your opinion.I usually wear real typical men clothes plus shoes with Cuban or block heels.In general visible.But nothing more extreme or could have anyLGTB connotation 

    So today was a test and I am just wondering if In your opinion anything is wrong  

    Any comment will be appreciated  


    Wow, the last time I have seen that kind of behavior was in the 7th grade.  No, nothing is wrong, that guy might have some issues...

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  5. 7 hours ago, Shyheels said:

    I’d say you just had bad luck. It happens, but not often. Rarely in fact., in my experience. 

    I agree, and it did not diminish from the fact that we thoroughly enjoyed eating at all the different places I visited on our trip to London.  We were mostly eating out twice a day for a week straight, and just picking places nearby based on where we happened to be, without any real advanced planning.  We were bound to end up at the wrong place and the wrong time every now and then.  


    3 hours ago, Jkrenzer said:

    I do believe income and retirement should not be equal, but should be less punitive than it is now. After all if i invest cash and years of my life into higher education then i should be ahead of those who don't, if not why would i bother. 

    Rewarding hard work ahead of those who don’t?  I’m down with that.  Unfortunately I don’t see how SS will have any money left by the time I get to retirement age.  Guess I’ll have to work harder :)  

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  6. 50 minutes ago, HappyinHeels said:

    Adding a service charge of 15-18% may sound more efficient elsewhere but I have seen where the service also dipped in quality. Adding a service charge takes away the option from the consumer and that's not a good thing. Tipping is pervasive in the U.S. and Canada (less so in Quebec) but we're so used to it and it works. By and large people getting tips in these two nations work their ass off and I believe earn them. :fine: HinH

    I wonder if some of the difference is due to different operational procedures in restaurants.  Typically, in the US, when you are seated at a restaurant, you get assigned a server.  That server becomes individually responsible for your restaurant experience, and earning the tip.  I noticed in the UK, it was more or what we would call team serving.  When well run, this has the added benefit for the customer of being able to ask any of the servers for anything, rather than trying to hunt down your individual server.  However, we did also find ourselves in a couple of establishments where this was a total failure, and it didn't take long for us to realize that we were never going to get served, and so we left.  It's been years since I have found it necessary to leave a restaurant due to service - it tends not to happen in the US because if you leave, it reflects personally on the server and they tend to try to make things right rather than see you leave unhappy.  


  7. 3 hours ago, Shyheels said:

    Gosh, sorry! I should have mentioned the cash only routine at Maggie’s. Glad you found out. I nearly got caught out by that the first time I went. I am pleased you had a good time. Nice pic of you guys at Bodiam! 

    It was all good, as I found out more generally that the old travel advice to always carry some amount of cash seemed to prevail for the entire trip, even in 2019 and the age of VISA and tap-and-pay.  One thing in particular is for tips.  In the US restaurants never include the tip unless it is a large group, but in the UK either 12.5% is automatically added, or the card is charged with no opportunity to add a specific tip to the charge.  The only way to leave a truly discretionary tip, it seems, is to have cash to leave on the table.  

  8. 13 hours ago, Shyheels said:

    I’m glad you had a nice time in London. I hope Hastings and Bodiam Castle were good to you as well! 

    Yes!  Enjoyed Bodiam Castle and went to Maggie’s afterwards.  Fortunately they informed me over the phone that they are cash only, so I was able to stop at the ATM beforehand.  We walked along the shore afterwards and enjoyed the pretty rocks.  


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  9. I just got back from spending a week in London, and not surprisingly the city is a great place to wear heels.  Londoners are well dressed, and I could always find women in heels, whether it be walking on the streets, the subway, or museums.  For practical reasons, I didn’t see a single stilleto in the 42 miles I walked - every single one was a block heel, but they were not shy to go high into the 3”+ heights.  

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  10. I picked a good day to book seats at Shakespeare’s Globe because it rained off and on through A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Incidentally, I liked the choice of footwear used in the costuming for this play.  There are plenty of high heels, and even the guy playing Demetrius wore a pair of pointy white boots with over 2” heels.  

  11. The weather isn’t an issue actually.  So far it rains a little in the morning and then clears up beautifully around noon.  You can even see the contrast within just the hour between the two photos from Bodiam Castle.  

    I’m walking around in my knee high cowboy boots with 3” heels, but I have not seen any other men in heels yet.  Felt at home at Tate, where I had multiple sightings:




    Speaking of historical fashion, does anyone know if this was actually fashionable in the 17th century?  Today the association with Witchery is pretty strong...



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  12. On 9/22/2019 at 4:22 PM, at9 said:

    The Croydon stations are in Zone 5 and you're unlikely to go to any zones further out than that unless you take the tube to Heathrow which is in Zone 6. most of what you'll be seeing is in Zone 1 or posssibly Zone 2.

    A 7 day travelcard will normally be cheaper than 7 days of capped travel on Oyster or contactless. Not sure what requirements there are for photo ID when loading a 7 day or longer Travelcard on to Oyster. Also not sure what requirements are for Child rate Travelcard. It should all be there on the website. AFAIK you can't put a 7 day Tavelcard on a Visitor Oyster but you can on a normal Oyster. You can get paper 7 day Travelcards: https://visitorshop.tfl.gov.uk/help/ticket-comparison/

    The prices you quoted are for Zones 1-6 which incldues Heathrow.

    This page gives pretty good guidance. Apologies for London public transport ticketing being so complex. We've got a big and complex network that isn't all controlled by the same authority. https://www.londontoolkit.com/briefing/oystercard.htm

    Full service ticket counter at East Croydon took care of us.  Got 7-day Travelpasses loaded onto Oyster cards, but for my son we did a paper Travelcard to get the child discount, which required submitting a photo.  

    Also, had a nice trip out to Bodiam Castle and Hastings:


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  13. 34 minutes ago, at9 said:

    The Croydon stations are in Zone 5 and you're unlikely to go to any zones further out than that unless you take the tube to Heathrow which is in Zone 6. most of what you'll be seeing is in Zone 1 or posssibly Zone 2.

    A 7 day travelcard will normally be cheaper than 7 days of capped travel on Oyster or contactless. 

    Oh I see, so the cap even applies on the Southern Railway as long as I am just going from Zone 5 into Zone 1.  Just looking at it, the big, complex network actually seems kind of fun, with all the options, and the Oyster card seems to cover anything I might use, except the river service, which we might just hop on one day for fun.  If it works the way I understand it, I think they've done a good job of making a big, complex network pretty easy to use.  

    Can't say the same about Texas toll roads.  Just driving 160 miles between Houston and Austin will send you through 3 different toll authorities, and 3 different bills in the mail weeks later.  And if you don't plan ahead in Harris County, one of those bills is likely to include violations.  What a way to make something potentially simple really frustrating for visitors.  

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