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  1. For me, the whole concept of this outfit is just so impractical and not my style that I wouldn’t wear it, but perhaps that concept is part of what he is going for.  The contrast between white and black makes a statement, but it only takes a second for me to think how difficult it would be for me to keep a white jacket collar clean, or even the buttons.  I like heels, but platforms are just too much for me given that I am already tall.  I guess for black and white contrast, I still prefer more classic looks.  This kind of black and white reminds me more of casinos than a nice dinner, and I just personally prefer the latter.  

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  2. 57 minutes ago, mlroseplant said:

    It is fairly obvious in the video that the playing suffered on account of those heels, however. There was not even an attempt at legato playing.

    I'm not sure if it is the heels or just some of the technique that differs from what I know about organ playing, which is limited  to what I have pieced together from various sources, none of which were formal lessons.  I mean, the first thing I noticed is how low on the pedal she toes the natural pedals.  Makes for a huge distance between the natural and half-tone pedals, which I imagine creates a ton of extra movement and work for legato playing.  But then again, I am so tall that when I sit at the bench my heels are basically already sitting on the pedals, so I can't help but toe all the pedals really high up.  This kind of playing is what I'm more used to seeing:



  3. 1 hour ago, mlroseplant said:

    That is a great find! Well, visually anyway. I know this piece very well (although my organ skills are not up to it), and my first thought was, "What the hell is REALLY going on here?", as that was one of the most tedious and ponderous interpretations of the opening Toccata I believe I've ever heard. Then I made it up to the point where the pedal first entered in the fugue, and I had to stop and look her up. After reading the comments on this video, it all makes perfect sense. I didn't take the time to find out who she is, but she's obviously not a professional organist, and the heels thing was meant to be more of a joke or experiment. I'm certainly not against that at all, but it's not a recording I would ever listen to for its fresh interpretation. I'm sorry if I sound like a music critic, I'm my own worst critic, and I recognize the limits of my abilities. Are those Hot Chicks? O.o

    I watched it the whole way through, but I just love tracker action organs.  It must have been a real treat to play that piece on that organ - I'd love to place myself in her shoes, heels and all!  

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  4. 21 hours ago, SkirtDude said:

    I saw so much more of smart office skirts plus athletic footwear or flats by women, rather than heels, whilst observing people going to work before the shutdown.

    I have also seen male CEOs of large companies going onto stage wearing sneakers with their suits.  If they feel comfortable branching out in that direction, then I'm going to be comfortable going my way wearing 4" heels into the office.  

    The prevalence of people wearing more casual footwear only reinforces the association of heels as formal wear.  When the heels come out, it makes a statement - you're dressing up.  The power of heels in making that statement will never go away, even if people choose not to exercise it as frequently.  

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  5. 9 minutes ago, Cali said:

    The testing is important in understanding the spread of the virus and the % of asymptomatic in the population.  The obvious sick you can avoid, its those that are asymptomatic that get you.

    The only test I have seen so far where they are actually doing a mathematical sampling to detect % of the asymptomatic was done on 600 people in Florida:


    All the rest of the testing I have seen has been either surrounding people who already feel sick or people who think they may have been exposed.  

  6. 23 minutes ago, Cali said:

    When you don't have regions that ALL shelter in place (can you say lonestar state), then how can you have people from those areas enter your region when you re-open?  What happens is this rotating recurrence until either everybody gets it or a vaccine is developed.

    If we are back before 4th of July we will be lucky. This virus can go undetected for a while then explode: NYC, Chicago, Madrid, ....

    The life you save by staying home maybe your own.

    Actually Governor Abbott just issued a state-wide order in Texas that fixes a growing problem of navigating some of the lengthy and sometimes questionable local edicts scattered throughout the state.  More importantly, the 1-page order supersedes all conflicting local ordinances.  

    I don't see end game to the Wu-Flu with shelter in place and testing - it will only end when like you said enough people get it and/or a vaccine is developed.  That is why everyone is talking mostly right now about how to manage/flatten the curve, rather than how to stop it.  Even the testing is over-hyped - if you get tested, and come back negative, that doesn't magically fix anything.  You may still get the disease tomorrow, and then you'll have to take the test again.  It's best to still stay home if you don't want to get sick.  


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  7. 1 hour ago, Puffer said:

    But at least the wearing of knee-high (or higher) boots by men is an accepted fashion in the US, which is scarcely the case here, alas (unless you are Shyheels!).   The comment here to a man in knee-boots (other than proper riding boots or rubber wellingtons) would more likely be 'Only women wear those boots', regardless of whether they had trousers tucked in.

    Unfortunately it is not really seen in the US either, unless you happen to be a senior in the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets, and if you have gotten to that point you’re not caring what people might call you:  


    That said, I recognize that there is some difference in perception there, as my wife said that she felt like everyone was staring at my knee high cowboy boots with 3” heels while we were walking around London, even though they are under the trousers.  

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