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  1. 10 hours ago, CAT said:

    We have all said it,,,,,,, the crap that they put on the male models is not only ridiculous but completely impractical and I would not even see a females wearing it.  It does not help "our cause" to where a great pair of heels.  When will they showcase a guy in great pair of normal pumps, knee boots, or wedges?  Probably never,,,, so sad  

    These fashion shows are like concept cars, they aren't supposed to be practical.  I think of it as a way for them to push and broaden the palette of what can be worn, which is something that I think we can relate to.  

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  2. On 10/30/2023 at 5:33 AM, mlroseplant said:

    Back in the mid 90s, there was a certain style of cowboy boot that had a pretty substantial heel on it, bordering on "not low," always in conjunction with a kiltie. You would see them around places where there was line dancing, mostly country bars, in other words. After a certain film released in 2005 decimated cowboy boot sales, that style of heel has not reappeared, even though the market has rebounded somewhat.

    Things come and go.  There are now entire businesses riding the Yellowstone wave:

    Americans go ‘westerncore’ as Yellowstone fans adopt cowboy look | US television | The Guardian

    'Yellowstone' inspires Western fashion trend among fans embracing 'cowboy couture' | Fox Business

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  3. We were watching an episode of Quincy, M.E. yesterday, aired 1981, and I noticed that one of the truck drivers wore boots that I would wear.  The heels are tall heels by today's standards, and he's working in them too.  


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  4. 6 hours ago, Cali said:

    Too bad, stiletto boots are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's all good, I like to do a lot of walking in my shoes so stilettos probably aren't too practical for my lifestyle anyway.  

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  5. 3 hours ago, mlroseplant said:

    For the second part, it's funny how we assign certain clothes or shoes as being more radical or controversial than others, when this is probably not the case. People who are receptive to a guy in a skirt and heels are not really going to put the finery on it as to whether the guy is wearing stilettos or block heels. Same goes for people who find the idea repulsive or merely weird. They're really not going to notice the exact style of shoe or skirt. I do this all the time myself, don't get me wrong. I'm guilty of the same inner head game, but it's kind of silly.

    I have the opposite experience.  There are people like my wife who tolerate the 4" cuban heels on my cowboy boots but she would throw a fit if I wore stilettos, of any height. 

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