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  1. I agree with you all!  I feel like fashion is not as much about what you are wearing, but more about what you are thinking when you choose what to wear, and what that then communicates to other people!  

    Shyheels what you say is true in much of America too.  People choose to wear shorts when they go cycling or to the gym, and there is a strong association with it.  If someone showed up to the office in shorts, we would mostly assume that there was an emergency that interrupted their workout and they were not planning to come to the office.  And like you said this applies for all different climates and seasons.  

    Cali, I did not have full appreciation of the effect of the beach until I visited Santa Barbara.  I was all dressed up to attend a classical music concert, but I had some time and swung by the beach on the way.  I could not fully enjoy the beach in my trousers, and when I looked around at the other people there I discovered what was I doing wrong.  This was a posh area, and many men were wearing suits not with trousers, but light wool shorts matching their jacket!  Near the beach, there are many more reasons and types of shorts to wear that would not be automatically associated with cycling or a workout, which gives you opportunity.  

    Regional effects aside, I have also learned the power of your personal style.  I basically abandoned wearing shorts when I became a teenager.  When I took my first job in high school, I often went directly between school and the office and would have to make sure I was dressed for both.  Besides, I associated shorts with being a little boy, being dressed for play time rather than doing business.  One hot summer day I met up with some friends, and since I was not working that day I wore cargo shorts.  The first thing my friends said when they saw me was "wow I have never seen you in shorts before".  My shorts drew as much attention as if I had shown up in a skirt or something.  Based on my personal style, I communicated that I made a deliberate decision to wear something that day, in this case shorts, and everyone is now giving me response, and probably also now looking at my legs and socks, etc.  From that point on, I realized if I were going to wear a pair of shorts, it better be a darn good outfit, since it will draw that kind of attention.  I better not be looking like I forgot to put some pants on when got out of bed.  

    So when I do wear shorts, I go for the Steve Irwin look.  I'm working on something outside, getting wet, getting dirty, and need pockets.  Boots that fit the calves of course, plus everyone will be looking at my legs.  My wife said that the diamond inlays remind her of snakes, which has only solidified my choice of footwear for this.  



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  2. 2 hours ago, pebblesf said:

    Always looking for bootbuds to hang and shop with.....Work for the airlines so travel the US a lot, where are you located

    Your wife sounds like a great woman who is secure in your relationship, sure wish I had an accepting partner like that.  How does she feel about your killer cowboy boots with heels?  Does she like to wear boots?  If so, do you go boot shopping with her?  I'm guessing her feet are much smaller though.  The only thing I know is that honesty is the best policy for sure...

    Can't wait to hear about your Nordstroms trip!

    I live in Texas, and I sometimes travel for work too, though not as much lately.  I assume based on your user name you are based out of SF?

    My wife likes my tastes towards western boots, and she has complimented the way the heels make my feet look.  More generally, she has said that she is happy that I have found confident conscienceness in what I wear.  She doesn’t really wear boots, though she wore my Justin’s once and was amazed at how comfortable they were, so she is on the search now.  We go shoe shopping together every now and then, but I tend to be a much slower shopper than she is, so I go shopping alone when I travel as well.  I think we have built a lot of mutual trust in each other on fashion over the years.  She can see every day that she has been the primary influence of my tastes.  Plus, I let her get anything she wants on Zappos so we both know that we have our moments of indulgence in footwear.  

    Didn’t make it to Nordstrom’s tonight - multiple people stopped to talk to me as I was leaving the office.  But on the drive home I realized I sort of need a new pair of slippers or something to wear around the house, especially now that the weather is getting cooler.  Do they make slippers with heels? LOL

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  3. 18 minutes ago, pebblesf said:

    Jeremy is right buddy...We have all faced this same situation from time to time....I really get upset when I get a rare compliment about my boots and I just kind of freeze up, saying simply "thank you" instead of starting more of a conversation.  I guess it is kind of like the "deer in the headlights syndrome".   But, you might get another chance....Wear your killer boots back to Nordstroms and see if that sales guy is there, maybe he will be wearing those boots again....If not, compliment him anyway, saying you noticed his boots during your last visit.   I'm sure the sales guy would love to help you try on some heeled boots, hopefully they will have some in size 11 for you...You are lucky to have a great wife who appreciates how nice you look in boots, take her boot shopping with you! 

    I have a few pairs of those MJ cowboy boots with 5" heels, not as easy to walk in as my women's boots with stiletto heels.  I am always looking for Frye cowgirl boots with high heels, but they are real tough to find in size 11, so frustrating for sure!   I dream of owning a pair of Paul Bonds with 4-5" heels someday....

    Welcome buddy, you look great in killer boots, wish more guys had the guts to wear them proudly....

    I'm heading back that way today - maybe I should make a stop at Nordstrom's! 

    I will credit my wife for introducing me to nice things and appreciating them.  Not sure how she feels about it leading to women's shoes, but I think she'll still love me :)  I tried on and complimented her glasses once and she encouraged me to order a pair for myself, despite the fact that they were designed as a women's style.  We rocked matching glasses for a couple years, and it was fun.  However I realize there is more fluidity to glasses fashion than there is to shoes  I quit wear sandals years ago, but I imagine that if I ever got the urge to buy a more open style shoe I wouldn't find anything I liked in the men's section.  Way too much ugly and tacky plastic.  I want a leather sole, distinct heel, and something that will make my feet look good.  

    Frye cowboy boots are so nice, and their men's cowboy boots may be the best kept secret in the western world.  The heel and shafts follow the curves of the heel, ankle, and calf much nicer than the mainstream stuff from the big western brands.  Some people probably find it a little feminine, but come on, feet have curves and shape.  If you want squares, just wear the box the shoes came in.  Echo your dream on Paul Bonds.  I might have to make a pilgrimage trip there.  

    I offer to take guys boot shopping every time we talk about my boots.  Nobody has taken me up on it.  It seems guys don't like going shopping together like girls do?  

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  4. 12 minutes ago, maninboots said:

    Certainly in the uk boot season tends to refer to the availability in the shops, during the summer you only really find sandals and flip flops and light shoes whereas boots don’t really come into stock until mid August to the start of September hence “boot season”and I’ve noticed this year due to our exceptionally hot summer boots are actually quite late coming into stock, I’m with the majority of you though that boots season is all year round because i wear them all year round 

    Excellent point, I had not thought of it from a sales perspective!  Much more interesting than men's shoes, where they seem to sell the same things all year.  I might have to start walking around the shoe sections in department stores more, and start getting an appreciation of the changes throughout the year.  I suppose as summer ends there may even be discounts towards slip-on heels as they try to clear the stock... 

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  5. 30 minutes ago, Shyheels said:

    Boots and shorts I just don’t understand...

    I know someone who is a cheerleader for an American NFL team and couldn't help but notice that short shorts and calf high boots is their standard uniform.  In that context, I think it is supposed to hide the lower legs and show off the thighs more.  

    I only wear shorts occasionally, when it is really hot.  Since I won't give up my boots that is what I end up wearing with them when I step out of the house, which probably horrifies some people.  Perhaps I should just go all out and wear a kilt when it is that hot LOL.  

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  6. In the northern hemisphere people are starting to talk about "boot season" as temperatures are dropping towards autumn and winter.  I am curious how this affects choices of footwear in the high heel community, if at all.  

    I personally cannot relate to "boot season" because I wear boots all year.  Some people thought I was crazy for wearing 16" shafts while standing out in 100 degrees F under the sun, but I still find leather boots way more comfortable than plastic sneakers and I will not run around a field in open toe shoes.  I enjoy the lift of my 2 1/4" riding heels, which is how I became interested in high heels.  

    It a fashion no-no to wear tall boots in the summer?  Or does it just come down to being too hot?  Surely ankle boots are all season?  Women seem to wear cowboy boots all year, and pair them with shorts or skirts.  I suppose for those in colder climates where it gets wet and snowy, boots will keep your feet warm and dry compared to pumps.  Do boots offer more ankle support for walking in high heels?  


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  7. Flip flops belong in communal showers, the pool, and the beach.  It's incredible how many people just wear them out and about.  Why not just go barefoot.  There was a lady yesterday in the office in flip flops.  Yeah we're business casual, but I guess anything goes.  In that case, I'm totally legitimate wearing green or purple boots in :)

  8. Sorry if this thread is too old to reply, but I am new here and I liked reading the responses to this topic.  I like the 18" shaft height, covering the calf all the way up to the knee.  I like the cozy feeling of fitting leather shafts wrapped around the calves.  I like the idea of wearing even taller boots to extend that coziness up to the knee and thigh, but I'd want something that continues to be form fitting.  

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  9. I'm a consultant, work in an office, and wear western boots to work every day.  I don't own anything higher than a 2 1/4" heel yet.  People in the office sort of know me by my boots.  Sometimes before meetings they will listen for the sound of my boots on the floor as an indicator that I am on my way to join.  I imagine if I stick to the western boot style with underslung or even block heels I could start going higher and still be comfortable.  

    I also have a pair just for working outside around the house.  Will stay with a traditional western heel for these kind of tasks.  


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  10. The organ is the most relevant musical instrument in this context.  My wife plays, and she has organ shoes with a heel.  The heel is soft, as not to damage the instrument, so ideally you don’t wear the same heels for playing as you do walking around.  I suppose there might be some sort of cap or cover you can put on a heel if you wanted to play in your street heels?  

  11. I love that there are all sorts of people here who agree that men should have more access to women’s shoe styles.  I joined because I want to embrace this more and expand my comfort zone.  I think I missed an opportunity at Nordstrom the other day, seeing a salesman wearing those 4” heels and not stopping to ask him about them.  Selling shoes is his job, why did I even hesitate?  This should not happen to me again.  

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  12. On ‎2018‎-‎09‎-‎14 at 2:56 PM, hh4evr1 said:

    My western/cowboy boots are my most masculine heels. 

    My custom Wilson boots came in the mail last weekend and I love them.  I posted this picture on reddit and the response was "I'm confused.  These are men's or women's boots?"  That's about as close as I have ever been to being accused of wearing women's shoes.  I wear boots like this every day, and love that western boots offer more fashion flexibility than what men usually wear. 


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  13. I just joined here, and am really glad to have found this place.  I already had a growing affection for western boots, and last year when I started purchasing more boots to wear I also developed an affection towards heels.  It started when I bought a pair of Tony Lamas, initially because I liked the tall 16" shafts, but they also happen to have a 2 3/8" heel.  The first night out with them my wife complimented the way the heels made my feet look, and my interest towards heels and shoe fashion grew from there.

    Since then I have worn western boots every day, all day.  I am always on the lookout for taller boots with higher heels.  I might have more footwear now than my wife, and it has to be stored in various closets around the house, LOL. 

    I haven't figured out yet how to get into the kind of heights that you all wear here.  I know cowboy boots with high heels exist, though they are in women sizes.  Fortunately I have narrower feet, measured 9C at my favorite custom bootmaker, but I am not sure how that translates to off the shelf shoes.  The other day I was walking through Nordstrom and I almost melted when I saw that one of the sales guys was wearing a pair of lace up boots with 4" block heels.  He was working the women's section, and it's too bad all I did was admire them, rather than walking up and asking him to sell me a pair! 

    Anyway, attached is a picture of the elephant boots I am wearing today, just to give an idea of the kind of shoes I wear all the time.  I am open to suggestions on where to go from there! 


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