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  1. I like my boots tall, but sometimes it does depend on the outfit.  I'm just in my cowboy boots with 4" heels today.  This is not one of my wilder outfits, but when I walked into the hotel lounge one of the staff immediately gave me an approving smile.  Later when she was servicing the coffee machine she said to me "I don't want to overstep, but I love your outfit!"  It motivated me to step outside and snap a photo:


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  2. I like using a GoPro for filming.  It's amazing how much tech you get in a small, inexpensive package now.  You get cinema quality recording with amazing image stabilization, etc.  Obviously the camera is not invisible but you can get all sorts mounts that allow you to clamp it onto other objects like the shopping cart you want to do.  You shouldn't feel embarrassed about filming in public places, there are other people out there that vlog on Youtube.  

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