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  1. For the last decade when I took trips to Singapore and Bangkok I connected through London. It always works out to be fewer legs since we have so many directs to LHR from the US. Though given the current situation in the Middle East maybe it’s better to go around the other way now.
  2. US domestic and international flights are essentially two completely different products, and even the airlines they do both have to distinct policies between the two in order to adequately compete in both. US domestic is like a bus, international is like an overnight train. They make it a point to make the experiences different because that is what the market will bear.
  3. I do it all the time! Also, I find pushing a shopping cart in heels kind of fun - anyone else feel the same way?
  4. Exactly! I see this on the runway and think... belted blazer, aviator cap, this is what I've already been wearing the whole time!
  5. Rick is pretty avant-garde, but in those circles so many people really wear Rick Owens pieces that people have started getting tired of it lol. Given the kind of cult following Rick has in designer male fashion, I think this hints that broader acceptance of men in heels is trending. I like Dries Van Noten’s FW20 Collection too - belted blazers, tall lace-up boots, furs, broaches, evening gloves - seems like men’s fashion is finally beginning to not be so afraid of feminine association. https://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/fall-2020-menswear/dries-van-noten/slideshow/collection#3
  6. Every Rick Owens model was in heels again at the Paris Fashion Week show: https://nowfashion.com/rick-owens-menswear-fall-winter-2020-paris-29034
  7. I came across this piece while looking for something else, and thought, hey this could be fun to work with...
  8. I agree, the skirt looks great.
  9. This is good stuff, and really appeals to things I like! Belted blazers, coats, boots, etc.
  10. If you are showing your belly button, your natural waist is literally naked, which only those with a nice looking waist and six pack can afford to do. The rest of us seem better off wearing clothes at our waist, which actually seems to have worked well for Taylor over the years: It doesn’t take a 10 inch zipper to get to the natural waist, the belly button. My pants have 6-7” zippers on a 13” rise. Working with the shape of a women’s bodysuit could be exceptionally tricky though, since the shorter women’s torsos will likely cause it to sit way above your waist.
  11. Honestly it seems to me that the low rise jeans are a big contributor to the visual effect of love handles. You mentioned that you were trying to minimize it, so I wonder if some high rise trousers that match the waist height of the body suit will be more effective. I find wearing the higher waist height of form fitting women’s tops/dresses tricky, as men have longer torsos. I have found ways to hide the mismatch through layering, like you did in the left picture. But a top tucked into low rise trousers by itself seems most challenging.
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