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  1. It's bow season now, but still hot outside!
  2. Yeah we never know how much longer any of us really have here on Earth. Seize the day, wear the heels!
  3. It's a commodity with limited supply. I guess it's too stable and boring for those who want to get rich quickly 😛
  4. Yeah the overall effect of long bootcut pants draped over heels helps create a nice long-legged silhouette. I don't think it's about hiding or showing the heels.
  5. You don't think I would look cute in that Gucci dress? I did enjoy wearing this today, and it didn't cost $2600:
  6. I think it is a nice piece, and I think I would be challenged to find something like that at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart clothes are usually slapped together with no attention to detail. On this piece, the lines on the pattern of all the fabric pieces line up nicely, etc. But yes, a good tailor can also put this together for a fraction of $2600.
  7. They had my size in black so I quickly picked those up as well. For video conference calls I just layer a shirt over it and it works pretty well...
  8. Perfect, all the more reason to wear heels. There is no arguing that wearing heels will make a man taller, and I would argue that they also make a man stronger and progressive looking.
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