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  1. You never know who is watching and filming. Always walk as if you are being observed.
  2. Like this? https://imgur.com/gallery/CpAEjaD
  3. The new boots were out of the packaging so I made a point to wear them to church today, and I knew that doing so would get a thorough reaction from my wife. She asked if she could maybe have a pair made too, wondered if they made “women’s boots too”, and tried them on, so I would say that this is a success. She thought the tall tops were a bit hot for July, and the heels a bit tall, but we can go with something more “normal” when we design her pair. I had followed her feedback and reduced the underslung angle and went with round toe, so I think we’re all happy - I’ve managed to design boots that satisfy my craving for heels, and yet don’t have issues with controversy over “girls’ shoes”.
  4. There will always be mean comments, but you are right, they will be better mean comments. At least we move past the “playing in your mom’s closet” reactions.
  5. I’d take imgur feedback with a grain of salt given how little effort it takes to hit a like/dislike button on anything you see. Shallow reactions prevail.
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