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  1. I take the heels apart. I like to modifying some shoes with a difference heel. And the trash for the shoe itself. A shoe that does fit will never fit. The fitting of a shoe depends on several factors that the Chinese factories don’t master.And unfortunately not only Chinese. So chance takes an important part. I like heels that are rather high. And I want to be confortable. So no compromise.
  2. I also agree @mlroseplantwith your definition of “walk properly “ And my height range is very similar to yours. With a W12 my real confort zone is 5’5”. 1/4 ‘ more is ok on even surface And like you,I don’t feel good with lower heels. As I am now wearing heels for years,and getting older,no real chance to improve any more and be able to run in 6’6” as some shows on YouTube.
  3. I agree. Quality is good. Design as well. And the prices are more than acceptable. the service is ok also. I already got some shoes from that brand and happy with. The sizing is easy to deal with. A US W 12 is 44 .The heel height increases with the size. I just got one problem last time. I had ordered a pair Minerva,5 cm platform,size 44. The heel was supposed to be 14,5cm And it came with a 13cm one. These shoes were ugly and gave the feeling of walking on flats,with 2 sizes too large,which wasn’t. They ended up in the trash Dispite of that I recommend this brand.
  4. These boots come from FSJ shoes.
  5. Combat boots for the flight back. Not as confortable as the Oxford I was wearing 2 days ago. It was a little bit difficult at the end. Ok,I had to walk quite long from the car return to the terminal. But nevertheless a good feeling Pierre
  6. That’s nice but I don’t feel like wearing something so flashy more searching something black mat ,with pockets on the legs plus high waist and accepting a wide belt for sure if exists
  7. I definitely don’t have such a natural waist line. I can improve it with a corset. You can have a look on my profile. What i am more interested in are that kind of pants and combat boots. Must find the right pants first. Boots are already here.
  8. Not sure it was formerly Omano. But sure they are on the same line. You can ask for anything,but you don’t have to be in a hurry and ready to spend some money. I met both Pablo and Esther who run the company. They are very nice people and passionate .
  9. I made some researches and found some interesting items on amazon. A matching blouson could be ok. But maybe the look would be too close to bodyguards or equivalent. Any idea?
  10. Right @pebblesf ! They are very confortable. I put them on at 9 this morning and am still wearing them now at 7 pm. No need to take them off. They come from Extreme HH in Spain. Quite expensive but worthies the expense. Perfect balance. No feet,knee or back pain !
  11. Waiting in the lounge before my flight to Italy. 14,5 cm Oxford.
  12. What about that look. I feel like exploring it soon
  13. Yes,as a regular sustomer I have heen warned some weeks ago for jeans we still have crossjeans and 2 tall,com
  14. I you take a look to my album you can see that I also enjoy wearing a corset. I agree that the feeling is nice,it helps the posture. And hide a little bit too visible beer lover belly.
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