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  1. Hello @flavio yes , even without heel a chat plus a beer would be nice. I will tell you which day I am there. Hope it works. Pierre
  2. Oh! Yes! I didn’t have any. And would love to earn a pair!
  3. Very nice boots. I love the round toe box and the wooden heel
  4. Hi Saturdays are not easy for me. A week day end of afternoon, even for a short time ( and a beer?) would suits me better lets see...... Pierre
  5. Hello @flavio you are right,this forum is more appropriate. I am in Paris quite often.In General around "les Halles" my favorite headquarter is : Le Père Tranquille,upstairs. I am presently traveling in Portugal and Spain( tomorrow: Seville) On April 9 afternoon I will be in Paris for sure would be fun to meet! Pierre
  6. Hello @flavio it sometimes happens I walk in Paris,during the day,with block heels Oxford,visible. Never had any trouble.Of course I wouldn't do that in creepy places It would be fun we bumped into each other one day! Pierre
  7. I am afraid I am wrong! The idea was to help some members who have difficulties in being accepted as " normal" men. What is normal? Who is a real man? The smelling bad,dusty,rough cow boy? Or the very polished lawyer in Armani from NYC? Even if I personally don't wish to paint my toe nails or wear a skirt,where do the feminine artifice starts to be inappropriate for a man ? Make up,ear rings,flashy colors,skinny jeans..... no limit in that list. Everyone have his own rules,depending on where we live,our education,background,the set of blinders we don't realize we wear... So the only things we can do is posting about what we like and hope the community could grow. Pierre
  8. So,to avoid men in skirt or whatever is NOWDAYS women fashion we need a fashion gourou who is allowed to decide . No talk as: in the past the men were wearing heels,so it normal to see a man in heel nowadays.That reassures some men but convinces no one i don't wish to be crucify by members here who love wearing skirts,have painted nails....I sincerely admire some of them. It is a different way to dress and we all are part of the same family But this forum would be a forum only for guys in masculine heels. Anyone could post if the rule is respected: men attires plus heels! Men in skirts could have their own forum. What they probably don't need. They have already overcome our problems.
  9. Thank you. But not enough for editing such guidelines. We need slightly more guys here who are interested in writing posts on that subject. Just wondering: if HH4 men is not receiving enough visits,why not a special forum here?
  10. If some here think it could help,so we can go ahead we need someone,not me because of my poor English,for writing some guidelines. And a " moderator" or a " man style with heels fashion gourou" who is able to delete any deviant style. Pierre
  11. Right! For me this woman is dressed exactly as I wished to be. Without that blue,white,red thing!
  12. Possibly sadly ,you are right
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