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  1. These seem to be manageable heels. and nice. Walking in 6 inches in the grass or forest doesn’t seem possible to me. And for me!!
  2. Instead of wearing a skirt publicly which I will more than likely never do,why not the best “man” outfit with heels. Something we feel like wearing outside.Couldn’t we ask our Gourou fashion?
  3. Why not. But no white for me. Still a dirty inattentive young boy. And the heels are much too low.
  4. At first the sexual side was to see women in heels. Then after having tried some heels myself its very special feeling plus the look came in addition.Now it’s a mixture of everything. Plus a real and surprising back relief. And not to be forget a “f..k you attitude.
  5. I have a hiking « Salomon » shoes. the shape is perfect. Good support for the arch. That what I meant when wrote the high heels shoes designers should improve paid 90 €
  6. A lot of true things has been written here days after days i don’t have so much to add. Just that: if the shoes,no matter they are expensive or not would be properly designed we may have more women in heels to admire. Bad designed shoes ,flat or not can destroy any foot. The heel height just exacerbate the bad fitting ( @Puffer) my experiences: I have bought not less than 100 pairs of shoes these last 5 years. By chance and only by chance 10 are perfect,10 others are acceptable,30 ok for a short time for fun.50 are total crap. The best are not the most expensive ones t
  7. My taste could vary depending on the day mood. For sure I hate kitten heels. I would often prefer pair of nice sneakers ( yes!) if well matched with the outfit. But on the other hand we have to suffer such a lack of nice ( high) heels views that any heel is welcome .So.....? For sure the heel height have increased to something difficult to handle on an all day mode from 2000 and 2020 .Is that the reason why women nowadays prefer flat? Not sure. Not only. The fashion,yes. But also more bad constructed shoes,with no support for the arch,poor padding ,wrong positioning of the he
  8. You are right Ron. The good thing could be if a woman made the choice to wear some heels instead of flats then they would probably be quite high. And not these 2,5” ugly ones which were worn in the 60” But as P1ng74 wrote I will keep on wearing heels myself instead of complaining on the view of women in sneakers Or both?
  9. Way way so true. Unfortunately!
  10. Sorry but I disagree. When i hear a woman “ you should try wearing heels” it just she wants to tell you: can you imagine the pain I am bearing to please you.. only a few are sincerely in love with heels And these ones are the ones who would accept the less a man in heels Sorry about that ..It’s my outspoken evening!!
  11. I was a little too fast. First i didn’t buy so many shoes since the first lockdown Then ,the shoes that don’t fit don’t all go to the trash. Only a few of them if they are a real crap. These wouldn’t make anyone else happy ,plus being lazy for going on eBay,to the post office....and more boring things The others I don’t like are kept for spare pieces purposes. I often change the heels of one pair with the ones from another pair. Because too high,too low,wrong balance,wrong angle ,too thin,too chunky or whatever we all have experienced As I wear heels very often and am c
  12. Very interesting observations the shape of the shoe is not totally predictable when purchasing a new pair on internet. Even in a shop it needs more than the short time we usually spend to be sure the shoe will fit on the long run. I also realize that a properly fitting arch gives a relief to the ball and the back part of the foot. On the opposite too much arch can be very painful or even dangerous for the health of the foot. Thats the reason why I keep on purchasing shoes and only wear some of those. The other ones goes directly in the trash. That brings us to the other
  13. They come from FSJ shoes. I can make more pictures next week.
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