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  1. New boots

    Nice Boots, great Stilettos
  2. Fav ankle booties

    This are my fav Booties at the moment, also for some short bike tours . Pleaser Heels, very comfortable. So , wearable outdoors for a dude in Heels ? Well, I would say YES
  3. Hello to all

    So now I will try to put my thoughts about the "heels thing" in this blog. Let's see, how this will work .... , .... and, if somebody is reading this ....
  4. Show Us Your Favorite Heels !

    Great Heels Aristoc , perfect !
  5. Show Us Your Favorite Heels !

    my favorite outdoor heels the last couple month .... 5inch ankle booties from pleaser , great with a metall tip, and pretty loud also
  6. A heartfelt hello

    Hi Daniheels, welcome to the HIGH Level ....
  7. Who has bought some new shoes

    @ pumpcat, take one size smaller, I have a regular 43 , but this Heel fits exactly with a 42
  8. Who has bought some new shoes

    Look at the high feelings website, i think it's no problem to sent them oversea.
  9. Who has bought some new shoes

    So, if this link works, you should see my new Heels http://hhplace.org/gallery/image/3248-/
  10. New Stilettos

    6 inch black leather Plat Pumps
  11. Knee boots it is

    Great, really. They r next on my shopping list
  12. Ultra High Heel Walking Technique

    yes , slow down and take our time, concentrat and try to do, that is nomal to walk in those ultra Heels ...
  13. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    They look great, do you wear those outdoors also ?
  14. Heels #1

    Diffrent Heels