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  1. Keep on heeling everybody ! 

    CIMG2021 Kopie.jpg

    1. Pierre1961


      Fantastic shoes!!

  2. You did't failed, your Heels failed, I think this is the horror for every Heeler in public !
  3. What a cool action, respect !
  4. ice19023

    Booties and Pumps

    So I put some more images from my Buffalo ankle Booties online. This is the style I go heeling the last time, those booties are very comfortable to wear. The first 10 seconds are always a high blood pressure situation, although I do this now over 12 or 13 years, but after the 10 sec. everything is fine and it feels just normal to wear High Heels. I think those block heels belongs to HighHeels, they are 12,5cm high with a 1,5cm Plat. So the next couple weeks and month I will bother you with those booties and with my 12cm Pumps from FUSS ( see attachment ) . Maybe I will check out some other Heels from my collection to wear outdoors. So happy heeling everybody, come on, show your outdoor pics !
  5. How about this, my 5,9 inch ( 15cm ) Pleaser Patent Ankel Boots . or those, my 12cm Pleaser Ankle Boots, a little bit easier to handle outdoor than the other 's . I put a metall tip under the heel, so they are loud as hell on concrete ....
  6. ice19023

    Ankle booties ....

    Thoses are from Buffalo, a german brand.
  7. ice19023

    Ankle booties ....

    ... hope this is ok from the side ?
  8. So here again my ankle booties with 12cm block Heel. Wear those mostly with this kind of jeans outdoors .
  9. ice19023

    Hello again ...

    Hi there again, those thick Heels are my new ( almost 2 years ) ankle booties. The have already a fix place in my car, and whenever a chance, I switch in those and wear them for shopping . More Pics will follow .... The first Pic is with a heeler friend outside in a cafe , he wore those stiletto booties .....
  10. ice19023

    New boots

    Nice Boots, great Stilettos
  11. ice19023

    Fav ankle booties

    This are my fav Booties at the moment, also for some short bike tours . Pleaser Heels, very comfortable. So , wearable outdoors for a dude in Heels ? Well, I would say YES
  12. ice19023

    Hello to all

    So now I will try to put my thoughts about the "heels thing" in this blog. Let's see, how this will work .... , .... and, if somebody is reading this ....
  13. Great Heels Aristoc , perfect !
  14. my favorite outdoor heels the last couple month .... 5inch ankle booties from pleaser , great with a metall tip, and pretty loud also
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