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  1. Keep on heeling everybody ! 

    CIMG2021 Kopie.jpg

    1. Pierre1961


      Fantastic shoes!!

  2. You did't failed, your Heels failed, I think this is the horror for every Heeler in public !
  3. What a cool action, respect !
  4. So I put some more images from my Buffalo ankle Booties online. This is the style I go heeling the last time, those booties are very comfortable to wear. The first 10 seconds are always a high blood pressure situation, although I do this now over 12 or 13 years, but after the 10 sec. everything is fine and it feels just normal to wear High Heels. I think those block heels belongs to HighHeels, they are 12,5cm high with a 1,5cm Plat. So the next couple weeks and month I will bother you with those booties and with my 12cm Pumps from FUSS ( see attachment ) . Maybe I will check out some ot
  5. How about this, my 5,9 inch ( 15cm ) Pleaser Patent Ankel Boots . or those, my 12cm Pleaser Ankle Boots, a little bit easier to handle outdoor than the other 's . I put a metall tip under the heel, so they are loud as hell on concrete ....
  6. Thoses are from Buffalo, a german brand.
  7. ... hope this is ok from the side ?
  8. So here again my ankle booties with 12cm block Heel. Wear those mostly with this kind of jeans outdoors .
  9. Hi there again, those thick Heels are my new ( almost 2 years ) ankle booties. The have already a fix place in my car, and whenever a chance, I switch in those and wear them for shopping . More Pics will follow .... The first Pic is with a heeler friend outside in a cafe , he wore those stiletto booties .....
  10. Nice Boots, great Stilettos
  11. This are my fav Booties at the moment, also for some short bike tours . Pleaser Heels, very comfortable. So , wearable outdoors for a dude in Heels ? Well, I would say YES
  12. ice19023

    Hello to all

    So now I will try to put my thoughts about the "heels thing" in this blog. Let's see, how this will work .... , .... and, if somebody is reading this ....
  13. Great Heels Aristoc , perfect !
  14. my favorite outdoor heels the last couple month .... 5inch ankle booties from pleaser , great with a metall tip, and pretty loud also
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