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  1. Elevator door gaps, polished concrete floors when wet, carpets with thick padding, stairs - missing the step with your heel, wet leaves on a walk way, esclators,....

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  2. We had a plumbing problem and the plumber had to bring in their squirrel. You should ask for premium pay for those assignments.  Don't settle for peanuts.

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  3. As some well pass the 50's, I wear skinny jeans. They fit better inside tall boots. I will sometime get shorter ones so that there is less material inside the boots. I now use Express high Flexx, size 8-10-12.

  4. I considered wearing the skinny jeans and knee highs.  

    Today the nurse told she remembers me from the last time in early February when I had boots and skinny jeans. She was jealous I was so skinny. I just had to laugh.

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  5. Had an interesting day yesterday. Since it was the last "Mess with Your Mind Thursday” of the summer. (I have a 3-week vacation coming up.)  I started off the day with my suede knee high Jessica Simpson stilettoes and shorts. It’s amazing how this is just a normal summer look for me a work.

    I wanted to go to an afternoon retirement celebration and didn’t want my heels to distract, so I changed my outfit into long pants and “mild” FreeBird booties – still 4-inchers. A lot of higher administration at this retirement. The organizer of this event is a short VP that always compares her stilettoes to my heels., and she asked, “why no stilettos?’ I told her they were in the car, which they were. She had een me on Tuesday in the blue suede stilettos (above).

    Later, a short (<5 foot) Vietnamese women came over and complimented my heels. She told me she loved heels, but she can only wear them for 2 – 3 hours before her back hurts and wonder how I could do it.  I started to tell her, but we were interrupted and never got back to it.  

    On the way out another woman stopped me and told me how much she liked the heels I had on. She told me her favorite were stilettos by Jessica Simp – something, not thinking I would know them. I said “You mean Jessica Simpson, I love her stilettos, in fact I have a pair Jessica Simpson knee highs in my car.” We chit-chat-ed a bit more, but I was on my way out and needed to leave.


    Should I have worn by knee highs to this event?

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  6. 4 hours ago, mlroseplant said:

    Are you quite sure you weren't channeling your inner Carl Perkins?

    "Well, it's one for the money two for the show
    Three to get ready now go, cat, go
    But don't you step on my blue suede shoes
    Well you can do anything but ..."

    No, it was the 1956 cover by Elvis.

  7. I felt like channeling my inner Elvis and wore these blue suede JS stilettos today.

    A woman walking her dogs in front of my house said "oh those are cute."  😁


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