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  1. I stopped by my local boutique shoe store. Wet day, no customers, so, I was able to have a long talk with the manager. She knows what I like and will order shoes that are in my size. I told her what happened to the heel on my Soda booties and she will bring it up with the rep. Also, she remember that I had purchased several colors of a heel called Agenda and I was lucky since the company only makes that style in black now.

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  2. 20 hours ago, HappyinHeels said:

    Hi All,

    I just ordered the JS Devalyn sandal which is basically a slingback version of the very popular Dany sandal that has been around since at least 2010. 

    HNY HiH,

    I was just looking at the JS Devalyn. I can't get my toe box in the Dany and scared that I might have the problem with the Devalyn. Tell us how they fit when you get them.

  3. 3 hours ago, pebblesf said:

    .... Don't think I would wear my stiletto boots to home depot, but have no problem wearing my 3" block heeled ankle boots.  

    I have woren by JS knee high stiletto boots to home depot.  Picked up some 2 by 4's. No problems. Some double/triple takes, but no problems.

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  4. Been off the net for a few days.

    Get early boarding with your toe. You don't want some stepping on you foot will in the aisle.

    A broken toe is the PERFECT time to wear open toe sandals.  The cold will numb the pain. In the early 70's I split a bone lenghtwise in my baby toe. There was no way I could put my foot in ANY shoe, so I went barefoot.  And there was a very rare snowstorm that week. The cold helped with the pain.

    Get that toe looked at when you get home, you want it to heal straight.

  5. I have a jury duty call for the second week of the year.

    I have a medical exception. Even if I get called and asked the standard questions, once I tell them my profession and my extensive background in logic, the attorney's from both sides will always excuse me.

  6. Got a pedi with red background and a tree with lights on the big toes.

    Since you like like pink/clear on your fingers look at NOBILITY Gel Polish - Pink Abalone. It's a clear pink with an iridescent blue hue.  I constantly get a random "I love your nails" when handing over a credit card or like today, just getting a blood draw.

  7. Back in 2017, Victoria’s Secret advertised them as "stiletto wedges". They are about as wide as many stilettos at the back. They attract lots of attention when I wear them.




  8. 1 hour ago, Shyheels said:

    Stiletto wedges? Is that not a contradiction in terms?

    I knew I had to repost this picture from 2017. 

    One of my first "what the hell am I doing" moments when I got these and a pair of VS floating platform stilettos. My first stilettos.



  9. It's almost a "club" of high heel wearers. ALways checking out each others shoes when we see each other. Even the President told me she liked my boots when we meet at the elevator.  After almost 10 years of wearing heels to work, I am a known person throught the place.

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  10. This must be the "Year of the Broke Heel"

    We had a Holiday Party at work today. When I entered the room a short upper managment woman came over and asked why I wasn't wearing red heels. (A little background, we both like high stilettos heels and we frequently compare heels when we see each other.) I told her "I only have suede red stilettos and it was suppose to rain this afternoon", and it did, "so I worn my JS black faux suede knee highs this morning." (I guess I have to wear the red stilettos to the retirement party next week.) She showed me her red sparkley stiletto booties. ....and then ....

    she told me a story about a heel that fall off a pair of booties just like what happened to my booties.

    so it's the 

    "Year of the Broke Heel"

  11. Even I subdue my footwear in international locations.  I wore the booties that lost the heel recent in  Australia. A similar pair in Canada, England and Scotland.  But in Argentina and Chile I went with a 2 inch heel.

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