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  1. My latest heel purchase finally can in.  First time even trying a Journee product.

    These are from the Journee Collection (whatever that is) called Markie Stiletto Booties.

    I got them because I’m looking for something in this color tone – gray. My normal size is 10, but I got them in a size 11 because of the pointed toes. However, they are too large. You just cant win.  So, I’m going to exchange them for a smaller size.




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  2. 6 hours ago, Puffer said:

    I get the impression that you are not looking for a DIY remedy, Cali; am I right?   What I suggested above is quite easy to do with basic tools.

    I'll will probably do a DIY on them, but I am extremely busy right now. I have the tools, wood, and other supplies, the only thing I lack is time. 

  3. 2 hours ago, mlroseplant said:

    I'm probably headed up to my cobbler this week or next. I will ask Marty how he deals with this issue. Somewhere in my collection I must have hollow heels like that, but nothing that I wear regularly.

    Thatwould be quite informative.

  4. I had a heel malfunction at an airport this week.  I think my heel go knock ascue on the escaltor. When I went through TSA I notice it and I thought I had fitted it when I put them back on post TSA.  However, the heel pad was missing when I got to the gate.  Luckly I had  a pair of running shoes with me.

    Next, where do I find a replacement for the heels for these booties.

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  5. Just a reminder, Christmas time is a perfect time to find that perfect "gift" for that heel lover in your life (you?). And it's the season to find sales (music to my ears). Just be a wise shopper.

    I have a ankle boot coming next week.  If it fits, I'll post a picture. Otherwise, it goes back asap. 

    Speak about sales. I just purchase another pair of Jessica Simpson's Lexie Boots, knee highs for under $40 (usd) from DSW. I have a pair already and wear them all the time. This will be my back up pair; besides how can you say NO when they are under $40?

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  6. 1 hour ago, Puffer said:

    I quite like the look of leather or faux leather trousers, although I don't own any.   But I think that a man so clad could attract quite a lot of adverse attention from many people - more perhaps than if he was wearing obvious high heels.   They have a certain 'reputation' in the UK, unless worn by e.g. young (or once-young, now faded) pop singers and the like.   A shame, however; leather can look very smart.


    What can I say, I'm long pass being just a senior citizen.

  7. I had several people (mostly women) tell me I look fabulous. I just said WTF and went bold with my professional peers. And it paid off. 


    20 minutes ago, Shyheels said:

    I love the idea of leather trousers - I don’t own any though 

    They are not real leather trousers, they are faux leather. Many are coated leggings or jeans, but they give the impression of leather. Maybe @bluejay can add more about them.

  8. It all depends on where you are, location or event.  I saw so many women in high heels this week.  How many took them off when they got back to the car, I don't know, but with knee high stiletos, I don't think they would rermove them when they got to their car..

  9. I just got back from a professional conference with 250+ representative from around the state. This conference was held in a LARGE Hotel in a rich area in southern California. This fact will be important later in this ‘article’.

    Of course, I wore heels every day. To go with the other stories, I just read on this forum, today I also wore my leather pants and bodysuit to debate in. (BTW the leather pants were a hit and there is plan for a group leather pants day at the next big meeting.) About 30 women wore block heels over 3 inches all the time.  Last night at the reception, many more wore heels, including 10 stilettoes.

    BUT that’s not what this story is about. It about seeing HUNDREDS, yes, HUNDREDS, of heels.

    On night this Hotel also had reception for something, what it was for I don’t know, but judging by the number of Bentleys and Roll Royces their attendees arrived in, I think it was a reception for SIGNFICANT (5 figure or more) donors to some charity. They were dressed up to the nines. Very few women had flats, and only a few had kitten stilettos. Most wore 4+ inch heels, 80% or more stilettos. So, I saw HUNDREDS of high heels during in a short period of time.

    And now for a laugh.  I had to wait for the rest of my contingent to come down so we could go to dinner. I was sitting there by the elevators (their event was on the second floor) with other representatives waiting for the rest of their groups. One of the women I was sitting with remarked “ýou can almost hear that woman say ‘OW’ ‘OW’ ‘OW’ ” … as she walked by.

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  10. I had an encounter with a woman in combat boots this week. I've known her for 15 -20 years and she is also married a collegue who was also a fellow grad student with me back in the early 80's. (I must be old!) Last year on a raining day she asked me 'if I got the memo not to wear suede in the rain?'  -  I was wearing faux suede knee highs at the time, so no problem.

    Anyway, we both are on a governing body and at our bi-montly meeting last week. We sat next to each other, I looked down and saw she had very large shoes one, combat boots.

    I said "those shoes are huge", and we compared our shoes side to side, her's were 4 cm longer. But she wears a size 8 1/2 while I wear a size 10; that 4 inch heel sure makes a difference.

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