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  1. Let me first warn @mlroseplant that the following pictures may upset your stomach.

    I am going to retire these old slides (home only use). Breaking in the replacement pair now.  



    I was in the new slides yesterday in the post office parking lot when this woman drove up and said something about liking my heels. She then drove over and parked her car so that her window was next to my window.

    Her: Those shoes must hurt,

    ME: I only buy shoes that don't hurt. 4-inch heels helps with hip pain. Then there are my knee-high stiletos I love wearing.  You know why?

    Her: NO, why?

    ME: To mess with people's minds.

    After she left to go in the post office, I could see the other woman in the car smiling (laughing) and I asked her "Do you think I messed with her mind?"


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  2. 13 hours ago, Chorlini said:

    I don't know where you live, in my neck of the woods, a Dutch university city so TONS of young women, NOTHING! 2" chunky at the most. These are the women who will never pick up heels as they never learned to walk in them. And when I do see a woman in heels she is almost always way over 40.

    I was down in Australia most of the time. I also work at an university and see a few women in 3+ inch heels. I have been told that I make them want to up their game, especially when I wear my stilettoes.

  3. I thought of this topic this weekend. I wore heels almost for over 45 hours straight. The only time they came off was during airport security screening. 

    One guy behind me  at one location was going to rase me about the booties, but I just took my booties out of bin, sllide them on and zipped them up. All he do was say, "boy those are easy to put on."

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  4. Darwin's Theory of Evolution. Ill-fitting become extrict. Some die off (worn out), then fail to exist in the wild (no longer made). Some don't hold up and vanish (in the bin).

    But the most important thing now Is to purchase classics. Invest (because it is truly and investment) in high quality, well fitting shoes, and take care of them

  5. On 9/30/2023 at 10:16 AM, Chorlini said:

    Even in the 70's women still wore heels. Just chunky platform ones. Now they have all but disappeared. I don't buy into the cyclical thing. We have generations of women now who never wore heels and they are NEVER going to wear heels. If you are not used to wearing them they will hurt you every time you them and as a result you will want to wear them even less. It is over. On the rare occasion I see a woman in heels it's almost 99% of the time a woman in her 40's or older. And lets be realistic about it, women wearing heels is a fairly recent thing. Before WW2 it was rare to see a woman in heels, it only gained mass support in the 50's and 60's, with increased wealth and prosperity for the lower and middle classes on the one hand, and the advent of the stiletto heel on the other. Overall, it was only a few generations of women that wore heels and I reckon they will be relegated to the same niche fetish community as was the corset. And the corset was around for a much longer time. I hear no one speaking of some cycle whereby corsets will make a comeback. High heels everywhere was a phase, it happened, and now we are in the dying days of that phase.

    I saw many under 40 women in 3+ inch heels, one in at least 5 inches in the last 10 days.

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  6. On 9/29/2023 at 2:33 AM, mlroseplant said:

    I imagine the running shoes are for a Fred Flintstone type situation. More surface to surface contact.

    I am thinking we won't hear from Cali for at least a couple of days. He's bound to be completely fried from sitting in a metal tube for 16 hours or so, traveling to Oz. I know I would be.

    Oh if was just 16 hours. Just spent over 40 hours straight on planes and in airports.

    Can you say cancellations and delays.  VERY LONG delays.

    On 9/28/2023 at 2:41 PM, Puffer said:

    If the car was still moving when you alighted, I imagine your older shoes did have to brake.   Have the running shoes got brakes too - 'brake shoes'?   

    I imagine some of our 'English" English speaker might call them trainers.

    Or even call @mlroseplant a sparky.

    On 10/4/2023 at 2:57 AM, mlroseplant said:

    2) I got a comment from a man yesterday in the grocery store, and a very public one at that. I had to stop by very quickly and get three items because I had failed to meal plan properly earlier this week. It just so happened that I stopped by on my way home from mowing one of our customers' lawns, so I was in my grubbies. One of the male managers at the grocery store shouted out, "WHERE are your SHOES?" It took me a second or two to figure out who said it, and what the heck it was all about, and then I realized I was in my working clothes. I said, "Well I just got done mowing, and even I don't do that in high heels."

    You should have told him they didn't pay for aerating.

    PS...I'm back.

  7. I have done this set of flights before in the light tan booties shown above with no problem. If I was really bold, I would wear my Jessica Simpson knee high stiletto boots.  My brother is picking me up and he knows I wear heels.

    1 hour ago, Shyheels said:

    Have a good flight! It’s a long one. I have done it - from the US and from Europe - more times than I can count and it is never easy, no matter which part of the plane you’re in!

    I like to upgrade my seat on the way home.

  8. These aren't new but its the first time I really wore them. I think I got the 5 years ago but never wore them. I got them because I had gotten a similar pair, and these where my back up chill booties.  Will the heel gave way on the light tan shoes after hundreds of miles.  But then my feet were too swollen to put these on. The issue with many things, including swollen feet was sovled this spring.  So out came these shoes.  Today was the first day I wore them to work.


    These booties are both Sodas, so they aren't expensive, but they are in my stealth range.  Sometimes you just need a good bootie.


    I have been search for replace heel shown below


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  9. That's because I don't have pictures with me in them.

    These are Bamboo T-Strap platform sandals, US size 10.  Taupe laser cut.

    4S Bamboo 01HH.JPG

    And these are Steve Madden Gretchen, Black suede uppers

    6 inch heel, 2 inch platform

    Gretchen 4S 06HH.JPG

    Gretchen 4S 01HH.JPG

    I should add that I didn't reffer to them as CFM until a woman called them CFM heels and I had to ask her what that meant.  So naive.  😁

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  10. My son sell many things on the net. I asked him about selling some of my CFM heels. They are in very good condition, but they are not very comfortable to wear long time.  So they have sat on the shelf for YEARS.

    To him it was just not worth it.  Yes, he might be able to get as much as $30 each, but the work to showcase them was not worth his time.  I plan to try some consignment stores or donate to a LGB... support group or a ...

    Then I have several Charles by Charles David gladiator wedges where the glue has failed. I have gotten my use out of them  However. I have not found decent replacements. And I looked! And looked1 Those heels go into my shop and hopefully I can get them back in my closet before fall rain.

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  11. Today I had a governing board meeting.  I walked into the  meeting room 10 minutes early with a female colleague.

    As I walked past the woman who was hosting the meeting, she asked me to stop so she could see what shoes I had on, old black Charles David gladiator wedges - 5.5 heel, 1.5 platform. The woman I walked in with also stopped and she had strappy black sandals – 2 inch heels, the host had on black strappy sandals and the woman that followed us in also had black strappy sandals.

    Never thought the pre-meeting talk would be about BLACK strappy shoes.

  12. 21 hours ago, Mr. X said:

    sounds like she is game.  I wouldn't hesitate, and just do it!

    Unprofessional. We've worked together for at least 15 years. We both wear 4 inch heels all the time, it's a very smaill club at work.


    Fun thing, she also told me she was walking in  pair of platform sandals and the platform separated from the shoe.  I had tht happen in the spring too.

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  13. Today was an All Hands meeting at work. Many people I hadn't seen in months.  I got a second order comment on my heels.  Several women came by to say hello and to see what heels I had on, then one women told me she was enjoying seeing women come up to me to see and talk about my shoes.  One of the women that came over to see what I had on also always wears high heels, and we are the same size. However, we have yet to swapped heels, we've talked about it, but haven't done it yet.

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