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  1. I had a blue day on Thursday.

    Only two interesting comments.

    I woman I know told me,"I don't like blue shoes, but I like those."

    And our Admin. Assist: "I'm surprise you're not in open toe heels today." It was a warm (high 70's) day.


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  2. About 5-6 years ago I was vindicated of a fraudulent 'MeToo' harassment charge. The accuser resigned shortly afterwards. I was thanked by many men and women throughout the organization for standing up to her 'bully' style of threatening to using the 'MeToo movement' to get her way. A couple even cried while thanking me. 

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  3. That's interesting because either JS's fit or they don't. But if they fit they are real easy to walk in.  In fact I will be wearing my JS knee boots today with faux suede and block 4 inch heels.  A wet day with down pours.

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  4. Another swing and miss (for the anglophile a referrence to baseball).

    Jessica Simpson Devalyn Platform Sandal

    The vamp is too tight so these have to go back.  


  5. Here is my entry into the ALMOST worn to death.  I know some of you (aka @mlroseplant ) might have issues with the word 'almost'.

    These have must several hundred miles on them, but they are still very comfortable. I wear them for running errands only, like today to Costco in the rain.


    Here they are next to their replacement.  Unfortunately, these sold out before I could get a thrid pair and a oair in another color.  But they are real suede, so they hold very well.


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  6. As promised, here is pictures from the autopsy of my Cathy Jeans Hells.

    CJ 04h.jpg

    The gold trim brought lots of compliment.

    Again the heel cap came off at the same airport. At about the same place in the airport

    CJ 03h.jpg

    Close up of the complete failure of the material.

    CJ 02h.jpg

    Split at the back.


    CJ 01s.jpg

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  7. I had a major failure yesterday. I flew yesterday and wore a pair of Cathy Jeans. Cathy Jeans were a non defunct company out of Argentina. One of my first pairs with about a 3 inch heel with gold trim. (Photo later.)  One of my favorite heels, but being short I hadn't worn them in years. But I decided to wear them yesterday.

    First the heel cap disappear in about the same location as my other one did. But this was a one day trip, there and back in under 12 hours, so I NO luggage, i.e. no other shoes I could change into. Therefore I had to wear them in that condition all day. Then later I notice that the material cracking and delaminating.  So sad. I will real liked these.

    I will take parts off of them and then donate them to HinH Heel Hill.

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  8. The Journee Collection 'Women's Samara Peep Toe Booties' can in last week but I was too busy to try them on. Yesterday I took them out to try them on and the back zipper would not go down, so I couldn't even try them on. 

    I also thought they looked a little cheap. So back they went. I have another pair coming later this week too. Hopefully those will work.


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  9. 2 hours ago, Tech said:

    Could be as loose as the trousers? No belt is like watching somebody wear shoes with the laces missing...

    I haven't been able to wear a belt in over 20 years, hits the donor site just the wrong way.

    Besides my shoes have zippers.

  10. Part is the total hue of the complete outfit. I know when I wear my red or blue stilettos they get noticed more than a black pair of the same shoe. But I also know my heels get noticed all the time. I see it in the eyes of people I pass as they take the second, third, ... look.

    Or maybe they enjoy that splash of color as spring is about to start.

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  11. Some and all of above makes me laugh.  First, I can't wear a belt for any lenght of time, it rubs on a 'donor site' on my hip. So all this to belt or not to belt stuff

    Second, as a writer graphic artist, I worked from home, many times in sweats, short, sometimes 36 hours days to meet delivery dates. When final reviews come in, you have only a short time to turn in the final. In the begining, I might put on a 3 piece suit to negotiate a project, then work in sweats. When I go to work in public, I am nicely dressed with high heels, especially if I'm wearing knee high stilettos.

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