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  1. Welcome back!

  2. 1) How often do you wear high heels? Almost daily (indoors only) 2) What type of heel do you prefer? Stiletto 3) How high is your average daily heel height? 3.5-4" 4) Do you find high heels uncomfortable? NO 5) Do you find high heels difficult to walk in? NO 6) Did you know high heels can be bad for your legs, feet and back? Yes 7) Do you have any ill effects from wearing high heels? On the contrary. They help diminish pain in my back from an old injury 8) If yes, what areas cause you problems? . 9) Do you find i
  3. Nine West, Jessica Simpson, Steve Madden, i like Stuart Weitzman pointy booties but at the tome I only own a pair of that brand. Frye western boots, Corral and their counterpart in México (Cuadra boots, i strongly recomend all cowboy boot lovers to check them out)
  4. Gorgeous boots 👌🏽 I might Buy a pair to complete my Xmas dinner outfit
  5. I used to wear My mom's heels when I was like 3-4 years until I stopped because my dad hit me and told me I would end up being a travestite and bring shame to the family (there aren't many Open minded people here in México), so I just dreamed of having My own place to wear them secretly. Only 3 gfs knew my secret and supported me. I bought My first pair of heels when I was 18 (12 years ago), now I dunno how many I own (maybe a 100 pairs haha). At first I only liked High heels, then women's jeans and trousers and now I wear entirely women's clothes (indoor, of course. As I fear of being spotte
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