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  1. Well, the rain cleared last night,  so I drove to one of my favourite secluded spots and set off for a 1 hour walk. Wore my favourite black boots. I know I should dive into my collection and mix it up a bit... :sad:

    But we know how it is... :giggle: We all have that one special pair! :cheeky: All my boots are special. I wouldn't have bought them otherwise!!! :giggle:, But there can only be one favourite pair! :cheeky: 

    Anyway, my calves were a little sore, but my feet were fine. So, my high heel fitness continues to improve!  :happy:

    I used to marvel at the women on the railway station, wearing their sexy high heel boots, I wondered how they would manage a 10-20 minute walk to and from the railway station every day. (Not all of them got driven to the station by car). :shocked:

    Well, now I know it can be done. :happy: Now I can walk in my 5" heel boots for an hour without noticeable discomfort. Fun! Fun! Fun!!! :happy:

    I still watch and daydream about walking to the station in my boots, wearing boots all day at work, and then walking home in my boots at the end of the day. :cheeky:

    For the moment, I'm still dreaming. For the moment I am still discreet. But not forever! :cheeky: The day will come when I stride out confidently in public, wearing my boots! :happy:

    Cheers  :cheeky:










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    2. p1ng74


      Both of these pairs of boots look great!  You can totally wear them all day, it is a solid look!  There are other tall boot wearers out there, like riders, motorcyclists, etc.  The high heels are  unique but I think the block heels look great and you will enjoy wearing them around.  Go for it!  

    3. BootsOnly


      Hey Cali,

      I agree totally. There is definitely some psychology at play here...

      High heel boots don't just look powerful, they also sound powerful.  And I feel powerful when I wear them. :happy: I get it. We are not imagining this. And we are not making it up... :cheeky:

      I do believe the sound is an important part of the mystique... :cheeky:  I find the sound almost hypnotising when I'm walking. I can relax and it helps my mind to wander. Almost like a form of "mobile meditation" :giggle:

      I have read forums where women complain about the sound of their heels and seek advice on what can be done quieten them. I have always thought to myself, "Why on earth would anyone want to do that?" :giggle:


      P.S. The 12 hour stint is inspirational... :cheeky:

    4. pebblesf


      Great job Boots!  I like your term:  "hiheel fitness".  Those boots look great and they must feel powerful, great heels for long walks also.  I can't wait to read about you walking to the train station in those killer boots someday soon!

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