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  1. You look great.. Easily passable.. Well done you..!!
  2. Hi.. These are awesome.. Any idea how much postage to the UK would be??? Cheers Steve
  3. Hi there Dave.. Welcome to the site... Have you tried smaller size women's shoes at all.. I say this because if I get men's shoes I'm at least a size 11 but because of the shape of my feet - basically they kind of taper back from the big toe...I'm sure you really wanted to know that !!! - I can comfortably get into size 9 heels.. The more pointed nature of women's shoes seems to help a lot...that coupled with a wide fit option and you could be surprised at what sizes you can get away with.. Failing that Ebay is always a good place to get larger sizes..either pre-owned or new from China who always seem to offer large sizes quite cheaply.. I know you take a chance on quality but the ones I've got over the years have been good enough for the price...you do have to remember though that there will be a customs sticker on the outside stating what's in the parcel..!! Hope that helps Steve
  4. Not quite in Costa in boots.. but in boots with a Costa..!! Gorgeous but cold morning on the South Coast..
  5. Those fleece lined leggings sound a great idea.. Starting to get a bit chilly over here..
  6. I got these in New Look, a UK fashion store, late last year.. They have fast become my favourites.. Look great with everything and so comfortable...
  7. Yeh, I'll have to let you know next time I'm about.. I can't help but think that I'd spend the whole time being insanely jealous that there's always shoes in your size...hardly any in size 9/43.. banished to online shopping..!!
  8. Hi..as always, you look great.. I was aimlessly killing over an hour in Birmingham yesterday waiting for a train..not heeled though .. Window(boot) shopped in New Look and Debenhams and battled with myself over just how early is too early to buy a hotdog at the Xmas market..!! If I had seen you about I would have said Hi..
  9. OK.. Better late than never I say.. so here is my entry..!! Gorgeous New Look neck breaking heels...
  10. Hi.. I wear the brown knee highs a lot around home when I get the chance.. I've been out in a pair of heeled ankle boots a couple of times..early in the morning..!!!
  11. Hi everyone... Long overdue posting to say Hello to everyone.. 40 something guy from the south of England.. Love heels , particularly boots... Usually try to wear them with suitable outfits even if it's only skinny jeans or just a skirt.. Have occasionally got the courage to go out in heels but not very often.. must try harder..!! Longer introduction on my profile page if you're really stuck for something to do..!!!
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