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  1. You look great in them, very natural and confident. Not Forest Gump at all.
  2. Boots with stiletto heels.
  3. I vote for the black Boots tucked into your jeans. And I like the combination with the Blazer very much.
  4. Hey buddy

    It's me Don.  I have a Nashville layover coming up on 9/22.  We arrive in the afternoon, probably staying somewhere near downtown....I realize you are probably busy during the weekend but it would be cool to finally meet you guys and have some boot time together...


  5. My husband thought I was crazy for hanging curtain rods and climbing a ladder in my 4 inch stiletto boots.... LOL!
  6. I prefer thigh high but knee high is usually what you'll find me in. As to heel I like stiletto best with a 5+ inch heel.
  7. I have done this very hack before and it works great!
  8. Love the new boots Michaela! I have always wanted a pair like them.
  9. I too prefer Pleaser boots and do have a pair of the 3013's myself that I absolutely love, along with 3 other pairs of Pleaser boots. I also have to say that I like the Pleaser 420 pumps as well.
  10. Hi everybody, I had back surgery last Monday, a discectomy. It was to shave off the excess bulge comming out of my disc between my L5/S1 vertebra. I was wondering if anyone else has ever had this type of surgery and how it affected your ability to walk in heels. I have not put my heels on since but think I may tonight, Awefull had to resist the urge! Kevin
  11. I envy you for being able to go out in public wearing your thighboots. I still haven't gotten the nerve to do so myself but maybe soon. I also love the way you handled the guy at the Goodwill, Bravo! And I love reading about your outings. You give us all the inspiration to be ourselves! Thanks.
  12. Hi Don, I am so sorry not to have gotten your message until this week. My partner and I closed our business due to the changes in the book industry and the economy last year in Feb. and I have since gone through a bout of depression. I am now getting back on my feet so to speak. I would have loved to meet you when you come to Nashville, if you already haven't. My direct email is LthrRam501@gmail.com Kevin

  13. Love your boots! I work for the airlines so visit Nashville occasionally. I would LOVE to visit your store the next time I am in town. What is the name of your store, and where is it located? Don

  14. My favorites are leather thigh highs with 5-6 stiletto heels no platforms. However I do have 2 pairs that have half inch platforms, one ankle boot and the other are just knee high that are very nice as well. 7 pairs of thigh highs, 4 pairs of knee highs and 2 ankle boots. One of the ankle boots was purchased for my partner to were but I liked them so much I wear them more than he does, in fact I'm wearing them now!
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