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  1. That has been a very pleasant surprise. I should have adopted heels long ago. In my case I did have a very badly ruptured disc (caused I think by too many long haul flights, endless hours of sitting in bad seats) and I have tried to be better with my posture, or thought I did, but the heels really made a surprising difference. I really can't get over it. I was working today in my heels and marvelling at the difference.
  2. It could be the variety that helps, although I noticed an immediate difference, or almost immediate, the first time I put on heels. I wear mine only around the office and while that means I do not walk very much I do stand a lot since sitting tends to be troublesome for my back. Wearing heels obviously in some way alters my posture in a beneficial way. I suspect, too, that it is also building some core strength in the muscles in my lower back and hips because I can also feel them being gently worked, in a good way.
  3. Yes, and remember Verdun was the bloodiest and longest battle in all of human history (so far) and in the end it was the Germans who blinked, not the French.
  4. Oddly enough I have fairly limber back muscles. Even though now they are, for me, relatively tight I can still touch my toes easily, just not palm the floor and put my face on my shins like I used to. But they still have a way of seizing up for a few days every now and then. The heels made quite a difference, very quick relief. I am interested to see if they keep the spasms from recurring, or from recurring as often. As you say, no doubt a doctor would say we were full of it. On the other hand, when I had an extremely badly ruptured disc, and literally could not walk and had no feeling in my legs the first GP I saw diagnosed a 'sore back' and said it would either clear up or it wouldn't. So I am not sure I will worry too much about the medical profession's view on heels.
  5. I think you're right. So you've noticed this too - with heels and lower back pain? It really surprised me. I had a very badly ruptured disc a few years ago and while surgery helped immensely - very successful surgery it was - I still get the odd few days of spasms in the lower back. I was having just such a period when I started wearing heels and the difference was immediate. It ought to be better known, even if it mightn't work for everybody.
  6. As something of a novice in the world of high heels I have been quite surprised by one aspect of wearing them. I have read and heard much from medical types about how high heels - and they consider 'high' anything over an inch - are supposed to be bad for your back and feet, but I have found quite the opposite to be the case. I have quite a dodgy back - have had surgery on it in fact - and often do work at a computer standing up to avoid sitting for long periods. I had wondered what the effects of wearing heels might be and had pretty much resigned myself to the idea that this might just be something I do on occasion. Much to my surprise however, I found that wearing heels actually made my back feel better. I had been troubled with back spasms - they come and go with me - but when I put on my boots, the pain and knoting eased up considerably. It was very noticeable. And very nice. Enough so that I would have worn heels long ago had I known of this effect, even if I hadn't fancied a pair of over-the-knee boots. (My heels by the way are 4", stiletto-ish - but not needle sharp - and on a size 46 foot the slope of the foot bed is not all that steep) Now, admittedly I am but a study group of one, and perhaps my physiology or the engineering of my spine is just weird in some way, but has anyone else noticed this kind of thing?
  7. There are a lot of myths worth popping about the French in WWII. They lost a couple hundred thousand men in the opening stages of the war. D-Day was the biggest amphibious assault in the war, but the second biggest was that of the Germans coming across the Rhine. At the time the Germans had the mightiest army in the world, bar none, and a formidable military-industrial complex to back it. Their Blitzkrieg attack was irresistible For an interesting perspective on the French response try reading Antoine de Saint-Exupery's Flight to Arras. This was written by a guy who was there, and indeed who returned by a miracle of good fortune from what was meant to have been virtually a suicide mission against the German advance. In his account he rationalises the French capitulation. You might not agree with his conclusions, but it is a very interesting and thought provoking book. Very well written too. And he was no coward.
  8. No, the Russians had the nastiest of wars. And Stalin for the aftermath.
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