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  1. Edit: I just noticed that this is a very old thread/poll that was just recently resurrected. The question makes no sense as a yes or no question, since its asking an A 'or' B type question. So I did not vote. Anyway, for me, it depends... I've been wearing a lot more skinny jeans recently, which of course means I'm showing the heel. I still do still like a straight leg (or a narrow boot cut) jean on occasion, which partially hides the heel. I got rid of most of my early collection of long wide leg boot-cut jeans that would fully hide the heel. Short answer: I show the heel, most of the time.
  2. @Rowland - wow great pictures there bud, especially the first one. I've seen some model's legs that are not that good looking from that angle.
  3. It's just common sense... search online and you can find a number of horror stories about non-islamic travelers in that region being arrested for stupid reasons and facing months of hell trying to regain their freedom. Those countries will go after anyone that does not conform to their beliefs or social norms, just being a westerner is enough to put you on their radar, but they don't like any deviant behavior (which this would be in their eyes) . There is no way I would risk it, it's just not worth it.
  4. LOL, this old thread still going on? I forgot about this after I posted a pic way back in January 2018. I figured by now Amanda would have revealed that she was just trolling us over the last 16+ months. heh
  5. Well, I was trying to think of a clever list that would stick with the comfy loafer theme, but sadly my creative juices are not flowing. I was trying to add similar descriptive names to various shoe types and I did not get very far... sigh
  6. hhboots

    Clear Heels

    I think they can look nice if you have really pretty (almost flawless looking) feet, but they would be hard to for most people to pull off without just looking a bit trashy or just not good at all.
  7. Not to repeat what everyone else has already said, but they are very much correct. The boots you described are definitely way over the top for your first pair to introduce your new lifestyle to the wife. Around my wife, I usually wear less than 4.5" (usually closer to 3.5") chunky or wedge heels, with little to no platform, and more mild look in general, definitely not flashy/shiny materials like patent leather (pleather/PU leather). Think about what women wear every day, usually 2"-4" heels at most during the day, occasionally you might see a woman wearing a little bit higher if going out to a nightclub or special event, but rarely. So wearing something that looks more like daily wear (Steve gave lots of pretty good ideas in his post above) around your wife, and making sure you put your wife's needs first in your priorities before your desire to wear extreme boots, is always very important.
  8. Yeah, some of my very first (and nervous) in-store heel purchases were from Payless more than 25 years ago. It is a shame to see them go, and you can already see that they have changed their website such that buying from them online is no longer an option.
  9. I was going to say, you have told numerous stories about women treating you in a negative matter, at the gym, on the street, at the mall, at work, and so on... I just see an ongoing theme for you that I don't experience very much myself. I don't know what to tell you, its unfortunate that you seem to experience so much of this from women in general... It's unusual, is all I can say.
  10. I've read a lot of your posts over the years Macky and you seem to have a very volatile love/hate relationship with women, it seems. Your posts are often one extreme or the other when you talk about your interactions with women. Maybe you should try just taking things down a few notches with them and relax a bit, they really are not all that different from us on the inside, believe it or not. Anyway, no I have not really had any hostile reactions from women over what I wear. I have had somewhat confused or amused reactions to what I wear from both men and women, but no assaults or anything like that.
  11. For most outings, I stay under 4.5", and occasionally 5.5" (with a 1" platform). I own a few higher pairs, but those stay at home and are rarely worn.
  12. Pretty sure they're just 'PU leggings', 'faux leather leggings', or 'wet look leggings'... Very minor differences between them and you can find them anywhere (ebay, Amazon, Macy's, Nordstrom's, etc) just google any of those three leggings terms. They range in price anywhere from $15 to well over $100. I have a few different pairs on the lower end of the price range myself But, they do look and feel great to wear.
  13. I always had tried to keep the number around 60 or so by purging a couple pairs as I bring in a couple of pairs, but in the last year or two its been getting much harder for me to purge and now I am well over 120 at this time.
  14. @bambam - Thanks, the soles have the name ShoeMint on them. I did a quick search and could not find these exact ones online. I bought them second hand, so apparently they are a bit older than I thought, but they were in excellent condition when I got them, like they had only been worn a couple of times it looked like.
  15. Congrats, you look great! I too have been trying to better myself, mostly because at my last annual physical, my blood work numbers were pretty bad. Triglycerides, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and worst of all pre-diabetic. I mean pretty much across the board, I was treading on dangerous waters. I decided I have to try to improve if I want to stick around much longer... I started around 235, I've lost about 25 pounds so far in the last 5 months and have about 25 more to go to reach my goal of 185 by the end of summer. Seeing your pictures is helping to inspire me to keep on going Cheers
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