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  1. I've really been enjoying longer nails while working from home these days. While in the office, I did grow my nails a little and even clear polished them, but only to about the tip of my finger, maybe a tiny bit longer on occasion. But since working from home I've tried growing longer nails, and did succeed a couple of times and had them briefly get to the length that mlroseplant's friend has in the first shot, but that is definitely my limit and they start breaking pretty easily at that point.
  2. I found this picture of Tech from his early days. He could look a bit different these days.
  3. hhboots

    Cali World

    Well, to be honest, it looks like your pants are sitting way too low in back, unless you intentionally dropped them to show the issue more clearly? LOL. Most of my jeans are low to mid rise and have even worn them with a body suit like that and still covers everything. I do agree that the combination of very low rise jeans and a higher cut body suit can create a small gap on the side, that is why you should never put the two together and part of the reason there are multiple variations in rise for jeans available.
  4. Shyheels reply was spot on, far too many variables... I do notice that the reactions I get are more positive when I am wearing heels while out with my wife. It seems more acceptable for whatever reason when I do it with her there next to me, the most common reaction is a smile, almost never anything less than that. Almost like I get a free pass. When I am alone, I occasionally get odd stares, smirks, glances back, and very rarely I might get a giggle or off-putting comment.
  5. Really impressive! When I had my knee high version of those Domina 6" heel boots, I was never able to take them out in public as they were just too much for me to walk in for really long distances, and I probably didn't look all that graceful in them either... so I only wore those boots around the house while they lasted.
  6. The FSJ website has some pretty good stuff at a reasonable price if you look long enough, and you have the option to customize the shoes, including heel height if you are willing to pay. The Extreme HH website is not so well organized and almost everything there is really overpriced, at least in my opinion.
  7. I've had the same issue with a purchase from China that had Minaloo stamped on the shoe. The heel and steep incline shown in the ad image is what I was seeking only to get something that was at least an inch shorter and not nearly as steep. It was a little disappointing, but I kept the shoes anyway, the price was good, and they were still very pretty shoes regardless. Those wouldn't normally be my taste, but after looking at them for a bit, they are actually really cute. Might have to find something similar for myself Enjoy!
  8. I had the Domina 2000 version of these boots (which is nearly the exact same boot, but the knee high version instead of thigh high). They only lasted about a year before the material started to fall apart in several places and the zipper on one of them also started to come apart. They were very fun to wear and surprisingly comfortable to walk in considering how high the heel is without a platform. I just wish they were more durable to last longer.
  9. My two teenage kids have both known from a very young age that their dad does things different than most dads. They have seen me at various times over the years wearing short-shorts, leggings / skinny jeans (which were more controversal to wear 5-10 years ago when virtually every guy was wearing rather loose fitting pants and shorts below their knees, etc) ... I wear mid-height heels most days of the week, my toe nails are always painted, shaved legs, and many other things considered feminine. I have tried to not to take things too far in front of them, and especially if they have friend
  10. I agree with everyone else that commented. Your outfit is just fine, I see no issues with it. Those people were very immature and close minded. I have noticed over the years that the location or setting makes a big difference in how some people behave. For example, in a larger public setting with lots of others around, you will very rarely get much of a reaction at all, most people are usually doing their own thing, minding their own business, chances are low that you will get much notice. In smaller public settings, like a small elevator, a small room, public transportation, or any s
  11. I seem to supinate my feet (foot rolls/leans outward) as I walk. So I wear out my heels more quickly on the outside on each foot which reduces the life expectancy of my shoes significantly. If they are more expensive shoes, I usually go through the effort to replace the heel tips if possible. But generally, I get about 250-500 hours out of a pair, largely depending on the shoe type, the thickness of the heel (chunky/wedge/thin), and if I put the effort/expense into preserving them.
  12. lol, no... we've pretty much been trolled LOL It's best to just let this thread die a quiet death rather then periodically resurrecting it as you just did.
  13. Edit: I just noticed that this is a very old thread/poll that was just recently resurrected. The question makes no sense as a yes or no question, since its asking an A 'or' B type question. So I did not vote. Anyway, for me, it depends... I've been wearing a lot more skinny jeans recently, which of course means I'm showing the heel. I still do still like a straight leg (or a narrow boot cut) jean on occasion, which partially hides the heel. I got rid of most of my early collection of long wide leg boot-cut jeans that would fully hide the heel. Short answer: I show the heel
  14. @Rowland - wow great pictures there bud, especially the first one. I've seen some model's legs that are not that good looking from that angle.
  15. It's just common sense... search online and you can find a number of horror stories about non-islamic travelers in that region being arrested for stupid reasons and facing months of hell trying to regain their freedom. Those countries will go after anyone that does not conform to their beliefs or social norms, just being a westerner is enough to put you on their radar, but they don't like any deviant behavior (which this would be in their eyes) . There is no way I would risk it, it's just not worth it.
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