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  1. Yeah, some of my very first (and nervous) in-store heel purchases were from Payless more than 25 years ago. It is a shame to see them go, and you can already see that they have changed their website such that buying from them online is no longer an option.
  2. I was going to say, you have told numerous stories about women treating you in a negative matter, at the gym, on the street, at the mall, at work, and so on... I just see an ongoing theme for you that I don't experience very much myself. I don't know what to tell you, its unfortunate that you seem to experience so much of this from women in general... It's unusual, is all I can say.
  3. I've read a lot of your posts over the years Macky and you seem to have a very volatile love/hate relationship with women, it seems. Your posts are often one extreme or the other when you talk about your interactions with women. Maybe you should try just taking things down a few notches with them and relax a bit, they really are not all that different from us on the inside, believe it or not. Anyway, no I have not really had any hostile reactions from women over what I wear. I have had somewhat confused or amused reactions to what I wear from both men and women, but no assaults or anything like that.
  4. For most outings, I stay under 4.5", and occasionally 5.5" (with a 1" platform). I own a few higher pairs, but those stay at home and are rarely worn.
  5. Pretty sure they're just 'PU leggings', 'faux leather leggings', or 'wet look leggings'... Very minor differences between them and you can find them anywhere (ebay, Amazon, Macy's, Nordstrom's, etc) just google any of those three leggings terms. They range in price anywhere from $15 to well over $100. I have a few different pairs on the lower end of the price range myself But, they do look and feel great to wear.
  6. I always had tried to keep the number around 60 or so by purging a couple pairs as I bring in a couple of pairs, but in the last year or two its been getting much harder for me to purge and now I am well over 120 at this time.
  7. @bambam - Thanks, the soles have the name ShoeMint on them. I did a quick search and could not find these exact ones online. I bought them second hand, so apparently they are a bit older than I thought, but they were in excellent condition when I got them, like they had only been worn a couple of times it looked like.
  8. Congrats, you look great! I too have been trying to better myself, mostly because at my last annual physical, my blood work numbers were pretty bad. Triglycerides, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and worst of all pre-diabetic. I mean pretty much across the board, I was treading on dangerous waters. I decided I have to try to improve if I want to stick around much longer... I started around 235, I've lost about 25 pounds so far in the last 5 months and have about 25 more to go to reach my goal of 185 by the end of summer. Seeing your pictures is helping to inspire me to keep on going Cheers
  9. Agreed... EU42 is a 10 (maybe 10.5) US Women's size. Which works for me as I do wear a 10 (I already feel fortunate that I rarely have issues finding my size), but doesn't work for a rather large percentage of men in the US / Europe. But as far as Hong Kong goes, that is definitely opening up new options for men there at least
  10. hhboots

    Mudd heels

    Same here, I think I have 2 or 3 pairs of Mudd heels (based from memory). All are in the mid to low heel range (2" -3"). One is a Clog, one is a sort of strappy sandal, and one is a Slide Sandal (thick band, open toe). They are all quite comfortable, and as bluejay mentioned they are a bit masculine (less feminine), and block looking than most other sandals, that I primarily wear most often with shorts to draw less attention to myself UPDATE: I just did some searching and it seems that they might not make these types of heels any more, at least I could not find anything recent from them... I only saw some flat sandals that look similar to Birkenstock's. Bummer...
  11. @K2inheels Your boots are below the ankle bone (some vendors call them 'booties'). With boots that low cut you likely don't have the option to tuck them in. My favorite boots go a little bit above the ankle, which makes it a little easier to wear with skinny jeans, straight jeans, or bootcut jeans. I will show you the boots below with both skinny and narrow bootcut jeans (which are skinny from the calf up, and flare some at the bottom)...
  12. hhboots

    Eks shoes

    Actually, I do own a pair of those shoes. As someone said, they don't look quite like the picture, but are very close,. They are pretty well made for the price. Mainly, the steep angle of the shoe in the picture is not quite like the real thing, but that might be dependent on the size as I have seen in some other shoes (where smaller sizes are steeper than larger sizes because they use the exact same heel for all sizes) if you get my meaning. Anyway, I bought mine in a size 10 and while they are pretty high (~5.25"), as you can see below the incline is not quite as steep as the ones in the photo you gave. I would recommend them, unless you are buying them only to get that very steep incline, then you might be a little disappointed. Well, happy buying, maybe LOL
  13. If you posted your pictures to the open public on the internet, anyone on Pinterest can "pin" your pictures which makes them show up on their public Pinterest wall/page which sounds like is what happened to you. You can try to request that they remove them, or you can report them to Pinterest indicating that you don't want your pictures pinned to this person's page. But any one of us that have openly posted pictures to any public website are vulnerable to be re-posted elsewhere and sometimes you don't have many options to get them removed without pulling a lawyer in. That is the risk of posting pictures like that on a public website. By the way, I just searched Pinterest right now. I did not find your picture above, but after 10 minutes I did find a few other hhplace regulars there, and there are probably more if I spent more time searching.
  14. @Steve63130 Those look fine Steve and are more like I was describing as a narrow bootcut (and very close to a straight leg), which I still wear now. See to clarify, my original collection of heeling bootcut jeans just flared out way too much. I think my goal at the time was to completely hide my heels and it worked, but I think was too much... and those are the jeans I got rid of, but no your jeans look just fine to me. I still have plenty of jeans just like yours.
  15. I wore bootcut jeans quite a bit for the first few years that I went out heeling, but have gone to more straight-leg jeans lately, which still cover about half to 3/4 of the heel. I just stopped liking the look of bootcut jeans as much. I still wear some bootcut jeans but they're more of a narrow bootcut. I got rid of any jeans I had that flare out too much. They just look kind of silly in my opinion.
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