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  1. Wearing Jeans With Ankle Boots

    @K2inheels Your boots are below the ankle bone (some vendors call them 'booties'). With boots that low cut you likely don't have the option to tuck them in. My favorite boots go a little bit above the ankle, which makes it a little easier to wear with skinny jeans, straight jeans, or bootcut jeans. I will show you the boots below with both skinny and narrow bootcut jeans (which are skinny from the calf up, and flare some at the bottom)...
  2. Eks shoes

    Actually, I do own a pair of those shoes. As someone said, they don't look quite like the picture, but are very close,. They are pretty well made for the price. Mainly, the steep angle of the shoe in the picture is not quite like the real thing, but that might be dependent on the size as I have seen in some other shoes (where smaller sizes are steeper than larger sizes because they use the exact same heel for all sizes) if you get my meaning. Anyway, I bought mine in a size 10 and while they are pretty high (~5.25"), as you can see below the incline is not quite as steep as the ones in the photo you gave. I would recommend them, unless you are buying them only to get that very steep incline, then you might be a little disappointed. Well, happy buying, maybe LOL
  3. Have you been noticed

    If you posted your pictures to the open public on the internet, anyone on Pinterest can "pin" your pictures which makes them show up on their public Pinterest wall/page which sounds like is what happened to you. You can try to request that they remove them, or you can report them to Pinterest indicating that you don't want your pictures pinned to this person's page. But any one of us that have openly posted pictures to any public website are vulnerable to be re-posted elsewhere and sometimes you don't have many options to get them removed without pulling a lawyer in. That is the risk of posting pictures like that on a public website. By the way, I just searched Pinterest right now. I did not find your picture above, but after 10 minutes I did find a few other hhplace regulars there, and there are probably more if I spent more time searching.
  4. You can see all your posts and pictures within your profile menu. Click on the top right corner of the web page where you see your name and a drop arrow. By clicking on "my attachments", you can access all of your photos. Or instead,you can go to the "profile" option from that same drop list and that will let you see all of your posts and other activity on the website.
  5. Boot cut or not

    @Steve63130 Those look fine Steve and are more like I was describing as a narrow bootcut (and very close to a straight leg), which I still wear now. See to clarify, my original collection of heeling bootcut jeans just flared out way too much. I think my goal at the time was to completely hide my heels and it worked, but I think was too much... and those are the jeans I got rid of, but no your jeans look just fine to me. I still have plenty of jeans just like yours.
  6. Boot cut or not

    I wore bootcut jeans quite a bit for the first few years that I went out heeling, but have gone to more straight-leg jeans lately, which still cover about half to 3/4 of the heel. I just stopped liking the look of bootcut jeans as much. I still wear some bootcut jeans but they're more of a narrow bootcut. I got rid of any jeans I had that flare out too much. They just look kind of silly in my opinion.
  7. How many MEN'S shoes do you have?

    @jeremy1986 - oh nothing exciting, a variety of brands of low-mid heel wedge boots, sandals, slides, oxfords, pumps or either low or no heel wedge athletic type shoes. I've really been focused on expanding my collection of lower heels the last couple of years. I feel like I already have plenty of higher heels which is not always that practical. lol
  8. How many MEN'S shoes do you have?

    Good question. I probably only have 7 or so pairs left of men's shoes that I wear less and less, and at least 75 pairs from the better side of the store. Even my comfort, casual, athletic, and other flat shoes are not from the men's department anymore.
  9. Believe it or not, some women don't put much thought into their shoes, just like there are men that do so. They just wear what aligns with what everyone else wears. Sure, a majority of women really like shoes and will certainly know what a wedge is, but there are actually women out there where shoes are of very low importance to them, they are purely a comfort thing and they might try to emulate what everyone else is wearing, but beyond that, no thought about the shoes is involved. She is probably doing this job because its a paying (minimum wage) job and they hired her because she is a willing, capable worker, not because she loves them or knows everything about them.
  10. I think @HappyinHeels pretty much nailed it with his reply, very clear without being too harsh. Also, kudos to Tech for allowing someone else here step up to say all that. Interesting change of approach as I we have seen Tech address these in a much more direct and firm handed manner. Anyway, not much more I can add to what has already been said.
  11. Leggings

    Yeah, leggings around the house, but probably never out of the house. Although I have worn skinny jeans out a number of times. You can argue that leggings are not that far off, but well you know, they really leave nothing to the imagination. Which is fine on a woman, perhaps not as much on a man.
  12. Men's wear and open toe sandals

    Last two summers were my first to finally be brave enough to wear sandals with painted toes. I usually do darker nail colors (like gun-metal, dark blue, and occasionally shiny silver or a nude-pink color when I feel more daring. The sandals I wear are neutral looking black or brown, and a 2.5" wedge heel or lower. With mid-thigh shorts, shaved legs and painted toes, I feel that I'm pushing boundaries about as far as I dare without going completely over the top with more obvious high heel sandals.
  13. My first public heel adventure

    Just noticing this thread, really loving the outfits and you have come so far in just 6 months from your first outing. Really impressive, and as someone else said in an earlier post, you have motivated me to start losing weight again Anyway, all I can say is everything looks really nice on you, keep it up!
  14. My last entry back on page 2 was bare legged, here are a couple more with nylons, the lighting still sort of sucks which I tried to adjust a little, but oh well, crappy phone camera...
  15. Thanks! They're 5.5" pumps, pretty cheap from ebay, they say Mavirs on the sole, so I guess that's the brand Anyway, they do fit me very nicely.

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