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  1. Wow £840.00 for those boots? I was browsing through the rest of the dsquared shoes, all typical ugly mens shoes, all are so over priced, even these sandals are £315 (~$390), and these simple flip flops are £255. I guess if you're swimming in money, prices don't matter. I mean if you search really hard on amazon.com you can also find stupidly overpriced flip flops there too. Maybe I am just jealous that I don't have that kind of money to burn?
  2. Oh i see, we'll that makes me think that I should stay away from rear zip knee highs as well. lol
  3. I think my very first pair that I bought was from a Payless store long ago back when I was about 16 or 17, and buying online was not really very common yet, and even ordering from a catalog was sort of a challenge. Anyway, it took me a long time to finally build up the courage to walk into the store and buy them. They were a pair of 3.75" black suede ankle boots that I of course don't have any more I did possess a couple of pairs of heels before these boots, but they weren't bought... lets just say I took them over from their previous owner hey, it was in my early teenage years, back then I had limited options LOL
  4. I have a couple of ankle boots with zippers in the back that I actually really like for convenience, getting in and out of them is really a breeze. However, for boots that are much longer, and it sounds like you are talking about thigh high boots, I can see how a rear zipper might not work as well. I probably would not get rear zip boots for anything above the knee.
  5. Similar to a few others here, outside of work I openly wear 4"+ heels almost daily, but at work the most I will do is mid-range heel wedge boots that are pretty stealthy. Otherwise, I am quite comfortable to walk long distances in them and have been complimented at how well I do in them. Not sure where that puts me overall. Maybe 3 to 4 at most.
  6. I think I walk better in heels than about half of the women I see in heels. Even though I actually try to walk as though I am in normal flats and try to keep my normal gate and pace, etc. I guess my goal is to look like I am at total ease in heels. I have practiced before to walk like a woman, but it just doesn't work, the closest I have been able to come is while wearing a corset which sort of helps to force a hip sway/pivot. Otherwise, a guy's skeletal structure is different, most specifically in the hip region, which is where the 'walking like a girl' as you say, originates. I don't know some here may be able to pull that walk off, or perhaps that is their goal... Anyway, I just try to walk like I would in flats, but in heels, and I got to say, I think it looks pretty graceful, but I would definitely fall into the 'guy in heels walking like a guy' category. After trying the alternative, I am quite happy with that, relatively speaking anyway.
  7. Hey Kikepa, welcome back... I think the selling forum gets some activity, although not sure how successful people are selling on there. Depends on how quickly you want to sell them, might be slow going depending on what you have to offer and prices, etc... Here is the section used for selling/buying/trading: http://hhplace.org/forum/35-buy-sell-swap/ If you have a greater urgency to sell them, I use ebay for relatively quick results, but thats up to you
  8. thighhighboots, assuming you were just talking about flying within the US... as Pumped said, you put your shoes in the bin, no matter what type they are. So the agents will just see random shoes in a bin without any attachment to any specific person. The only part that sometimes gets awkward, for me anyway, is putting them back on after, with lots of people around to watch. But, if that part doesn't bother you, then it should just be like any other day in heels to be honest.
  9. Great to hear her reaction was very positive, although you probably should have told her before springing them on her like that, the reaction could have easily gone very much the other way. Anyway, congratulations on your wife being very supportive. As thighmax mentioned, don't push it too far too quickly. My wife is also very supporting but we have butted heads a few times for not being entirely up front with her at times and occasionally going beyond her comfort zone with all of this. Always put her thoughts and feelings before your desire to wear high heels.
  10. A corsetry site (staylace.com) that had followed her closely and had some web pages dedicated to her in the past as well, also confirmed this sad news. Such a shame, and she was rather young.
  11. I don't get that popup, but I do notice that when ever I login from a new device I get a prompt the first time asking me if I want to get notifications from this site, which seems to be a newer feature... But no. I am not getting the popup you describe. Anyway, what browser / Operating System are you using? Perhaps a browser setting got inadvertently enabled by a patch or recent app install? I did a quick search online and found people complaining about that happening in Internet Explorer. If you are not using Windows and not using Internet Explorer, then the rest of my reply is meaningless, so you can stop reading here (not sure what to tell you if you getting that popup using a tablet or phone) If Internet Explorer is your browser: click on the Gear icon (top right) > Internet options > Security tab > 'Custom level…' button > Scroll down almost to the bottom, disable Active Scripting and disable Scripting of Java applets. Then click OK. Alternatively, supposedly there was a Windows patch from a couple of years ago that caused something similar, MS13-055 (KB2846071). But since that is a couple of years old, I doubt that is your issue.
  12. @Jkrenzer Yeah, sorry I was hoping that my first post was going to be placed ABOVE the poll so it made more sense, but the formatting put it below the poll. If you read it with my post first, the poll might a bit make more sense... I agree, the way it is formatted right now didn't quite work out how I had hoped. Bummer
  13. I do not recall if this question has been asked, maybe similar, but not exactly this question. I want to put it in as a poll, I hope it works out ok and hopefully no one takes any offence to anything stated here. The question is: where do you draw the line in terms of how you present yourself in public, or maybe you don't wear any of this in public? I personally, dress up only part time. I wear mostly heels with bootcut jeans in colder weath, but these past two years, I have become a bit more daring in the summer, wearing open sandals with painted toe nails at least 1-2 times per week, which is a significant new thing for me, and it feels liberating! I still present myself overall as a man, and I do not expect that will ever change. I know this 'line' I mention here can be somewhat blury for some folks and may move back and forth over time, I know it has for me. Anyway, here goes: Do you only wear the items below in privacy, or public? If you do so in public, is it every day, or just part of the time? Do you wear heels only? Do you add to that women's bootcut jeans because they go nicely with heels? Do you wear other feminine pants that are skin tight (leggings/jeggings, skinny jeans, yoga pants, etc)? Do you wear feminine undergarments of any sort (including hosiery, etc)? Do you wear skirts or short shorts? Do you shave your legs or do any other body grooming? Do you paint your nails (feet, hands, both)? Do you wear blouses or other tops designed for women? Do you accessorize with a purse? Do you put on any makeup/cosmetics? Do you feel that you present yourself overall more as a man or woman?
  14. Aristoc, awesome shoes and boots, very cool... and Xtreme Heels, love the height of the heels in those shots, very impressive! My going out, all day heels are mostly in the 4-5” range. I do have several in the 5.25-6.5” range but those sadly stay in the house.
  15. I agree with you Puffer, the sandals I linked above are not all that attractive. I was focusing on sandals advertised toward most men, which I knew would not go over that well on this forum but it was only to make a point of sorts... that I think in general men can and do wear them where I work anyway (I work in an office where semi-casual wear is the norm). Anyway, the type of sandals I've worn to work are low wedges with thinner straps, and that look somewhat gender neutral, similar to these or these, or these that I am wearing right now