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  1. Heels for an interview

    As you have said, for any important job interview (a job that you really care about getting), I definitely wouldn't do it. The first impression is everything for interviews, and while you may get lucky and find an open minded interviewer or two, once you leave, any simple excuse can be made to put your resume into the discard pile. If you rocked the interview, would you want to be passed over simply for your choice in shoes? Otherwise, if you just want to have fun, and its for a job that doesn't matter much to you, sure, why not?
  2. Is the world ready for flip-flops?

    Shyheels, seems you completely ignored the link I just gave you which demonstrated the exact picture of rubber looking flip flops crossed with heels... the shoes mlroseplant posted above I would consider to be just golden sandals with heels (NOT flip flops), but oh well...
  3. Is the world ready for flip-flops?

    Shyheels, the link was there in the original post (http://www.marieclaire.com/fashion/news/g5086/flip-flops-spring-2018/?src=socialflowFB) But basically it looks like a pump that got together with a flip-flop and somehow had a baby, this would be it. It's definitely not a good combined look. I think flip-flops have a place, like pool-side, the beach, and they are relatively standard on many teen girls in the summer, otherwise, nah...
  4. Pleaser boots

    Sorry duplicate post somehow
  5. Pleaser boots

    Pleaser is often associated with stripper type heels since they have such a large selection of heels in the 5"+ realm (many without platforms too), as well as being associated as fetish heels since they are one of the few brand names that have large selections size 11 and up with prices that aren't totally ridiculous. I am pretty fortunate that I can wear a size 10 most of the time and can find shoes in almost any brand/style, but even with that I do still own a few pairs of Pleasers and have been pretty happy with their durability and looks for the most part. Edit: In fact, come to think of it, I am pretty sure the heels in my avatar from about 8 years ago are Pleasers, and I still own them.
  6. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Thanks, it was pretty uneventful while I went to a couple different stores. I know that I got some double takes, grins, and one person sort of stared a bit as we passed and seemed to shake his head in disapproval a little in the process. I am sure I probably did not look as confident as I would have liked, which likely would have helped, but the outing was worth it. I am definitely going to repeat that look again soon.
  7. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Took a trip out for a couple of hours yesterday in some new boots that I got for great price, and this is my first time doing it in skinny jeans. This was for sure a bit nerve racking for me, usually I am a bit more stealthy about my heeling adventures, but for some reason I really wanted to push things further this time
  8. Anything from this album is just awful: Lulu by Lou Reed and Metallica. I actually like Metallica for the most part (yeah, whatever ) , but this album is the worst collaboration and it just... really sounds like something you would use to inflict torture on a person.
  9. Wearing ballet heels for 24hours!

    Definitely take it slow, practice and build your way up to that over time. Use ballet toe padding / protectors. I have had a couple of different pairs of ballet heels and have only had limited success walking for more than like 5-10 minutes at a time and only got to maybe 2-3 hours wearing them continuously and that was brutal. Listen to your body, you can seriously hurt yourself if you try to push yourself too hard. I do have to say I love those "beginner" ballet boots you have and would love to get a pair myself. With those, you just might be able to get to your goal, but still, take it easy and if you feel pain... stop. Anyway, good luck!
  10. my 017 adventures

    I've seen some images of your tight jeans from the front side recently and can definitely say there is absolutely nothing left to imagination (yikes), so yeah I am interested in how that lunch goes with 6 women.
  11. You choose my next pair?

    Neither is my style, but if you like both and they both seem inexpensive enough, just get both. Or if you can't get both now, do the one you like best this month and the other next month or something. Not sure why you would ask people on the internet to choose you're next purchase, but hey if it works for you I guess...
  12. How hot does it have to get, before...

    70 F is a pretty good cutoff point for me although in the evenings I may still switch to boots if the occasion arises, even if its a little bit warmer than that. But sandals all summer during the daylight hours, is the norm for me.
  13. How do I tell her?

    My telling my wife was about 3 months into the relationship, before we got married of course. I waited until we were very comfortable with each other, and similar to what was mentioned above, my discussion with her was while were were out drinking and having a great time one night... it was toward the end of the evening. Trying to remember the conversation, it was so long ago, but I said something like: I have to tell you something. I really like your heels, they are very pretty. She said aww thanks... then I said, also, I have to admit, I have a bit of a thing for heels and actually like to wear them myself sometimes. (At the time, I only wore them in private, never wore them outside until a few years after that) Since we were both pretty drunk, we kind of laughed a bit more about it, I then asked her... so, does that make you think differently about me, or do you care? She finally said, no, I think its kind of cute and that she would like to see me in them later and that maybe we can both wear them in the bedroom later that night (since we had already been intimate in our relationship, it was a nice next step). It worked out great from there and she has been very supportive of my heel wearing, even encouraging me to wear them when we go out together. My only recommendation is once she does accept your love of heels. Always, ALWAYS, put her first, and do not take advantage of her new acceptance to suddenly make you think you should now open the flood gates. Be sure to check in with her as your collection will certainly grow over time, make sure you are not getting carried away with the whole thing (I do a little cross-dressing too), etc. Because even if she initially accepts it, you can still very easily chase her away if she senses that you put your love of heels (and similar items) before your love of her. Even though my wife supports my different ways, I have still managed to get on my wifes bad side with all of it a couple of times over the years by pushing things a bit further or faster than she was comfortable with. So bottom line, definitely put her first and keep her feelings in mind as you move forward... Good luck!
  14. Professional Pedicure

    @hernaezjames. I know your post is from a few months ago but i just saw this thread. Anyway, have to say i am envious, you really have very nice looking feet. I try to take good care of my feet, with toenails painted, etc... but my feet will never look like yours.
  15. Look for summer lace up sandals

    The one line item you mentioned: "NO fixed toe strap", seems to limit your options significantly. I looked at dozens of potential choices online, but a majority seem to have a fixed toe strap, and then have lace the rest of the way up. The only one I found that might work for you are these, but they are not quite a 3.5 inch rise from platform to heel, and they are not all that pretty either. Next are these are similar to the first ones, and again they are not that pretty... and one more, but I don't know that these quite work for you either. *shrug* I think I will give up now, I tried. LOL