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  1. nzfreestyler

    Are men destined to be the predomiant heel wearers?

    ha ha - and yet true ! Sure it wasn't easy wearing high heels openly the first time I did it - but it became progressively easier. Nowadays - I wouldn't be without my heels - and I feel better with nice heels on my feet than any flat shoe. Thats just how I feel - high heels make me feel good. To the point though - from my perspective I love wearing heels openly and they make me feel good - I know its the same for women - so I don't see women giving up on high heels any day soon!
  2. nzfreestyler

    Boot "season"?

    perhaps a bit girly but an a-line skirt is extremely flattering on any legs. Also the knee length hemline is the most versatile and flattering hemline. Imagine your outfit with a navy or a nude patent 3-4 inch pump - pointy toe to match the a line silhouette. that would look very polished in my opinion!
  3. nzfreestyler

    Ladies Jeans...

    yeh .. cleaner lines & tailoring is possible from rear/left side zips - all pretty much the normal.
  4. nzfreestyler

    Ladies Jeans...

    Great look! I wear womens pants now and again (I prefer a skirt) and yes you guys are right they are often longer in the leg. Bear in mind they will be either a hipster or more of a high waisted style (above your tummy button is normal waist on womens wear) so the high waist if worn low can make the leg appear longer. Often depending on the style of leg - if flared a little or a slacker fit they will often allow for covering the heel - so the leg length is intended to allow for approx a 4 inch high heel. More fitted styles taper and are often slightly above the ankle to showcase the shoes - and therefore noticeable shorter. I suppose you might want to avoid the rear zips that a lot of womens pants have - I have several that have cleaner lines on the front because the zipper is on the back or on my left hip.
  5. nzfreestyler

    Toe cleavage

    As a pump wearer most days I am used to it now. Different style show my toes. A little toe cleavage is more comfortable than high across the toes - but then too much cleavage and the shoe doesn't fit so well. I think it depends on the shape of the toe - short pointy toe is ok for showing some toes - especially if the shoe is open instep or very low cut on the sides. Long pointy toes might look weird with a little toe cleavage? I don't mind it - if the shoe fits....and I like the overall silhouette ... I'll wear it.
  6. nzfreestyler

    Anbody Notice the recent changes to the Pigalle

    oh bugger.... I was kind of hopeful they might be more like a single sole pump. Thats why I like non platforms because I enjoy the lightweight and the flexibility of the toe etc (obviously I like the heel to be sturdy - thats a given)
  7. nzfreestyler

    Anbody Notice the recent changes to the Pigalle

    I like the floating platform. I don't wear platforms (well I have a few - but hardly wear them) and I wonder what that style of platform is like - does the toe still flex etc or is it rigid and unflexible like most platform soles are?
  8. nzfreestyler

    Share your best Freestyle Fashion pictures here.

    very nice ! I didn't know Nine West do 5 inchers - I haven't seen any here to try on. Are they a suede?
  9. nzfreestyler

    Anbody Notice the recent changes to the Pigalle

    its sort of funny I got my first pair a long time ago - the kind of shoe you get just to have it cause its such an iconic shoe. They are not my favourite shoe shape/silhouette, they are comfy (when you get sizings right) but I get so many compliments in them. I think it is just the lean heel shape - which I don't like that much (give me the skinny So Kate or Hot Chick heel anyday) that makes the shoe popular. I am wearing them again after a haitus of several years and instantly getting compliments and the shoes often recognised for what they are. I suppose its like choosing something thats ok in my mind but I know is most popular with others.(probably sums up a lot of fashion trends and why we wear them?)
  10. nzfreestyler

    Anbody Notice the recent changes to the Pigalle

    yeh true you have to try them on. I find they do stretch a lot too.
  11. nzfreestyler

    Anbody Notice the recent changes to the Pigalle

    thanks Rockpup I have 2 Hot Chicks and they are definitely very high but not bad to wear because they have a great curvature in the arch (unlike the Piggale which is not so curved underfoot)
  12. nzfreestyler

    Good old days

    I like the classic shape of those heels. A lot of the newer trendy heels (of which I am guilty of having too) have the heel more rear-mounted on the shoe rather than the classical shape with the heel inset a bit. The styles depicted here are nicer to wear & walk in than the rear mounted heel styles (they just balance better). As for height - well in my opinion 4 inches is plenty high enough for daytime, and I can do normal stuff in 4's, such as carry a large box, or walk miles etc, whereas the higher heels that I am guilty of wearing are not practical for every activity that might normally occur in a day - so you end up limiting what you do, or having to be helped - which is not always practical ! Its not graceful if you have to change your shoes to do something - we should wear shoes that we can keep on. Heels are still big here in NZ - they're keeping high but going chunkier - and they're getting big big platforms which are both ugly in my opinion - and awkward to wear. Lightweight stiletto heels are comfiest to wear in my opinion and if they're comfy then we keep them on longer!
  13. nzfreestyler

    Anbody Notice the recent changes to the Pigalle

    Hi MackyHeels, the Anouk is a nice shoe but I find I don't like the heel as much as the so kate heel - which is just gorgeous. The pigalle is a bit ugly and is a staple workhorse shoe in my mind. The best CL is without doubt the Hot Chick - it is high but has superb arch support, just so good on my foot.. nb. that video of slipping on a hot chick - they are so steep that - that is quite hard to do without running the risk of damaging the heel cup of your shoe - which one doesn't want to do!
  14. nzfreestyler

    Anbody Notice the recent changes to the Pigalle

    yeh its weird they have changed. I prefer the shape of the black python but its the toe that has become longer and the heel is a little lower but because of the longer toe it rises a little steeper. Can hardly tell when they're on - but neither shoe has that good curved arch support of the hot chick. The extra 10mm heel height in the hot chick and all of a sudden Mr L decides to provide a great arch support for us all. Perhaps he should wear his Pigalles for a day and see how he goes?
  15. nzfreestyler

    Anbody Notice the recent changes to the Pigalle

    If you haven't got a pair get the so kate instead. the heel is much better!! some comparison pics on

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