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  1. nzfreestyler

    Being asked to try your heels on

    People who are into heels are like minded ! Clearly she was into high heels !!!
  2. nzfreestyler

    Reason for wearing heels??

    Sounds like if you in mixed terrain that a larger heel is more practical. I don't go anywhere that hasn't got hard surfaces/pavements/sealed roads etc so I can get by in stilettos readily without issues. I only have to take my heels off for health and safety reasons now and again. (I think my skirt/hemlines give me more trouble than my shoes do! This is exactly why I love my stilettos. They are rock solid from the heel to the toe - no weight but solid and the toe bends making them easy to wear. Only poor quality stiletto will flex - the shank itself will always be solid as compared to flat shoes. (But obviously a tall heel is not as good as a lower heel for our feet - so its moderation all around!)
  3. I will be. Don't know what clothes I'll wear - perhaps something simple like a 3/4 sleeve dress with heels - it will depend on the weather but it looks mixed weather for New Year here.... its supposed to be summer but its not really here yet !
  4. nzfreestyler

    What Happened to White?

    I prefer a pointy toe on most of my shoes - just for aesthetics. I do like the contrast of a round to in a nude pump as long as it is complimented with a fierce heel to offset the innocent look of the round toe. The funny thing is I don't particularly like the white heel-less pumps above - I bought them because they were trendy a while back and I have had them for ages now. Whenever I wear them they get so many ooohs and aaaahs.... so they are a bit of spice up a basic outfit shoe now.
  5. I think most fashion conscious women are fashionistas - they wear what they do more for themselves and other women who are also fashionistas - primarily not to lure men or to fuel envy in other women - but because they like to look good in their own eyes. Naturally they swim in circles of like minded women. And in the larger fish tank - well we have a lot of women who don't get into that because they have never tried, just knock the fashionable ones back because it easier to be critical than to make an effort yourself.And as for the guys - well most don't notice the effort, those that do still don't get the styles, and a very small percentage of guys can probably appreciate it. I don't think its about stoking an envy - in my experiences women know I am not trying to outdo them. I actually do try to outdo them as I like to have the best legs, or the nicest outfit if I can but I appreciate being beaten and it makes me try harder I appreciate the fashion and the style of clothes and shoes - and if women sense that I do - then they get it - a fellow fashionista - not a enemy. Hard to explain quickly but that's what its like for me.
  6. nzfreestyler

    Reason for wearing heels??

    Ever thought about a thinner heel? If you are going to wear heels a lot - as I do - I prefer the light weight of a stiletto. No harder to wear - in fact I honestly think they are easier for me, but the beauty is the comfort of a solid heel without the weight and clunkiness of a block/wedge heel ? and the shoe can flex better which is kinder on your feet if you spend a long time in your heels. Just a thought if you are long term looking at wearing ea lot a stiletto might be a good option for a heel as well. Most women who are permanent heel wearers etc opt for a stiletto and I think that the light weight option is part of the reason. The other is obviously the style choice, or perhaps it is the style they most want to wear - but I am believe comfort is a big factor. Regardless I can imagine you'll be exited waiting for these new boots !!!
  7. nzfreestyler

    Jeremy's heel stories, pictures & thoughts

    they can be a damn nuisance sometimes - and other times they stay on beautifully. No good with stockings/hosiery. I like them because they are a variation on the standard pump.
  8. nzfreestyler

    Jeremy's heel stories, pictures & thoughts

    do you wear slingbacks ?
  9. nzfreestyler

    Jeremy's heel stories, pictures & thoughts

    you should get some? The Steve Madden pumps are available in tons of colours and fabrics - florals - all sorts.
  10. nzfreestyler

    Jeremy's heel stories, pictures & thoughts

    found these in your size on amazon.... Steve Madden Daisy 30 - 100 NZD - so half of that in Pounds. good quality - not high but a great staple heel. Goes with heaps and works as a great nude alternative too! oh and I found these too. Riverberry Lucy in Sz9 - NZD 19 - 39 - so again half that in pounds. what do you reckon ?
  11. nzfreestyler

    Jeremy's heel stories, pictures & thoughts

    A knee length skirt flatters everyones legs.... and if you have the figure for it and the right shaped slender legs/hips/derriere you can go shorter. But I am certain that all legs from the knee down look better in high heels. Bare legs is more slimming looking - and lets one appreciate ones shoes better ? Just my ramblings. I want to see these nude pumps now....
  12. nzfreestyler

    Jeremy's heel stories, pictures & thoughts

    now nude pumps mean showing your legs !!! you know that? Get those ankles and legs out there?
  13. nzfreestyler

    Jeremy's heel stories, pictures & thoughts

    bugger got to have good couple of nude pumps in the wardrobe !
  14. nzfreestyler

    Jeremy's heel stories, pictures & thoughts

    these booties would be a great look with sheer nearly black hosiery and a black skirt? oh I just saw the shoe choices.... hmmmn only takes a second for me....
  15. nzfreestyler

    Backpack or Messenger bag?

    I can't fit a pair of heels in my handbags - I can in a tote or a slightly larger bag but my handbags are just large enough for a a pair of flats in case I need them. I cant fit my heels in my bag cause heels are quite a bulky shape on their own unlike normal shoes. If I need to take a pair of heels somewhere I just carry them on their own in my hand. That way I don't damage them either

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