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  1. Pain relief....

    I presume you mean the ball of foot ones and the heel ones etc.... Have you tried the Scholl for her high heel insoles - in particular they do ones for higher heels now - I think they're for tall heels no lower than say 4 inches. They just go under your ball of foot and up the heel a bit under your arch. They feel very nice - they're more of an insole than party feet but still not a full shoe insole. Great with pumps and peep toe pumps.
  2. To Dress, or To Overdress?

    Well said JeffB !!! My confidence to wear what I like stems from my belief that I present a polished look and that I can also wear my heels very capably. Women are the harshest critics (of themselves and others) so I make an effort to dress well - if I'm playing in their realm I make sure I am up to their standards and preferrably higher. Cheers
  3. Pain relief....

    I have never tried that. It sounds so simple but I can't say I've heard of it nor has anyone I know tried it. I wear heels almost all the time and wear heels to work too - so have tried all the inserts etc and tricks I knew of (as you do). I am a little sceptical as in my experience I would put sore feet from heels down to the fit of the shoe vs the wearers foot shape. Sounds like ithe advertised plan/trick might be supposed to help specifically with ball of foot pain - and that I find is alleviated with a good fit and a good arch ie a well made shoe. How to get around the pointy toe... that might be more of a god-send. I do recommend insolia inserts - they do feel great under foot and some mainstream high heels have insolia built in to their design. cheers
  4. A summery pic: Another I found:
  5. Hi from Max in Montreal

    Hi Max, welcome aboard. There are a great many diverse minds and variations centered around a common passion for high heels here. I don't think anything you've mentioned is extreme, I' m sure you'll be very welcome here.
  6. Psychology paper on high heel wearing

    That research was focused around the curvature of the lower back being greater in heels than flats - which is definitely true, and they found the statistics collected supported that. Then previous research states that curvature of the womans lower back is a significant factor in attractiveness to males. Interesting how the statistical results of observed women in flats vs heels did not show a strong coorelation there - just a slight coorelation. Very wishy washy - nothing significantly conclusive. Given the sample size of women used in flats vs heels was only 12 women, and that they were all celebs - should bias the sampling mechanism, and a weak conclusion from the data should be ignored due to the poor & small smapling method being a likely contributor of false results. Enough from me. Amazing what constitutes research nowadays. Using pre-existing google images etc in research for pics of the women..... how can the pic/posture/clothes of the person be standardised etc for objectivity.. the results are likely crappy. I'd better shut up again.
  7. Psychology paper on high heel wearing

    I'll have to read that out of curiousity but I know heels have nothing to do solely being worn to attract men. Total bollocks. I wear them all the time and a lot of my friends wear heels always too. Heels are worn because they're beautiful and its how they make you feel. Heels are worn more for yourself (and other women), women definitely don't wear then because guys will/may notice them. Its because they feel better about themselves when in heels.
  8. High Heeled Vacation planning

    Hi I wear heels all the time. I have for a decade. When I started wearing heels a lot - say 15 years ago now it took me a very long time (2 years say) to become good enough to wear tall stilettos all day. Most guys have less flexibility in our feet than women so it is harder for us to start with, that and it is seriously many many times harder wearing heels all day and in all situations. I do not want to ruin your fun - but I would seriously advise you to be careful of what you wish for here - its a pretty big ask if you want to do a lot of walking around a city and its attractions in tall stilettos. I am all for challenges and having fun and doing stuff - I honestly wouldn't aim to to wear my average to taller heels all day for 2 weeks while going around a new city - and I wear heels all the time - I know it would be really hard work for me to do. My advice is plan to mix your heels up, and take varied stiletto heights deliberately. Then if you're keen you can dial the heels up all the time, rather than being limited to wedge back-up options you mentioned because you got heeled-out. That way you've got your favourite heel options in varied heights and the enjoyment can be maximised ? On a more positive note - Shoe shopping sounds so cool together!!! Get a pair of matching So Kates - I reckon they're the best CL. Pigalle is too small in the toe, and the heel feels awkward underfoot in the pigalle. Are you going to fly there and back in heels. Its fun flying in heels - always get lots of compliments from the air crew. You should try that?
  9. Style for the day

    no worries - its often hard or lengthy to explain the complications that a high heeled shoe has in reality... this is just another case in point. Wearing heels all the time changes your perspective. Well it has for me. I don't dislike heels at all - I love them even more - but I am choosier and more critical as a result of wearing heels more.
  10. Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    For me - I would loose interest in my high heels if I could not wear a skirt or a dress. I prefer my legs out there, and the shoes and my legs look much better like that. If I wear jeans with heels it is very very very reluctantly - so hardly ever happens. I almost never leave home in flats/ low heels anymore so I mostly in a skirt/dress. My heels are en extension of my legs and need to be shown so I reckon I would loose interest in I had to hide my legs/ankles. Similarly if I was limited to ankle boots/knee boots etc I would definitely stop.
  11. Style for the day

    Quite simple really... if you wear high heels all the time it soon becomes apparent. I've worn heels for years and years - mostly pumps and pants are tricky because.... the length needs to match the heel height.... and therein lies the problem. If you want to wear a different pair of heels then the pants will likely be the wrong hem length. Usually they are. Similarly if you have a smaller toe and you have a baggy hem then the shoe can vanish and it looks silly. The reality is if you wear heels for work/ all day you may want to drop to flats for a short time or lower heels etc and your screwed if you're wearing pants. It just looks stupid and you feel awkward. Ask most women and I'm sure they'll tell you the same. The solution is a pant thats approx 3 inches above the ankle - or a skirt/dress. These work with all the shoes! Agree totally - a pointy toe stiletto heel is a sexy shoe. They make you feel better when you wear them - or at least I do. If you really want a sexy powerful feeling consider a navy skirt suit instead with those nude pumps. A skirt suit always works a treat.
  12. A bit of competition - so I'd better show my legs from a few angles....
  13. Here's one from me. No point wasting time.
  14. Style for the day

    pointy toes are the prettiest in my opinion. I think the stiletto heel suits a pointy toe well, and also the higher heels also are better balanced with a pointier toe. Your foot looks a lot smaller as the heel gets higher and a slightly pointier toe evens things out.
  15. Are there any rules ? eg bare legs only ?