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  1. nzfreestyler

    What matches purple heels?

    Gidday, Nice shoe choice. Purple is a feature colour - and I think they are a suede pump too ? Anyhow - I would treat them as a feature shoe - they can be the pop in your outfit. plain neautral shirt/trousers and a pop of colour on your feet! Or tone on tone - with purple shades as you are here. Is good advice from others as to avoiding bright reds/oranges - possible yellows. greys, blues, lilac,creme, neutrals, black will all be fine. Have fun!
  2. nzfreestyler

    First pair of heels?

    Welcome to world of awesome shoes! In terms of styles - they do change seasonally. I wear pumps all the time (boots seldom) - I have round/almond and pointed toes - in all colours and styles It is safe to say that a pointy toe pump (not super pointy) but still a pointed toe is the classic staple and is timeless and will always be on trend. Best colours for a pump would be a basic black and then a nude, other colours follow. The benefit of pumps is they work with everything from pants to skirts/dresses, whereas boots/sandals have some limitations as to what they can pair with easily. oh - and regarding bare feet/hosiery with pumps - I would recommend always have your feet and legs paler than your shoes - so hosiery should be lighter and ideally sheer - 20 denier is about right - I wear 10 denier because I only want the shade/colour tone. I would avoid socks with pumps - be proud of your shoes and own the look - it looks better with a bit of skin showing. Your pic with bare feet and wedges is much better looking than with socks in my opinion anyway. Have fun!
  3. nzfreestyler

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Wow JeffB over a quarter of a million views on this thread !!! No surprises as to why! Keep up the most excellent work!
  4. nzfreestyler

    Guess Carrie Pumps

    The Carrie is a very comfortable shoe. A reasonable height heel, not too high for all day and a very flattering cut to the shoe so its looks great on your feet. They are good to wear. The aesthetics are a personal thing - i like them - but each to their own.
  5. Yes I get your point. In my opinion the post owners should be the ones to determine that. It's their competition. Perhaps in their minds we need to work harder? perhaps they think we can do better?
  6. I understood Amanda and Megan were going to judge this at a later date based on the frequency and number of posted entries.
  7. nzfreestyler

    Show us your most masculine heels

    oh very nice boots. I love the tassle details!! would also be neat with a simple tweed short shift dress in earthy tones - like the mod dresses of the 70s?
  8. nzfreestyler

    Do you feel short without your heels?

    I've often worn a denim mini and wedge heels on my bicycles around the suburbs where I live - in summer of course. I avoid a full skirt - but a slim a-line skirt is ok and a short skirt in denim/boucle/corduroy doesn't blow up.
  9. nzfreestyler

    Chores in heels

    I mainly wear flats at home - but I often wear low heels at home, like 2-3 inches if I am standing still for a bit - stuff like cooking and ironing. I get tired feet in flats standing still. I haven't worn heels to walk the dog - I often run so I wear running shoes. Other stuff like shopping etc is almost always in heels anyway.
  10. nzfreestyler

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Cool JeffB loving the outfit - and your legs are for miles !!
  11. well done - nice to see some bare legs too! Might as well keep ones legs groomed because hosiery needs smooth legs too - especially if ones legs are out in the open! I work the other way around - almost always I pick my shoes to go with my clothes - but there have been a few exceptions.
  12. Nice pics. Nice to see another dress too!
  13. nzfreestyler

    Highest heel you've worn

    I had a couple of pairs of Loubies - back in the days when I started wearing heels and really wanted to wear some CLs - I found them hard to wear for more than a few hours back then, nowadays I'm sure wouldn't be an issue cause I'm used to heels, but the pumps I had were not that pretty looking, and the tall CLs (apart from the So Kate) have the heel quite rear-mounted and they feel a little weird on, and in my opinion aren''t as nice as a lot of more reasonably priced high heels. I agree aesthetically the taller CLs don't look as nice on - and they feel a little funny to wear with the heel position at the back of the pump. Sort of like flip-flop walking.I'll take a Casadei or a Choo Anouk anyday - even MiPiacis rather than the super high CLs.
  14. nzfreestyler

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Well you rock that mini ! And a pop of pink would be awesome on your feet .... a feature shoe (and pink is a great colour) can be worn with so many outfits.
  15. nzfreestyler

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Cool JeffB I have a passion for pink - its a fun colour to wear! I also have the perfect pink pumps that would soooo go with your skirt and top! ps. whats up with the skirt anyway... I thought you were embarking on a skirt hiatus ? Anyway - I love the outfit, and a skirt is great on you too!

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