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  1. Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    Hey no problem. Happy to help. Any questions let me know.
  2. Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    Flaunting high heels is my space. I wear heels all the time with a skirt or a dress because I like the look. I love high heels - if I was not allowed to wear a dress/skirt I would still wear high heels - but reluctantly with trousers/shorts etc.... I would not be happy if I had to wear flats or lower heels. I don't need to wear heels for any reason other than I want to, but I really want to and enjoy it and its become who I am. I don't do wigs/make up etc - not wanting to become or talk like a woman etc, just a bloke wearing heels & skirt. I believe heels are best displayed - I show them off and let them work their own magic. They give me confidence - I feel better with a red pair on my feet than I do in black heels. I prefer to show some leg because the shoe needs the ankle exposed to look good and be admired fully - so I might as well have the knee down bare leg. I walk well in heels - I like the posture and standing in heels feels better, I like the options I have when standing in heels vs flats. The taller heels are better still for standing options/posture. Yes I am often the centre of attention but thats what is empowering, stopping a room dead is fun, you need the confidence to do it, but if you do - then beware because your starting confidence/self esteem grows exponentially. Wear heels enough in public places you soon learn first hand how empowering they are. It is addictive - I'm hooked - its part of who I am. Do I need high heels in order to be able to do something - of course not - am I confident person - most would say I am anyway - so do I need to do it in high heels - honestly no - but I prefer the feel and enjoy the 4th dimension of personal power they instantly give me. Better sign off. Ciao.
  3. Recent Purchase

    Lovely classical pump. I love the rounded almond toe - my favourite for all day wear. How does the small platform affect the flex of the toe? Congrats - wear and enjoy !
  4. The Shopping Experience

    So true. I read an article years back about how heels get higher and more often worn/purchased during a recession!
  5. Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    Oh my. I've seen this before and it's impressive. I can shuffle - its fun to do. Its not that hard in flats - I can't shuffle in heels though!. Shuffling in tall heels is so demanding on the knees - so I respect the physicality of this feat !! Well done.
  6. Forced to wear heels (repost to a thread in girls forum)

    I get it and I'm sorry to hear that. You just have to keep up with it. Soft tissue injuries/ problems do repair themselves but extremely slowly - especially ligament/tendon issues because connective tissues have low blood supply and therefore repair and heal very very slowly. The best way to increase bloodflow is exercise and heat - which is why when I couldn't walk on my foot my physio and sports med specialists sent me running every day to speed up recovery. Not comfortable but suddenly became ok to run on - but not walk on - that still hurt. Over time both came right, and over time I could alternate heels and flats etc.... I do wish you well - Good luck!
  7. Forced to wear heels (repost to a thread in girls forum)

    Hi Amanda, no fantasy here. I wear them all the time but basically never at home. As you rightly said regarding getting stuck in heels - I have experienced a similar issue many years ago that put me into flats for 18 months while I worked hard to recooperate the tendons/ligaments in my feet (plantar fatia/ achilles etc)My sports med specialists demanded that I run excessively and I was taped up and wear only running shoes for 6-12 months to start with, then move back to flat shoes etc.... That - as I know you'll understand is a crappy situation and I understand the challenges you'll have to deal with too. Back then I incorporated flexibility and exercixes into my training (which I do anyway for multisports) every day to ensure that my feet are looked after, I've been doing this for over 5 years now and I've had no niggles/trouble since (touch-wood). None of us appreciate what we have until we are faced with not having it, and I learnt to appreciate high heels more than ever after being so long without them at all. I nowadays wear heels daily - but never at home. I suspect a lot of others wearing is at home more (which is ok - not as many crazy people as me out there) Please don't think I'm fantasizing - I'm not - I've been there & learnt from it. I love heels, want to wear & be seen in them daily and am being careful to ensure (hopefully) I can keep that up for ages to come. On an equally important side note - I hope your recovery is ongoing and getting better and I wish you the best in that regard. signing off todays ramble H
  8. Forced to wear heels (repost to a thread in girls forum)

    Yeh. My friends tease me for being in mufti if I wear wedges rather than a stiletto heel.
  9. Forced to wear heels (repost to a thread in girls forum)

    I've never been forced to wear heels but I have felt pressured to wear tall heels out a lot. Because I'm well known for my heels whenever we go out its sort of expected that I'll wear heels - and the more formal the event the higher the heels etc... No one would demand it but is a pressure I perceive, which is largely self inflicted by my wearing heels almost all the time. I do understand how some women may not look forward to going out if they aren't into high heels. So I've felt compelled to keep standards up and have worn taller heels on trips/ get togethers when I wouldn't really have done so if it was just me on my own. On my own I would have worn a lower heel option. I also like having the tallest shoes (or put another way I don't like being outdone in the footwear department) so that means I need to keep my heels up. Got nobody to blame or raise an issue with other than myself - so I'm ok with that - but I thought I'd share my perspective.
  10. Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    This is a good topic. For me I was similar early on. Nowadays I enjoy the postural change most, I like the feeling with my pelvis tilted forward from heels and I like my back arched a little and the firm feeling I get right up the backs of my legs from tall heels. I prefer stilettos as I like the silhouette and I like to see my feet arched, and I find them easy to wear. For me its a personal image thing now. I like how I see myself, I like to be seen in high heels - I don't make any attempts to hide my heels. I like them noisy, I'll wear a mini skirt. I have no hair on my legs so I enjoy being bare legged, especially in summer- which to be honest is just so good with a skirt. I am lucky I have a good figure so again I am a bit vain but enjoy flaunting a bit out there. Must be a bit of an exhibitionist in me ? I prefer the fashion statement that a skirt & heels has - and I can show off my legs! Don't know if that answers the question rightly? Quite a hard one to explain without writing a lot and spending a lot of time structuring a logical explanation? I've never bothered to analyse what I do - I'm just to busy being selfish and enjoying myself as it suits me! (naughty me)
  11. Skirt n heels. Big city phenomena?

    Skirts are the best in summer - so much cooler ! Maxi skirts are cooler than shorts too and quite trendy in some beautiful digital prints so maybe there will be more skirts to see this summer ?? Personally when I wear skirts if the hemline is around my knee then a high heel is essential - it just looks right. Knee length doesn't look right with flats. Given the trend for these larger bodies full skirts around the knee then there may be more high heel action to come ?
  12. Garter belt -- help!

    You need to look for a suspender belt with metal hardware. All good quality lingerie has metal hardware on adjusters and fastenings. In the case of a suspender belt you need the metal loops (not plastic ones) that the plastic/rubberised clips slide into and hold the welts on your upper thigh. Look for metal adjusters on the suspender straps to control length, and there should be at least 3 rows of hooks on the waistband (ie 3 waist adjustments) . Good suspender belts will most likely have 4 adjustments. Try the belt on - you need to wear it on the loosest hooks when you buy it. It will loose elasticity just like a bra does, and you will need to use the tighter rows in the future to ensure consistent support. A boned suspender belt is more comfortable than one without (eg the one pictured), so consider boned suspender belts - which will keep it sitting flat & straight on your hips as you move. As already mentioned the stockings you're suspending should be finer on the welts where the clips attach. Lace is ok, there should be no silicone or elastac banding (I think thats what they call the non silicon rubberised ones) - which is obviously for hold-ups only. In the absence of any heavy fabric the suspenders will hold well if the clasps are metal rings/plastic coated metal rings. I find 4 straps commonly available, and from experience a fitted 4 strap will work for me all day. Sure I get a little slippage- but thats normal with any suspender especially on the rear suspenders as they get a lot of tension from sitting down and the straps slowly let loose (not the stocking - the adjuster on the straps) A simple tweak on your straps fixes that. My favourites are 6 strap styles, because they are still pretty and the work so well. I have 2 from Dita Von Teese and 1 Christies, 1 Valisere and 2 La Perla. Most readily available suspender belts are 4 strap nowadays, the vintage styles of 6/8 strap are available but they are not as delicate in their design. If you want something functional & pretty try regular lingerie outlets carefully looking for metal hardware , if you want something functional but plain try a vintage style suspender belt -(unfortunately they usually won't be boned) hope this rambling helps.
  13. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Hi JeffB, I'm loving this. The addition of a simple black pump is perfect ! I agree about dresses - I also started with skirts and have progressed to more and more dresses over the years. I'm approx 20% dresses because of having to wear a skirt mon-fri.
  14. Dilemma

    I wear heels ALL the time, I don't need as many pairs as I own and I'm always shopping for more. Every day I check the shops for new styles. I have 5 pairs of the same shoe for work - same color, the exact same shoe but a pair for each day of the week. I had close to 300 pairs last count - which was many years earlier. maybe 2013 ? I do retire shoes that the soles have worn through, or get the heels bent, but I retire fewer than I buy!! I have some shoes, all the same style but in many different colors, so I can match to my clothes better. High heels aren't functional, they're beautiful, so I collect them but also get to showcase them on my feet - like living art. If I spotted a pair of heels that were slightly unique, had a point of difference and fitted me, then provided I had the cashflow I would always buy the shoe!
  15. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Welll done JeffB. The black dress looks great on you! I know exactly what you mean about wearing a dress, its so effortless, simple and sophisticated and its one simple garment rather than tops/bottoms etc... and in warmer weather they are the best.