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  1. Skirt n heels. Big city phenomena?

    Skirts are the best in summer - so much cooler ! Maxi skirts are cooler than shorts too and quite trendy in some beautiful digital prints so maybe there will be more skirts to see this summer ?? Personally when I wear skirts if the hemline is around my knee then a high heel is essential - it just looks right. Knee length doesn't look right with flats. Given the trend for these larger bodies full skirts around the knee then there may be more high heel action to come ?
  2. Garter belt -- help!

    You need to look for a suspender belt with metal hardware. All good quality lingerie has metal hardware on adjusters and fastenings. In the case of a suspender belt you need the metal loops (not plastic ones) that the plastic/rubberised clips slide into and hold the welts on your upper thigh. Look for metal adjusters on the suspender straps to control length, and there should be at least 3 rows of hooks on the waistband (ie 3 waist adjustments) . Good suspender belts will most likely have 4 adjustments. Try the belt on - you need to wear it on the loosest hooks when you buy it. It will loose elasticity just like a bra does, and you will need to use the tighter rows in the future to ensure consistent support. A boned suspender belt is more comfortable than one without (eg the one pictured), so consider boned suspender belts - which will keep it sitting flat & straight on your hips as you move. As already mentioned the stockings you're suspending should be finer on the welts where the clips attach. Lace is ok, there should be no silicone or elastac banding (I think thats what they call the non silicon rubberised ones) - which is obviously for hold-ups only. In the absence of any heavy fabric the suspenders will hold well if the clasps are metal rings/plastic coated metal rings. I find 4 straps commonly available, and from experience a fitted 4 strap will work for me all day. Sure I get a little slippage- but thats normal with any suspender especially on the rear suspenders as they get a lot of tension from sitting down and the straps slowly let loose (not the stocking - the adjuster on the straps) A simple tweak on your straps fixes that. My favourites are 6 strap styles, because they are still pretty and the work so well. I have 2 from Dita Von Teese and 1 Christies, 1 Valisere and 2 La Perla. Most readily available suspender belts are 4 strap nowadays, the vintage styles of 6/8 strap are available but they are not as delicate in their design. If you want something functional & pretty try regular lingerie outlets carefully looking for metal hardware , if you want something functional but plain try a vintage style suspender belt -(unfortunately they usually won't be boned) hope this rambling helps.
  3. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Hi JeffB, I'm loving this. The addition of a simple black pump is perfect ! I agree about dresses - I also started with skirts and have progressed to more and more dresses over the years. I'm approx 20% dresses because of having to wear a skirt mon-fri.
  4. Dilemma

    I wear heels ALL the time, I don't need as many pairs as I own and I'm always shopping for more. Every day I check the shops for new styles. I have 5 pairs of the same shoe for work - same color, the exact same shoe but a pair for each day of the week. I had close to 300 pairs last count - which was many years earlier. maybe 2013 ? I do retire shoes that the soles have worn through, or get the heels bent, but I retire fewer than I buy!! I have some shoes, all the same style but in many different colors, so I can match to my clothes better. High heels aren't functional, they're beautiful, so I collect them but also get to showcase them on my feet - like living art. If I spotted a pair of heels that were slightly unique, had a point of difference and fitted me, then provided I had the cashflow I would always buy the shoe!
  5. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Welll done JeffB. The black dress looks great on you! I know exactly what you mean about wearing a dress, its so effortless, simple and sophisticated and its one simple garment rather than tops/bottoms etc... and in warmer weather they are the best.
  6. Dilemma

    I wear high heels all the time, mostly 4 inch or higher. I agree with Cali and JeffB. Pumps are my favourites and they shouldn't hurt, none of mine do. Sales are great, but shoes should always be tried on unless buying another pair of a shoe already purchased (and always tried on at the end of the day because our feet swell during the day). Pumps should have a snug fit - nut not tight that it hurts.
  7. Heels of summer

    Well I'm looking forward to summer here in NZ too! We'll be smidgen later than Aussie! For me its skirts/shorts. Shorter hems, more minis, summer dresses too ! Pumps, slings, mules and sandals styles only. No jeans or hosiery in summer - bare legs only! Can't wait !
  8. Skirt n heels. Big city phenomena?

    Wow - very similar tops (in summer) to the southern alps here in New Zealand. I climb and tramp a lot, I've climbed most of NZ peaks, and there are only a few places I have not clambered through. The only challenge I have is finding crampons that will fit high heels !
  9. Office Ergonomics

    Now that would be interesting! Seriously now - while fun because the red would look stunning with my suits I wouldn't enjoy having to wear ballet pumps for a day !! Give me a measly 4 inch heel for work anyday !
  10. Skirt n heels. Big city phenomena?

    Got me there! So much for a university education eh! I should know better (well - to be honest I do know better - but like a lot of things in the modern era, standards are slipping, spoken language, written language etc... and clearly I'm as guilty as the next person for not checking what I've written!)
  11. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Yes - thats well said !
  12. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Hi JeffB great look! I love the navy pinsripe. I'm guessing the dress has a split on both sides to the knee - I can see on the wearers right there is a split - normally its both? Dresses are great aren't they! Perfect because they're so elegant and simple to wear. A one stop shop! A wide brimmed hat with a matching navy pin stripe sash would be terrific with that outfit. Great for summer!?
  13. Who has bought some new shoes

    Nice shoe! Yeh - if you've got other Steve Maddens they're all true to size. They'll fit based on other for sure! Hopefully you've got others. If not I've found they're generous sized, and medium width (I go down a size but thats because I've a narrow foot) I Like Steve Madden heels, they're well made and always consistent sized across the styles.
  14. Skirt n heels. Big city phenomena?

    Yes it is a shame. Women are gorgeous creatures and they do themselves a disservice by dressing drab.
  15. Hair on your legs and ...

    Hi all, I think its a personal decision to be hairless, I've done every hair removal method over many many years and I was very hairy legged !!! (once upon a time) . Personally I prefer a bare leg with any high heels, and I think hosiery works better & feels better with smooth legs than with hairy/stubbly legs. Hosiery should just glide over the legs, its shouldn't stick around the knees etc and it needs a smooth leg within. For quick results waxing is definitely best - quick to get done (do not do it yourself) but must be done say 1-2 days before you want your legs presented. The results will last a week and the more you wax the easier it gets and your hair gets finer! Shaving only lasts a day and you can feel a stubble...and hair grows back coarser! If you desire to have smooth legs then seriously consider permanent removal - IPL/VPL. I looked at the hours I spend waxing and costs of that vs getting IPL/VPL treatment and it is long term much better investment to permanently remove hair. The main treatments cost a bit, but each one is very effective and you don't loose progress if you stop temporarily, so you can revert to shaving inbetween while you save for the next one. (can't wax inbetween) The beauty salon I used allowed me to come in for little touch ups in small areas (minutes only) if I discovered a stray hair or two down the track (for almost no cost, some were free) - the end result is honestly flawless. if you look after your skin as well - your legs will always feel like silk. You can continue the process to your bikini/brazilian areas as well if you choose for identically perfect results. For me now I never need to do anything to my legs, they're always ready for action, always perfectly smooth, always blemish free etc.. I used to hate days when I had a slight stubble/regrowth, discolouration or marks and I had to be seen .... its so effortless & perfect now I cannot put a price on it ! Truely I can't.