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  1. nzfreestyler

    Guess Carrie Pumps

    I used to have a couple of pairs of Carrie pumps. I like the low cut on the arch - it looked really nice on my foot. They weren't too expensive and were in a range of colours for years in Farmers department stores throughout NZ
  2. nzfreestyler

    Mr. X's travels

    True mlroseplant, thats why I fake tan myself ! nothing malicious in the intent - as you said a cheeky remark. As always though moderation is the key to everything.
  3. nzfreestyler

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    You know the problem is there is so many options.... I reckon I'll have trouble deciding what I want That might be their secret trick - we end up wanting more styles because we have too much choice !
  4. nzfreestyler

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    thanks JeffB, I have had a play on their website. Looks interesting. I might have to splash out on a pair I think Good to know you are pleased with them!
  5. nzfreestyler

    You guys decide

    I'd go with the pumps Thats a fab colour - but you would have to confident to wear a hot pink.
  6. nzfreestyler

    High Heels Losing to Sneakers in Popularity

    Well I'd wear these !
  7. nzfreestyler

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Hi JeffB, women notice the details and style more than we do probably - or at least some of them do. Those with an eye for fashion are far more evolved than we are at judging what they like, what they look good in etc. So take credit where credit is due my friend ! I can't wear a marble-grey with my very pale skin tones but I think that works for you just fine. This outfit totally rocks I haven't seen you take these pumps for another spin ? I'd love to know about the fit and quality - I am considering buying a pair Did you customise the inner lining to a pale pink ? They look like a 10 hour shoe easily And your dress - is it belted or does it just seem that way?
  8. nzfreestyler

    Mr. X's travels

    Nicely done Mr X You just need to get some sun on those pins of yours! Perhaps some fake tan? Seriously - a simple and elegant look. Nice to see the attention to details with your toes ! And remember to hang onto that dress if there is a breeze! Thats the only problem with an empire-line fit & flare like that! But the shape is a good shape to wear!
  9. nzfreestyler

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Rock on JeffB !
  10. nzfreestyler

    Boot cut or not

    good look! that rounded shape of the bootie/boot compliments that boot cut pants! well done tailored pants require a pointy toe in my opinion You are bang on what I think works with boot cut and longer hemline denim or pants. Rock on kind sir
  11. nzfreestyler

    Looking for non skirt/non skinny-jean bottom

    I would have to challenge you on one thing. Stilettos aren't brutal to wear - I wear them everyday and all day and have doen for years. They are very easy to wear No harder than any heels
  12. nzfreestyler

    Looking for non skirt/non skinny-jean bottom

    Ha ha Cali ! I wish I did - but I don;t have shares in a skirt factory! I just like my skirts that's all. They're easy.
  13. nzfreestyler

    Looking for non skirt/non skinny-jean bottom

    Yes probably so Shyheels.
  14. nzfreestyler

    Looking for non skirt/non skinny-jean bottom

    I think to wear a trouser/pant leg with most high heels you will want a cut finishing above the ankle and fitted from the knee - slim leg - but I thought that a fitted pant was what you wanted to avoid hence I suggested skirts as most sensible. A skirt is still the most versatile, however a fitted leg ending above the ankles will work with most high heels ! Looser fitted leg and a longer leg hem below the ankle will limit shoe options quite a bit.

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