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  1. Gidday JeffB, looking great as always. Loving the purple! Black and Gold sandals go so well! Good stuff!
  2. Yep, standing desks are big here, we are getting several, but we're away from our desks enough during each day for it to be not so bad. What you say about 2 inch heels with standing desks is pretty much what we were told too. 40mm block heels were max recommended heels for standing desks, Yucky.
  3. Yes. But even though you say casual - you sport an organised casual, which I respect and commend you for! You're right that you take your appearance seriously, we all should, as confidence swells if we look good, and thats what we need for ourselves and the future of others who may follow.
  4. Next thing we'll be getting an annual reinspection to see how we're going.... or not going! Actually I hope not, its creepy enough having to put up with these guys around/under my desk, and holding my ankles etc .. Its not so bad watching them sort out someone else, it sort of makes sense what they're doing when you see someone else being arranged... but its creepy when its done to you.... Its also peculiar when guys are telling me about high heel posture and issues related to heels. I'm sure most heel wearers (obviously mainly women) aren't going to listen to men telling them how & what to do in heels and take it really seriously, they're not convincing, they won't understand how high heels really work. Women delivering the same messages might be taken more convincingly.
  5. Over here the employers face massive fines and are required to actively encourage staff and invite OSH specialists in to look over the facilities. By doing this many industries are entitled to ACC premium reduction of up to 50% per annum if they have a very active H&S system within their businesses. This I understand is why it is pursued. Of course it also fuels the prescription of some nonsense, but if its cost neutral for a company then at least they're compliant I suppose. Nothing worse than adding costs for no benefit! NZ is one of only a few countries in the world that have an ACC system, so any accidents we have at home or work we public can claim against the govt for treatment etc, so this is funded via workplace ACC levies and general taxation. Of course an employer who has a lot of ACC claims lodged as happening in their workplace get increased levies, and the more you do to improve processes etc you can reduce your levies. Generally the bigger the company the more they're into H&S. On one hand eliminating high heels would be an option, this in its own right is discriminatory. I would be gutted if heels were not allowed in the workplace, even if they had to be chunky heels or worse still 1-2inches I would be gutted. There's almost nothing that I can't do in high heels and its not fair that the shoes be eliminated on the grounds of them alone being the issue. Its more the wearer thats the major factor. There have been many cases of business/local bodies being sued for accidents where the complainant was in high heels, and these cases are more often being won now, although the shoes are often tried to be pinned as the cause. I think its great that more focus is put on design and standards of buildings/facilities/transport to allow for our high heels. Here in NZ if they were to ban High Heels in the workplace, then the way our laws for H&S work, the businesses would have to ban the public from wearing high heels in their premises, also any visiting employees in work capacity would have to be banned etc,.. so even a sole company policy or an industry wide regulation wouldn't be viable without a nationwide high heel ban !
  6. Great look JeffB Your legs are looking great, and the hemline is excellent. Nicely coordinated too!
  7. Well they're not forbidding crossed legs, we're not supposed to sit and work at a computer with crossed legs. Those of us wearing skirts will definitely still cross our legs elsewhere at work because well, without stating the obvious we need to. In terms of lifting things over shoulder height - that and stretching out in the same way, apparently that is only an issue if we are wearing our high heels. If we wear flats its ok in our situation! The guys weren't impressed when I challenged them and said whats the difference between standing on tip toes in flats and putting something on a shelf overhead, or doing the same wearing high heels. Perhaps there is some truth to it, and its to do with posture changes and muscles used etc when wearing heels? What is annoying and makes me suspsicious is the inability of the supposed experts to be able to communicate why these are issues. If they could do that then it would be more widely accepted I think.
  8. Common sense and OSH are mutually exclusive I think. Perhaps we should now be saying 'Uncommon Sense' !!
  9. Its so silly you have to laugh it off. The footrests are manually adjusted so you have to get down there and adjust the height and tilt. They have notches and a pivot that both need twidling. Its fairly quick but it is clunky. And you're right about shorter heels. I don't wear a lot shorter - mine are all around 4 inches, so for me (and most of the girls too) we've only getting maybe an inch of variation across our heels, so I'm picking we'll never adjust anyway!
  10. Exactly what I thought. Its like the industry for H&S just spin about any nonsense in order to build their own empire of nonsense. The majority of H&S nonsense is so far fetched the true liklihood of anything really causing an injury is extreemely small. I think they're mixed up with 'logically possible' vs 'emperically possible' Yes it is possible that I could get RSI from not adjusting my footrest to match my heel height today but its not really going to happen. Given that a piece of asteroid could crash on our heads at work, everyone should have to wear hard hats all day. (oh and yes they are allowed to match your shoes). Possible but not at all likely to happen.
  11. We've had the OSH/ worklpace ergonomics people through to check out our workstations, specifically for using computers. We've had the old blue light issue raised and we've all got bad posture and don't sit at our desks correctly! I'm only at my desk one third to half the time anyway, but... apparently regardless of how little or much I sit at a desk it matters. We're not allowed to sit cross legged anymore, and we have to have our desks altered! For those who wear high heels we must alter our workstation every day to match the heels we're wearing that day! Apparently our feet must be flat and thighs parallel to the ground when seated properly. I just used to adjust my chair to the height of my heels, but now our chairs need to be set to the height of our highest heels and then we have to use an adjustable foot stool that is designed specifically for high heeled shoes, that goes up and down and tilts so that the foot is kept parallel to the ground (ie. flat), and the toes/ heel of the shoe is still rested down on the footrest. Even though we may only vary heel heights by an inch, we still have to adjust the footrest!!!! Craziness, I think this is overkill. So the business has to buy several new desks, several new chairs, and a full compliment of these fancy looking footrests. We were also looking at standing desks too, which I like the concept of, but apparently we should only wear block heels for standing, and no higher than 40mm. Fat chance of that at work! Nobody would wear those! At least we can adjust the height of these desks easily. Additionally we have to cease storing folders in overhead shelving units because of health and safety and over-extension. Apparently a person in high heels should never stretch their arms out above shoulder level, eg to put heavy folders in shelves over benches, such as office shelves up high! Those of us in the offices ALLWAYS wear taller heels! In fact I thought it would make that job easier! Similarly we cannot help out back with parts etc in the lundia/ roller racking because we're not allowed to reach unless we put flat shoes on! It was suggested that we (those with high heeled shoes) consider using a short step ladder to prevent over-extending. Really. Introducing a set of steps into the equation would be far riskier I'd have thought than any risks of over-extending ? Anyone else heard of this! I mean maybe it makes some sense, but not really.
  12. Hey Sydheel, the pink pumps are lovely. You mentioned you were surprised how good they looked. I am totally biased to pumps but I wear jeans now and again, but always with a high heel pump. I often wear bold pinks/ reds/ golds/ silvers etc... and a statement shoe works well with denim! You're wearing tailored/ snug fitting jeans which is essential for a pump shoe I think. You look really good in the shot. I think the pink suede is definitely worth getting if you can !
  13. Botox injections in the tips of all toes. Nurofen gel applied to the feet. Pain killers and 2 bottles of scotch. ? Seriously 24 hrs is a mission, I've spent maybe 4hrs in mine and that is ludicrously hard work! I'd take my hat off to anyone who can do 8hrs let alone 24! Be careful would be my advice.
  14. Well - welcome to the world of colour! Thats what I really like about high heels - the variety of styles AND colours. Once you've worn red a bit I'm sure you'll appreciate the 'feel good' factor that red shoes will give you. The red colour can literally brighten a dull day, and make us feel better about ourselves, or a little more confident. The look well made, with good quality uppers.
  15. the vamp is the piece across your toes, or the opening across the top of the foot. Pumps are a lower vamp because the top of the foot is exposed unlike a lave up shoe which covers the forefoot and has a higher vamp. Or thats how I understand it. Pumps generally have low vamps, a pump with a lot of toe cleavage has a lower vamp again. What I was saying, or trying to say is that they fit quite high over your toes, but otherwise I think they're lovely.