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  1. nzfreestyler

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Gidda JeffB I would say the outfit was polished - not dressy-ish but rather more elegant-smart-casual - either way its a great ensemble !
  2. nzfreestyler

    Wearing Mismatched Shoes on Purpose

    well I'm funny. I like to pick out colours in what I am wearing - in that case plum red and navy were in my clothes so I just went with it!
  3. nzfreestyler

    Wearing Mismatched Shoes on Purpose

    Hi JeffB I like that pic you've posted. Monochromatic high heels mixed up. Looks good. With your styles and discernment - I reckon you could run with 2 different colours of shoes.... (just my crazy opinion anyway) that said - 2 different colours is fun - but I must be honest and say - matching shoes is still prettier and classier - I would never mismatch shoes in any formal dress code.
  4. nzfreestyler

    Wearing Mismatched Shoes on Purpose

  5. nzfreestyler

    Mr. X's travels

    I'm out all day (and night) in my outfits I take my rompers off - its yucky because I have to take my shoes off too - in order to not have the romper on the floor or against the toilet....and then I'm barefoot in the bathroom.... Its as hard as wearing a big gown.
  6. nzfreestyler

    Partying in High Heels

    thanks JeffB I was dressed quite well - those are one of my more classy pumps - no handrails either so I had to borrow an arm - but it did make me feel silly as a guy needing a friends arm. But the jetty approach was perhaps 150m of planking like that ! No handrails. I've been on boats and the like in high heels, and small boats are a lot harder obviously but large boats have metal decks and they are so treacherous.... anyhow... the things we do....
  7. nzfreestyler

    You guys decide

    Hot pink is a perfect colour for a high heel shoe ! I love my pink shoes! Go for pink!
  8. nzfreestyler

    Partying in High Heels

    Being almost a permanent heel wearer I end up in heels in awkward places. Mind you I do go out to parties, road trips, to watch sports games etc wearing high heels. Anyone else end up a little drunk - or occasionally a lot drunk in their heels? I went to a party across the shore and wore a nice dress and heels combo - classy because it was a upscale do. We all were rather drunk, I am pretty good in heels even when drunk, but I had to contend with a jetty of wooden planks while more than a little tiddly in an expensive pair of heels. Luckily I kept my heels out of the gaps!
  9. nzfreestyler

    Mr. X's travels

    Yes I think you're right. My playsuits and rompers are short in the leg, shorter than a miniskirt, above fingertip length so that explains why I find them inconvenient too. I do think the playsuit/ romper is a neat look - I just wish it was more convenient to wear.
  10. nzfreestyler

    Mr. X's travels

    I'm loving this look! I have a few rompers too - but I don't wear them enough mainly because I have to get right out of them to go to the toilet. Thats the big down-side with a romper or a playsuit. I literally have to strip right down to go to the toilet. How do you get around that inconvenience? By the way - I do love the look!!
  11. I weigh 65kg and my heels don't flex at all and I can be quite hard on them they still won't flex. I mostly wear a EU 41 so perhaps it is a shoe size thing ?
  12. I know what you're saying TXGuy, but my stilettos don't flex like that. We should always walk heel-toe and the heel should always strike well before the toe, or else we walk like a duck. I can lean back and balance on my heels alone - both stilettos at once and balance like that - which is not good for the shoes but the heels hardly flex at all. I don't think the heels should flex much - if at all. The flexibility should be in the toe area definitely but none around the back and the heel or arch of the shoe. I have had shoes that developed loose-ish heels so I know what you mean - and I have had plenty of high heels that don't. I think its to do with the design and manufacture of the shoe. I try all my shoes and won't buy anything that feels like it might have any looseness and flex in the heel.
  13. Yippee - more pointies for me then!
  14. agreed - but pointy toed is my choice. (although I do have some round toed flats - I wear flats at home - no heels for me at home. Technically running shoes aren't flat - don't they have a slight heel incline?

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