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  1. GM, Don't fear those high heels - embrace them... I'm 6'5" and the extra height just lets feels good.
  2. Looking good in the short skirt Jeff.
  3. I'm mustached, 6'5" inches so there is no avoiding the disconnect. In fact, I kind of think that is what drew me to heels and then skirts in the first place. you can't take it all in. I like my look woth a long - over the knee skirt (pencil or full) and the boots or bootie or pumps on the the feet. a high waisted skirt accentuates the long legs and takes away for my longer torso. The waist cincher helps there also. I'v still doing my best of find jackets and shirts (blouses) that fit my body well enough - and might get closer if I can keep dropping weight. Goal is 200lbs by Thankgiving (16 lbs to go) I keep the mustache because... well I've had it since college - and it masks two upper lip moles. and TBG - it's all grey! The thing I keep vascilatng about is hair. I keep it fairly short, - if I could stand the 2 year grow out period - i'd put in a ponytail. in fact scheduled for a haircut today. That also means I'm in heels today - they are one of the places I visit always in heels often in skirts. and as always, I appreciate the moral support from this forum.
  4. Kilty and Jeff, Just as the Tallguy - looking good in pencil skirts - all business like. I've picked up a few more and as fall approaches I'll do more skirting the evelope.
  5. I've strutted Fashion Island in my heels and long jeans as well as in a skirt a couple years ago.... Fashion Island was the first outdoor mall - why would you every have an indoor mall in Newport Beach!
  6. On a trip last week to Orange Count, Irvine and Newport Beach. The shopping malls - Irvine Spectrum, South Coast Plaza & Fashion Island were full of high heels platforms. - not just in the window and store displays either - but on the shoppers. many six inch or higher it appeared to be,,, weather was pleasant - lots of white plats with capri's skinny jeans, short flared skirts, and shorts of all types and colors. In my estimation plats out-counted flats pumps and wedges 5:3 - of course boring flats and sneakers and such were still dominant - even at night. But I like the platform trend - Is conservative Orange County Leading or Following the style curve?
  7. look at that... That's a great look. I'm going to try and upscale with some of my outfits for this fall, Jacket, Pencil Skirt, shoes.
  8. Leaving a patriotic music church affair last evening, on the way out a crown was gathered around and comforting a young lady - now with an ice pack and in considerable pain who had fallen off one of her 6 inch platform heels. Church was on a hill and the asphalt was irregular ... ya gotta step carefully out there.
  9. I can't count how many times that I worried about others "noticing" my unusual footwear whe I started wearing heels many years ago - usually with long slacks or jeans so that most the time you didn't have much to see anyway. After a while you reach the revelation that most don't see or don't notice and that infitessimal few that do don't say anything anyway. One thing I learned is to not appologize or feel guilty - embrass the moment - raise your cuff, and ask, "How do you like them?" - at worst you'll get an "Well each to his own."
  10. I like this discussion, as I always think that you have to feel comfortable in what ever you wear. I would struggle to feel comfortable in those short skirts. I certainly admire your efforts however. I have tries some short skirts in the fall and winter where some tights or leggings let me feel more "covered". see Blue below. In the summer though, I gravitate to the longer skirts as in the other picture. Loose linen skirt I were here with knee boots. Also with longer skirts you don't have to worry how you sit and what is "exposed". That in itself helps me to relax and enjoy what I am doing in my somewhat unconventional garb for a 6'5" 50ish old man. Oh, and I love thermodynamics - the principles and math even applies to social and economic behavior.
  11. Looking good Jeff, I have yet to try short skirts w/o tights. but I've become - like you - dependent on cross strap handbags, even when out in no heels or skirts. so nice to not dig into a pocket! I also enjoy the moment of preparation required - transfering necessary items from one handbag to another - as the handbag must coordinate with the outfit.
  12. Occasionally Nordstrom Rack has size 14 heels - and a good selection of size 13.
  13. My hair stylist (young) says i should embelish with some jewelry now and then - even suggested piercing my ears and danlgling earings for my short grey hair. Hummmm. I'm not sure - my preference is to keeps my conservative, business appearance when out, thhough I doubt a some earings or a necklace would do anything more in response that generate an occasional compliment. Bravo. Notice my Style icon only wears studs.
  14. It's about time to revive this thread.... I usually take a summer break from skirts b/c I I prefer the looks of tights on my legs with skirts - and frankly it's just too hot to wear tights here in Atlanta. Also, school is now is session and my shopping excursions are usually at lunch - for some reason I try to avoid forcing a mom to tell her little son or daughter that there are unusual people sometimes - and a 50 year old 6'5" guy in a mustache skirt and 5"heels usually requires an explaination. For the last two weeks it's kinda cooled off here, so I've been to Fall clothes shopping. Heels and skirt mostly, b/c when you walk into a Talbots, or other woman's clothing store - there is no doubt who I'm shopping for. I've spend many trips to Goodwill and other thrifts as well as the regular "mall" stores - just because I'm finding lots of clothes I'd like to wear and the thrift store keep my spending down quite a bit. My latest outfit revolves around a LBD i found at Salvation Army - a size 16 that I've had my Tailor (see previous post) work on that I got back yesterday. As a guy I'm a size 10 or 12 from the waist down and a 16 or bigger on top. I've also picked up some knit tops and tights and a couple jackets. I'll try to get some decent pics up soon when I fine tune my presentation. The nicest thing about shopping, is I'm wearing clothes I think I look good in. The store managers are very accomodating - I ask permission about trying clothes on, and its easy to talk about improving one's style - that's the store personels job! Worst scenario was being askeed to try on clothes at the bathroom instead of the changing booths - coldwater creek (not going back. ) Jeff, and other Larger guys out there trying dresses here's some advice. Go for stretchy material, sweater dresses and such. If you are tall, a dress with a fitted waist will probably set too high. I've triesd successfully, turtle neck under shift dresses.- watch the arm hole size with some dresses - even stretchy ones and they are made for a man with a somewhat athletic build. Be back soon.
  15. I'm on a business trip this Haloween and will be in LA of all places. I'm gonna try to find a party somewhere, but I'm not too familiar with the city. I'll bring suitable (for the day, and the weather) heels & skirt outfit. Local advice welcome.
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