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  1. Another member from down under

    Thanks guys/gals, I like having painted toes because I don't like my feet looking bare, lol that's probably why I wear pantyhose most of the time as well, any ways I got some new booties from j.renee amazon, they arrived last week, they are pretty easy to walk in. i have made some small progress I have been out in some of my heels at night, I drive to work in some of them, which is actually pretty easy., now I have to build up some courage to do it during day time
  2. Another member from down under

    Hi all, been a while I got some new shoes, and boots, the stiletto booties 5inch I think with 1 inch platform are from wittner US10, and the open toe booties are from asos Us11, and I just ordered j Renee booties from amazon, still haven't been out in public thats all for now, I'll try being more active and hopefully go out in public. Hmm maybe if I met with someone in Melbourne maybe it would be easier.
  3. Posting USA to AUS

    Hi Sydheel, Use amazon.com, create an account with amazon, and choose a parcel point near you. I used the service to purchase the J. Renee Heels in my post in the men's section. amazon will usually list who the package will be shipped by, to your parcel point. I have noticed when browsing shoes, some will ship to parcelpoint some wont, some will only ship to a physical address or not to Australia at all. but the good thing is zappos and 6pm.com are packaged and shipped by amazon therefore they can ship to aus without the need for USPS.com etc or mail redirect services. hope this helped, Have fun.
  4. Pantyhose

    I love to wear pantyhose always except shower or bed. haven't tried stockings yet, opaques are comfortable now for the colder weather here in the land of Oz.
  5. Another member from down under

    I thought i would post a couple of pics of my shoes, the pictures were taken on my iphone 6. Black patent heels are torrid size 12, i got them from torrid canada a while back. Cant remember the heel height, but it's high lol. Black flats with flower on toe are from redhotgo AU ebay seller size 11 Wedge sandals from target, went in and purchased these playing the "for the GF" Card. had heaps of weird looks going to the cashier because all target shoes come with no box. (size 11) Black Grosby low heel boots, I wanted the higher heel boots, but they didn't have them in store, only online. (size 11) Went in for these as well, same as target (playing the "for the GF" card as well. and last but not least, my fave heels are the J. Renee pointy toe with circle embroidery, got them from amazon US (Size 12) I have another 2 pairs of shoes hopefully arriving next week, so until then, stay safe and happy heeling. Melbhhboy.
  6. Hi Everyone!

    Thanks Thighbootguy. since everyone is absorbed by pokemon on mobile ill give it a go, maybe flats first and see how it goes.
  7. Hi Everyone!

    Hi everyone, My name is Daniel, I am 28 years old from Melbourne Australia, I have always liked high heels and recently started to wear them more and more, I have 3 pairs of Men's shoes and about 10 pairs of Woman's so far (booties, wedge sandals, 5" Stilettos, court heels, heeled sandals and flats. My shoe size in Woman's is 12 closed toe, but i can comfortably wear size 11 open toe shoes. Friends don't know, brother suspects (but cant prove it), mum doesn't care, dad thinks the shoes are mum's. Occasionally i dress enfemme (cross dress) but only if I'm home alone and sometimes if my mum is home as well, Hope i can get the courage to go out in public like most of you guys and girls. and thanks for accepting my registration.