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  1. Hey, not spoken in ages. Drop me a message if you like? 

  2. Well here is an update on my new paolo vandini boots, and also why personally I think they could be loads better for some men than wearing woman's boots! Anne has always tolerated me wearing modest chunky heel woman's boots in public but never liked it and I have always worn long jeans to help cover the heel up , I do feel a bit uncomfortable with the heels on show. So after getting my new mens vandinis I was hoping that anne might prefer them a bit more than what I was wearing so I could go out in them occasionally with some long jeans to hide behind. Ok , so you are not going to break your neck falling over in them but they are only a 1/4 inch lower than my woman's boots I was wearing before. when I got them and showed them to anne she said I would need new jeans , straight tighter fitting ones but not so long, so we went out and got some new jeans. Then we went away for a few days break and I wore my new boots all the time, they are so comfortable , my jeans fit better , not covering the heel and I do not feel any need to have jeans over the heel anymore and best of all anne actually loves them and says they look smart! Not the boots for everyone I know but for me they are the best smartest pair I have ever owned and will soon be looking for another pair! Anyone with a partner who dosent like your heel wearing or anyone who wants to wear heels in public but is uncomfortable about it ought to consider a pair of mens heels like these! Worked wonders for me! John
  3. Lol! Now it's getting silly! Never was any good at maths!
  4. Wow! Someone's good at maths! (Or math if you are in the states?) 15% wasn't a bad guess then!
  5. But I am very pleased with them, my first pair of heeled boots made for men!
  6. And the heel height which is advertised as 3 inches high are actually 2 and a half inches high! (That must be 15% difference at a guess!)
  7. Yes I did see the madcap ones after I bought these ones! At least I prefer them without the seam! The only thing is I'm not used to going out in boots with smooth soles, somthing to get used to!
  8. Found a pair! Paolo vandini cuban heel boots from shuperb! They are like "beatle boots" with almost a 3 inch heel and are comfortable , cost £90.
  9. Those ysl boots are great! Bit above my budget at the moment! Think I will have to save! Thanks.
  10. Thanks for the help so far , certainly boots to think about there!
  11. Thanks for that! They do have some very nice boots , a little pricey so I would have to think about that one ! John.
  12. Hello, has anyone got any ideas where I can get a pair block heel ankle boots about 2 to 3 inches but made as a pair of mens boots? I am in the uk but I guess it would be an online purchase, thanks. Should I have said "where to buy mens high heel boots" !
  13. Just the sort I would buy, john.
  14. I dont think the boots actully looked as high as they where, but I have had them for a few years (quite cheap from ebay) and there is no way I could of walked anywhere outdoors in them at over 4 inches, but now they really are very comfortable to wear almost to the point that I forget ive got heels on! Also im quite a handy sort of person and it was quite interesting to cut them down (also thought at one point I had messed them up, but loads of sanding got them right in the end!) the attachment is of a simalar pair of boots (i had 2 pairs) that are one size smaller (a bit tight), but the heel on them is about 4 inches so not quite as high as the ones that i cut down where before i cut them down!
  15. It was just over a week to go before Anne and I where going on a camping trip to Norfolk. I had been thinking about what we will need to take with us when we go. Apart from the tent and camping equipment we will also need things like jackets, jeans, walking boots and of course Anne’s heels! Then thoughts went on to which heeled boots I could take with me. I do know the area and there is a lot of walking that can be done on hard footpaths. Most of my boots would be too high or too tight to wear for any length of time and in any case something with a too higher heel wouldn’t be to Anne’s liking for me to wear in public. I thought of one pair of cowboy boots that I have that fit me very well, the only problem with these is that the heel is a bit too high at about 4 ¼ inches. I thought if only they were an inch or so lower then they would be perfect! The next thing I was in my shed with a saw cutting as much off of the heels as I could get away with! Eventually I cut them down and got them ready for new tips on the heels, so then on to eBay for some glue on heel tips. A couple of days later, a bit of work and some polish I had myself a pair of lower cowboy boots with a 3 ¼ inch heel. I showed them to Anne and I think she was pleasantly surprised by how good they looked! On the next Monday with the car loaded we were off to Norfolk. Once there we put up the tent and set up some wind breaks to give us some privacy. By this time I was itching to try out my lower heeled boots for the first time, so I put them on for the rest of the day while we cooked dinner, had a drink and relaxed. The next day we walked a mile or so in to the near by town to have a look around. No cowboy boots on yet, I thought that a mile each way and look around the shops would be way too far for me to walk in heels and anyway I didn’t think that Anne would like it, so the boots stayed in the tent for later. When we got back later I soon got my cowboy boots on, it was a good feeling and they are very comfortable, so I was hoping to keep them on for the rest of the day. We decided over dinner that we would go for a walk to look at the nearby sea. I thought that this is great because I can probably keep my cowboy boots on but then boot disaster struck!!! Anne noticed that one of the soles was quite badly coming away from the boot - this was probably caused by the heat in the tent where they had been for most of the day. I thought that this was the end of me wearing these boots this holiday! After some thought I realised I had a tube of airbed glue and some tape. Hoping that this glue is suitable, I glued the sole back on the boot and taped it in place for the night. I just hoped that the bed did not get a puncture has I had just used up all the glue – boy would I be in the dog house if that bed goes down! The next morning I removed all of the tape to find success, the sole had stuck! We were going out in the car today so I put on my cowboy boots and took along my walking boots just in case I needed them. We got to a large seaside town by lunchtime. When we got out of the car I said to Anne “I suppose you want me to change into my walking boots now?” and to my surprise and also shock she replied “No, not if you want to walk in them but I don’t want you moaning when your feet hurt and we might have to walk a long way”. Well after that surprise I thought that maybe I would play safe and wear my walking boots after all. After a look at the town we got back to the car and I put my cowboy boots on again, then we headed back towards the campsite. On the way back we stopped at a small fishing town for a look around. Anne said again to my surprise as we got out of the car “You can keep them on if you want” so I thought this time I’ll give it a go. We crossed the road and started off up a small track to the town. I stopped and said to Anne that I couldn’t walk far in them but she said “tough, you will have to manage now, I’m not waiting till you change back to your walking boots” so we went on walking and she said how it makes a nice change for her to be in flats while I’m in heels. We walked around the town for a mile or so and I felt great about it but Anne told me off saying that I looked all tense and sometimes walked like a robot. I guess I need more practise! The next thing it was back to the tent for dinner. The next day it was off to a small inland town for a look around then off to a seaside town later. I put on my cowboy boots at the tent and then checked with Anne before we left that my walking boots were in the car, as we would have quite a lot of waking to do today. We got to the small town and had a look around. I felt that I was starting to look and feel more relaxed in my boots. It was a great feeling and I am sure that with my jeans over some of the heels, no one else would think that I had anything but low heel cowboy boots on. The town had lots of small shops with steep staircases which were not a problem but at 6 feet tall plus heels I did have to mind the low door ways! Then we went on to the seaside town as planned and I got out of the car to change in to my walking boots only to find that there were no laces in them. I asked Anne where they were and she replied “you only asked where your walking boots were not your laces, so I left them at the tent so now you can see what it is really like to wear heels all day!” Well what choice did I have, I wasn’t going to spoil the day so all I could do was to carry on in my cowboy boots. We started walking and it was a long walk to the town by which time my toes were stinging and my legs were aching. We stopped for lunch and afterwards I felt a bit better. Now on for a look around town, the stinging and aching was there but didn’t get much worse. I saw my reflection in a shop window and realised how cool the boots looked and they didn’t look too high, just high enough. I didn’t notice anyone else looking at my boots but maybe someone else did! Then we walked back to the car, it was quite a walk and my feet where starting to get hot and sore but I kept them on all the way back to the tent. When we got back to the tent it was time to cook some dinner. It was a great feeling to still have my boots on while we where getting dinner even though by this time my feet where hot and aching quite a bit! After dinner we where going for a short walk to the sea. I was going to lace up my walking boots to put them on until Anne said “No you don’t, I said heels ALL DAY”. Well I had been told, so we went to the beach with me still in my cowboy boots. When I walked on the sand my heels sank, I said to Anne that no one would realise those prints were made by a man! On the last day we were going for a walk from the campsite to the town before we went home. We packed up the tent first and when we loaded the car I made sure my walking boots where at the bottom so there was no way I was going to wear them today! Then it was off for the mile or so walk into town in my cowboy boots. It felt great, a long straight road to town. I could see just how far I had to walk to get to the town let alone the walk around and back again. By the time we got to town my toes were stinging a bit but not too badly. I said to Anne “I’ am getting good at this” but she said “you still sometimes walk like a robot!” Again I saw my reflection in the shop windows and felt quite pleased by how good I looked. We must have walked another mile around town before the mile back to the campsite. I must say I was very pleased to see the car, my feet where hot and tired but I kept my boots on all the way home. When we got home I felt so pleased that I had managed all that way in them but I was very pleased to take them hot boots off! John! Sorry if it is to long or boring! Please feel free to comment, Would love to hear feedback - here or via private message if you want!