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  1. The Sasquatch
  2. Good lookin boots there Marcel25........what brand are they and where did you get them????? Been lookin for a few pairs like this with the studs on the platforms for a long time I have bought them at I have bought them at
  3. Hello! Here's some pictures from my latest boots
  4. You mean the height of the boot shaft?
  5. Here's my latest high heeled boots I purchased last winter
  6. Thigh high boots, 7in heels, 2in platform
  7. Yes, they are thigh high boots with 7 inches heels
  8. I purchased these pair of platform thigh high boots last fall. These boots are very comfortable to walk:wave:
  9. I show my first pair of boots on your board
  10. I would love to wear pumps like these ones:speechless:
  11. Nice high heels pumps
  12. I have bought 7 inch thigh high platform boots recently and 5 inch thigh high boots (no platform) I would like to show them on your website but I don't know how:-?
  13. I have driven a few times with 5 in high heels boots in an automatic car
  14. How can I send photos?