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  1. Hi, I've just got some Pleaser Domina 420s in patent, they were advertised as a 6 inch heel, however when they arrived, they are only slightly higher than my Pleaser Amuse Sexy 20 which are 5 1/4 inch high and the Domina are 5.5 inch. I'm a UK8 shoe and got these in a 9 and I thought the arch would be higher, making my leg straight down in a vertical line to the toes. Anyone else got these and are they a 6 inch? Any suggestions for a proper 6inch heel?
  2. Are heels still going?

  3. Love the heels. Where about's up North are you? As I am also. What size shoe are you
  4. Hi All, Anyone interested before they go on Ebay? Wardrobe clear our means my wife has 2 pairs of heels for sale as she can no longer wear them due to a knee injury. I will post pictures once she has taken some. 5 1/2 inch black patent high heels gold inside, beige sole, they may be London Shoe Company or Little Shoe Box or similar name she cant recall, no outdoor use, pet and smoke free home.Excellent condition. Size is marked as 5, but snug fit for wife who is a UK4/37 - Sensible offers 6 1/2 inch white patent metal Giaro Slick high heels with ankle strap, marked a
  5. Anyone in the area go out for walks in their high heels? If so where, somewhere where there aren't too many people about and as it's getting darker now are you more daring?
  6. scorer10


    My wife has a great body and when she puts high heels on even more so, my question is, do heels change the male positure in the same way, or is the change in women due to the different make up of their bodies/pelvis etc. I have seen videos of men in heels and they stomp about!!
  7. I bought these in black from banana shoes 5 inch heels they are great!
  8. My wife has a really sexy pair of black patent court shoes with a 13.5cm (5.5 inch) stiletto heel, she is normally a UK4, but the shoes are a UK5 and from front to the rear of the shoe are 18.5cm (7.5 inch) long measured from the tip of the toe to the back of the top of the heel and has a near vertical arch. My question is, what size heel I would need to experience the same sensation as my wife, I am a UK8 (EU42) Thanks
  9. Hi jo, What size shoe are you and where are they from? they are fabulously sexy

  10. Ok what I meant to say was any males go out in high heels, in towns or in country for walks either on own or with partners? Any females out there go out with partners wearing heels when partner is wearing heels? What comments do passers by say if at all?
  11. Anyone go out in the North of England in high heels?
  12. I'm 6ft and take a UK8 and my wife is 5ft1 has stunning legs and takes a UK4
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