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  1. Who has bought some new shoes

    I am so hearbroken I found these gorgeous babies but alas they do not fit Sorry for the poor cellphone pics.
  2. Who has bought some new shoes

    I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine!
  3. Jeggings- To tuck or not

    It takes a little bit to get used to it (not sure whether you've looked intothe particulars of tucking), however, it's not actually uncomfortable at all I find.
  4. Jeggings- To tuck or not

    You really will be surprised what a proper tuck can do.
  5. Jeggings- To tuck or not

    As promised, I just took a few pics to show the effect I like to achieve thanks to tucking.
  6. Some fun

  7. Who has bought some new shoes

    I got three new pairs of heels a couple of weeks ago and finally had a chance to take some pics of them
  8. Jeggings- To tuck or not

    Thank you all for taking the time to respond. It is clear that there are various viewpoints on how one could present themself in a pair of jeggings or leggings, i.e. tucked or not. I personally think it is better for me to present a smooth lined appearance and I for now will make do so with the use of a gaff as well as tops with a longer length. I recently got a few new pairs of heels and will take a few pics when I get a chance to show the effect.
  9. Jeggings- To tuck or not

    I too have made use of longer tops and coats that would cover up the area, but I must admit, I do from time to time wish to wear shorter clothing that fits just a bit more snug to create a streamlined silhouette. For me it is all about trying to go for a smooth lined body shape and for me personally I do not like having my bulge on display When I look at myself in the mirror it's as if my eyes are automatically drawn to it as it stands out and does not compliment the clothing silhouette that I may be going for. On the other hand, I do also think it would help others be a little more accepting of my clothing choice as it would give them less reason to say I should not be wearing that type of clothing. Smooth lines all the way! I am learning the way of the gaff
  10. Jeggings- To tuck or not

    Hi all, so a bit of a personal question this one. I recently bought my first pair of jeggings, and noticed that the "bulge" that is not too visible in the likes of say skinny jeans is somewhat evident with jeggings. So this has led me to start "tucking" when I am going to wear something like jeggings and I was wondering whether any other members have had the same issue and if so, how they go about it.
  11. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Absolutely inspiring. I wish my New Look shoes would hurry up and get here already.
  12. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Awesome boots and I hope that you are happy with them. Happy heeling.
  13. Share your best Freestyle Fashion pictures here.

    Hiya JeffB, there were a pair of men's slim fit jeans. I do have a few skinny women's jeans but I again struggle with them not being a tight fit around my ankles
  14. Share your best Freestyle Fashion pictures here.

    Hey TBG, the jeans are a little thick around my ankles so I wanted to avoid tucking them in as they appeared almost 'forced' in, but I do want to try it with a better fitting pair of jeans. Peter1, they are a pair of Steve Madden Akademi booties. '
  15. Share your best Freestyle Fashion pictures here.

    Playing around trying to find something I like with my first ever pair of booties My mirror desperately needs a clean