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  1. No because I can’t work out how to make the photo I want to use small enough to upload.
  2. I think language is very important and it appears to evolve at a rapid pace. I haven’t been on the forum for a long time and things have changed massively for me personally and I believe in society since I was last here. it is far more acceptable I believe now for anyone presenting as male to wear heels, the battle is being won. i do agree though that the goal is to be at a point where anyone can where what ever they personally chose and “acceptance” should not be a debate.
  3. There is no doubt in my mind that block heels around three inches are the best option to travel in. They provide the look of a high heel but also comfort and allow you to go several hours on your feet without wanting to rip them off due to sole pain
  4. Hi everyone I haven’t been in here for a long while and a lot has changed. Still love heels though.
  5. Amazing outfit I love it and would definitely give it a try but with straight jeans as I don't have the waist for skinnys.
  6. http://i771.photobucket.com/albums/xx355/1964FOX/MY%20SHOES/lips.jpg Me at the sanderson hotel reception in London for my 50th
  7. Yes thanks Amanda and I too share your frustrations about how awkward it is to post a picture. It's why I don't often do it. Also as a man with short legs I completely agree with the statement on the picture in the article.
  8. I'm not single but the fact Mrs F wears very high heels is no coincidence. She also has a wonderful personality and is universally liked by all she meets. I will admit if I were single the lady would have to wear heels and accept me doing so also but that's just a small part of what would be required for us to be compatible.
  9. I would never regret a leopardskin catsuit, would be great with a pair of shiny black plats.
  10. Newfie I love the hat and make up look. It's something I do quite often myself. Probably an influence from my youth which was in the early 80's when most men wore make up and gender bending clothing. Well done keep up the good work, more and more of us about nowadays won't be long before the more cautious join us.
  11. I'm often in Nottingham as I attend meetings there and if I have time I will nip shopping before in my heels.
  12. I have to agree with Shafted I feel a unique look is desirable when wearing heels but as said that probably because I like to wear different styles.
  13. They are through to the final
  14. It was a great day, everybody was very supportive and we did our best to promote LGBT issues. Our senior officers are very good and want everyone to be able to attend work comfortable with who they are and what they wear. we had a dress up day and lots of the ladies also came in gorgeous outfits and super high heels. Most people are aware I wear heels but had never seen me in my stilettos as they are not practical for every day wear at work as I wear a uniform/ have to conform to dress standards. 'How the hell do you walk in those' was the most common phrase I heard all day.
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